I’m Estranging Myself Because It’s The Way To Treat Others I Don’t Agree With

With freedom comes the inability to ask for anything from the ones who have been estranged from.  Freedom means responsibility.
I’m also ready for my close-up Mr. DeVille!


If I sit with a psychedelic drug in my hands and body every day, all day long, do I get to tell someone else that they can’t drink alcohol? Do I have the right to tell other people that they have to put up with my substance usage even though I drive while under the influence?

Do I get to tell others that they are full of crap because I want to insult others and use my psychedelic substances at their home and they’ve asked me to not do it on their property but, can take it to the car or go for a walk with it? Afterall, I tell everyone that “I hate liars and love honesty…”. Isn’t that enough? Shouldn’t I get to do whatever I want? How dare they! I’m going to see to it that only who I choose to be part of my life and my live-in friend’s life are part of it. I will choose. I’ll even tell them how they should be living their lives! I’m even going to ensure that I have complete control over what everyone around me thinks and does or doesn’t do. I want to be able to manipulate others. Afterall, I’ve said that I hate liars and love honesty. That should do it and no one will be the wiser, right?

  • I don’t want to work if I don’t have to work
  • I hate it when anyone else tells me what they want me to do
  • I’d like control over everything so that I don’t have any rules to have to follow
  • I will manipulate others or anyone lucky enough to be in my life
  • I will say that I love honesty and hate liars but, I only tell White Lies in order to get my way
  • I hate most people because I can’t manipulate them easily. I love those who think the same as me though and do what I want them to do
  • I love my live-in friend because she does whatever I want her to do for the most part and what she doesn’t want to do, I’ll work around it to see that she does eventually what I want her to do…you’ll see
  • I want someone else to pay for what I don’t or can’t pay for because I’ve chosen to live in one of the most expensive parts of the city that I live in. Either my parents will pay for me or I will get someone else to do it for me.
  • I will lie and insult anyone who is a threat to my manipulations…

The list goes on and on but, it ends here for brevity’s sake.

Who am I?

Perhaps, a better set of questions might be, “what am I” and “what disorders do I have?”

I would say that by that type of thinking, everyone should be manipulating everyone else. The difference is that it takes a “special disorder” in order to be able to do such a thing.

Most normal people can’t bring themselves to do such things while loving alleged “honesty”. What this person is really saying is that they want honesty but, will never give it. In other words, it’s a “do as I say or you’re garbage. If you don’t do as I want, I will see to it that you’re out of my life and I will take your loved one with me for a ride. I really can’t stand you but, I’ll do whatever I have to do in order for someone you care about to turn their heads into believing whatever it is that I wish them to see me as and you as I wish you to be seen by them. I will work it so that you will never see or hear from your loved one again!”

According to this type of thinking and reasoning, as only a short and completely partial list or description, we all should be estranging from everyone else. There is something stopping most of the population from doing this type of thing and that’s sanity. Of course, substance usage doesn’t help mental health issues any either but, it’s all part and parcel of someone who doesn’t like authority, having to abide by what others wish while wanting what one wants.

That all said, I’m going to estrange myself from everything and everyone that I don’t like because it seems to be the way to deal with things that don’t suit me.

  • My boss gets the number one ranking
  • Next is my husband because he’s too laid back for me…he’s TOXIC to my pep
  • Alongside him comes a whole realm of who I thought were “friends” but obviously aren’t
  • Any police officer, doctor, dentist or even a parking officer had better watch out as well
  • What little family I have left on this planet had better be prepared to wave so-long to me too because they don’t do things as I want them to do it.
  • Everyone else are simply “narcissists” or “toxic” so, I’m going to live in a cave somewhere

Oh wait…I do like having a grocery store around so that I can get food. I love restaurants because I like to eat. The gas station where I get my late night drinks may be necessary. I need clothing so, the stores can’t go even the online ones and, of course, someone will need to pack my boxes to be shipped. That reminds me, I’d better put up with the shipping companies and delivery trucks as well. I do need my dog taken care of while I am sick so, I’d better not estrange from everyone just in case of emergency situations like this. I will need money too for some things so, I guess estranging from my job or getting fired might not be a great idea. The mechanic who services my car, the waitress who brings me food, the clerk who helps me when the self-serve check-outs don’t work properly are needed, the gas bar attendants who take the money that I get from the bank and the people who fill the machines may still be helpful. How about….well…maybe, on second thought…I will only estrange from those I don’t need and call them “narcissists” and “toxic”. Yeah, that seems about right.

Ok so, from my little corner of life then, there are few people if any who I can estrange myself from. I guess those who do estrange from anyone else don’t need them? Yet, our adult children are able to do it. Hmmmm….I may need to estrange myself from them then? What’s good for the gander is good for the goose, right? Or, wait…is that the other way around? Same thing, right?

Have a GREAT day or evening!

Love and Light

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “I’m Estranging Myself Because It’s The Way To Treat Others I Don’t Agree With

  1. Estrangement is such an infantile way to deal with issues that center around differences of opinion. In our case if I/we had a different opinion than our DIL, we were told we didn’t respect her thus we haven’t seen our nearly 5 year old grandson for 4 years.

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    1. I am so sorry to both of you, Nanny and Papa. I wish that cyber hugs were enough to do the trick.

      All that I can tell you iw that it’s sounding as though your DIL wears the pants and is in control of your son’s mind, which is unfortunately, quite common.

      Sadly, it’s not your son that you have to get to as even though he’s following his wife’s lead and she’s obviously, convinced him to follow her, you can only wait for your grandson to grow to an age where you can get his attention.

      Let’s hope that your son comes around soon and your grandson but, this is often the case with an “in-law” situation whether it be a son or a daughter who is affected.

      It’s sounding though as though your son will eventually get tired and fed up with your DIL’s “control” if left alone. Let him blame the horse so to speak vs you. As long as he (and, she) have a scapegoat in you and your husband, rightfully or wrongfully, they will use you as their excuse to continue on and will remain united in reasoning with your DIL at the helm.

      That said, if you truly did (doubtful as it may be) downplay her or “disrespect her”, you can attempt to give your apologies if you haven’t done so already but, be aware that these adult children who do such a thing for someone else’s say-so are generally believing that person that they are following or an “influencer” so to speak. It usually only ends up as an “admission of guilt” in a sense because if that DIL wants you out of their lives and only HER family or whomever as part of their lives, she will win with her mouth.

      Give yourself and your husband credit for having raised a son with a brain of his own, give it more time and let this woman hang herself.

      You are NOT alone in this at all. It’s a new phenomenon and one that it not at all showing emotionally stable people. That’s not YOUR fault (if there was no true abuse), that’s THEIR faults.

      Please try to find happiness in others and other things, even if it means a change in something, somewhere.

      I know how very sad this is but, realize that in most cases, it’s not the parents but, someone who is being ruled through their own will and choices. You cannot change that in them. It only makes it worse. Believe in your raising of your son.

      HUGE HUGS and only the VERY best of wishes!

      XO XO XO

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