Snakes Bite No Matter What You Do!


There was a woman who found a snake by the side of the road, half dead. Not being able to pass by something alive and allow it to die, she picked the snake up, took it home and nursed it lovingly back to health.

One day while gardening, the woman had carried the snake out, laying it upon the rocks beside her to sun itself as she’d done for weeks.

As her gardening chores had been finished, the woman went to pick up the snake to carry it back indoors with her as she’d always done.

This time, the snake bit her.

“Why are you so surprised,” it uttered as it slithered off towards the forest. “You knew that I was a snake!”

So, who was the one who was fooling themselves and who was the one who was being true to what they truly were?

The answers are:

The snake was being true to who it was while the woman who had nursed the snake back to health was fooling herself into believing that her love, energy, effort and attention could turn the snake into a loving pet.

Case Study:

Jake wasn’t exactly the poster boy for having the most ambition, drive or energy towards living life in a way that meant that he would a) move forward in a normal, healthy way and, b) he was going to find someone and something to aid him in his quest to have what he wanted and needed with the least amount of energy possible. Jake didn’t like authority figures because it meant that he may have to actually behave in a manner that was expected of someone of his age.

Along came Kate into his life. Kate was young, ambitious, driven and capable of going further in her life except that Kate lacked the ability to see that she had all of that already. She also was devoid of the capability of seeing the future as more than men her age or older had convinced her it should or could be. As a matter of fact, Kate lacked the self-esteem needed to see what a gold mine she really was. Kate was a perfect target for Jake and his aims or goals.

With the aid of his family, who were only too willing to give up having to support Jake and his habits as well as lifestyle, Jake, his mother and even his father, devised and planned “dates” complete with “gifts” (which were hand-me-downs from Jake’s mother) with Kate in order to hook Kate onto Jake. After all, everyone in that family would benefit from Jake and Kate being together. Jake of all people saw the rewards he could reap if he were able to win over Kate so, he set out to do it, his family behind him in this venture and cheering him on. At this point, Jake had seen Kate as a type of liberation from his own lacking as both a person as well as in the energy needed to continue to please his family somewhat, though not totally. He also saw Kate as being a cash cow so that he was no longer beholden to his family as much as he was. It was a win-win situation for them all.

Kate’s family on the other hand, had witnessed Kate’s other suitors, pull similar stunts and weren’t so sure that Jake wasn’t simply another of Kate’s mistakes as she’d had several already. Still, they gave Jake the benefit of the doubt and trusted in Kate’s intelligence and hopefully, her choice this time around.

Unfortunately, as time went on and Kate had been tricked into moving in with Jake, paying half of his monthly expenses, getting hooked on whatever Jake was dependent upon or liked doing, had fought with Jake’s family, began to hate them as Jake did while he played a game in order to win financially with the family, loathed anyone that Jake hated and couldn’t figure out where he ended and she began anymore. Kate had even gotten rid of everyone that she’d known from her past, including her own parents, friends and most of all, her family entirely. Jake had seen to it that she did so by insulting everyone then, when that didn’t work, he’d find a weakness and hone in on it, making it look like their faults. Kate believed Jake and dumped everyone except those few that Jake had placed his stamp of approval on for her to be party to.

Like the snake, Jake was doing what snakes do. Jake hadn’t changed and yet, like the woman who took in the snake, Kate believed that she could somehow change Jake or could become a chameleon and take on Jake’s likes and dislikes whereby, she may keep Jake like the woman kept a snake as a pet. Kate learned to be as Jake wanted her to be, do what he wanted her to do and take whatever he did substance wise so that she’d be accepted by him. She also learned to like it or fool herself into believing that she did because it was what Jake wanted. That was her way of keeping Jake. Out of fear of losing him, Kate had changed into someone else. She’d changed into Jake and couldn’t understand why others who had been a big part of her life, didn’t like the changes she’d made in herself.

Kate began demanding that others who had been in her life, also change into what she wanted them to be. Most of that was to suit her need to please Jake. It angered her when they’d refuse to change who they were or how they did things. It ticked her off even more when they didn’t agree with or even like Jake. It didn’t matter to Kate that they saw things that she couldn’t see in Jake. All that mattered to Kate was that she kept Jake in her life and stayed in a relationship with him.

The more people tried to tell Kate that Jake was trouble, the more Kate backed off of them. The more that Jake saw this happen, the more Jake did to entice those who Kate knew to point out Jake’s pitfalls or that he was indeed a snake. That’s where Kate would cut people out of her life and Jake knew it.

That said, the reality is that Jake cannot be condemned for being what he is, a snake. Jake is a snake and he’s bitten and will bite Kate again. Kate may not see or have realized it yet or she has known but, thinks that it’s ok for Jake to do to her. Pathetically, either Kate has issues or she’s extremely insecure as a person. No matter which way we look at it, Jake could easily say what the snake said to the woman…”you knew I was a snake” and be done with it. Jake is simply doing snake things because he is one and Kate is enabling that type of behaviour. Sad but, true and there’s no one to blame for it except for Kate.

Kate may be intelligent but, not emotionally. Kate is actually quite street smart unintelligent. Jake is not at all intelligent either. While he may be more street wise and know how to hook people into his clutches so that he can bite them, Jake has major issues that even his own family haven’t been able to deal with effectively. That all said though, Jake is doing things a snake would do. Kate was simply too willing to allow it to happen to her. Jake bit and Kate allowed him to do it to her in spite of having had Jake’s bite pointed out to her. Jake will always be a snake, ready to bite. That’s what snakes do best. They bite and will continue to do it especially, if they can or are enabled to do it. They will try to get away with biting a person in whatever ways that they can. Trust what’s being said here because they do and they will.

Next time you see a snake, as we all will, remember that you are not to blame for a snake being a snake. They are what they are. What you can be thought of as though is the woman who took in a snake, thinking that she could change him into a pet. One can’t. Don’t be a Kate. She’s going to have to be bitten again and again by Jake until she hurts. As long as it is allowed, they will bite.

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a great day/evening!

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