Don’t Fall For Marketing Schemes Here Or Anywhere Else

You may have come across advertisements on this site that have suckered you in out of curiosity like they did me. I’ve since put up a disclaimer in page form on this site so that readers are not suckered into buying anything due to fancy marketing schemes. Boy are they attractive and can lead you to believe that some miracle has been found by someone because they have a doctor’s license or some celebrity has told you that they follow a certain regime or designer or whatever. Truth is, nothing is a “miracle” when pockets are concerned.

Everyone is out to make some money off of you. Money makes the world go round or so they say. That bigger house or better car, pool, designer clothing, jewelry, shoes or whatever it is that you can dream of, are not only offered to you as a consumer but, they are also the pull of someone out to make money off of you in order to purchase these things for themselves.

There are literally thousands to millions of products out on the market which will make claims for everything from looking and feeling better to weight loss or confidence. Don’t fall for it. There’s a lot of hype built into their marketing schemes for the most part and anything that you can buy now with your hard earned dollars are not necessarily the miracle workers that they appear to be no matter how convincing the promoter may sound. It’s 10% truth or less and 90% or better, some pretty fancy footwork or marketing.

Even as a writer, I am exposed to hyped up messes that have miracle claims which are too good to be true. Recently, I viewed one of my own sites advertisements and was shocked to learn of the bull that was attempted to be sold to an unsuspecting public. Of course, I knew that the half hour or so long video wasn’t going to expose anything but, was going to try to sell me something that honestly, sounded too good to be true. Reality hit me that it was and, off I went in search of evidence. I was right. It was all purely a sales-pitch. I should have realized that it was by the fact that the product and the video that goes with it which appeared rather convincing to say the least, was in fact, nothing but a gimmick. There was absolutely no scientific studies to back any of this, let alone the rather adamant claims that were made. Not only that but, in hindsight and upon re-watching this advertisement for the product that was being sold, I realized that the person doing the talking was indeed a true medical doctor which made it even more convincing, he was also a doctor who was cashing in on something that even if he believed in it, was not only NOT the miracle that was portrayed but, was talked in circles. In other words, the half hour long sales video contradicted itself crazy if one were to listen with a critical ear but, I longed for that wasted hour or two in both watching it twice as well as researching it all.

What I’m really saying here is that while I make no money off of this space and have to pay out of my own pocket for the space, I’ve given up paying for other things in here which has been replaced by advertisements such as the aforementioned example above.

That all said, unless I, myself, promote something on this site, the attached advertisements are just that, advertisements so that you’ll spend your hard earned money. Please don’t fall for anything advertised on this site if you haven’t done the research. What proclaims to be a miracle of some sort or another, isn’t. If that were to be true, why have we not heard of it before or had studies done on it all? Think about that and be aware of what it is that you’re buying or not buying into whether it’s me or it’s something you’ve become curious about that I am not writing about. Take whatever it is that fits or suits you and leave the rest. That’s the best advice that I can give to anyone.

With best wishes, be well, Love and Light,

Have a GREAT day/evening!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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