Lose It Like Lauren or Lauren Mae Is A Non-Factor

A Tumbler set of photos of YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren or Lauren Mae

There was no explanation it seems. It was a total disappearance from YouTube that “Lose It Like Lauren” seemed to have taken. A number of readers in here have unsubscribed from her channel while refusing to go over to her now waning Patreon Account and pledge to even buy her a coffee.

She’s apparently, still on some of the social media where she gathers accolades from her devoted “fans” and followers but, for all intents and purposes, YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren has seemingly either left the doors open to a return of some kind at some date that only she has in her mind or, she’s taken a coward’s way out of being a YouTuber. No one seems to be able to answer that one at the writing of this piece.

Personally, I have nothing against this young Brit woman in any way. I had nothing invested in her and I, like many others that I’ve spoken to via email, weren’t even subscribed to her channel so, it’s no skin off of my nose whatsoever what she does with her life, weight or channel. She’s not the first person to have lost weight and there are many creators who have taken over now. What is a shame are for those who were following her with devotion and are missing out on her videos it seems.

Frankly, I found her to be someone who was looking for a way to make money off of her weight loss efforts and not have to work a full time job away from her camera or her gym workouts. This isn’t to say that YouTubers are lazy but, it’s to say that in this case, Lose It Like Lauren was indeed, using YouTube as a method of not having to work a full time job. Has that changed now? Is she working or is she being supported by her girlfriend in some way?

My take on Lauren or better known as Lauren Mae which obviously isn’t her full or even perhaps, real name which is totally understandable given the dangers of the net, is that Lauren was naive and bent on making money but had run out of material as many YouTubers do eventually. That idea is also backed by the idea that Lauren had lost her weight but, had regained a substantial amount of it and couldn’t get it off again easily. At the least, Lauren was up front with her viewers that she has an eating disorder and that is commendable in and of itself for her to have done.

Perhaps, it’s that being so visible on YouTube had been far too emotionally draining on her? Maybe, it was that point which had her feeling pressure and we all know that once pressured, we eat more out of frustration? Honestly, I haven’t followed her all along enough to figure these questions out and I’m certainly not about to do so now especially, if she’s finally able to be dealing with or coping with her own emotionally charged eating issues. I wouldn’t want to be the one who disturbs that equilibrium in her if she’s reached it.

That said, I make no money whatsoever off of being a YouTuber or writing these pieces. I suppose that if I tried hard enough, I could do so. Equally, I know that being a Tuber is a lot of work. Yes, there is money to be made off of YouTube if one wants to promote themselves enough. There are also a lot of negative nay-sayers out there who are what I call “Keyboard Warriors” who just love to sit behind a screen anonymously and type out negativity, anger, bitterness or many other things. In other words, it’s taking from others in order to make themselves feel better. In spite of my lack of agreement with Lauren’s swift and unexplained departure from YouTube, I can see a pile of reasons why she’s done things as she’s done them.

That said, I want to leave it here because Lauren Mae or “Lose it Like Lauren” has no real influence upon my life whatsoever. I’m not connected to her in any way nor, do I wish to be. She is a non-entity in my personal world but, I write about her because I keep getting questions about her and am astonished that there are still inquiries about her and her return to YouTube. That may never be for all intents and purposes. It may be though. Within myself though, Lauren Mae is a non-factor to anything to do with my life in any way. She is simply a subject that can be written about and nothing more. Lauren is a non-factor in any real or appreciable way to me.

That much said, I hope that you’ll either connect with her and ask her what her intentions are about YouTube without expecting her to answer as I’m sure that even she doesn’t know at this moment or won’t respond to your questions or, move onto others who are in the same realm as she was, weight loss. Don’t expect anyone to continue on with the same topic for years and well into their 30’s and beyond forever though. It’s not going to happen.

Be well, Love and Light

Have a great day/evening!

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