Don’t Waste Your Time Smartians: Why I No Longer Read or Respond To Ralph Smart Followers

It’s tiresome when one keeps getting comments on old pieces that are not publishable and have written that a writer is no longer going to accept, read, publish or respond to comments concerning a certain topic. What’s even harder to accept are those who comment anyway and expect that it’s going to make some difference even if it’s not published or responded to.

Guess what? It doesn’t!

When I get comments from those who follow YouTuber and money hungry Ralph Smart better known to me as “Smartians” that are an attempt by these commenters at “defending” this person in spite of the fact that I’ve written on every piece that I will NOT respond to nor, publish comments all that I can do is laugh and delete them without having read a word that they’ve written now. Those who come in here some 2 years down the road and ignore that blurb that I’ve written are crossing my boundaries to say the least. If they ignore it and try to slip one in, not only am I trashing them as I said that I would but, I also see what topic it’s been written on and I don’t bother reading them before directly passing them to my trash bin.

You’re wasting your time, energy and lewd thoughts. Save them up and spew them out elsewhere as I’m not only NOT taking down pieces I’ve written about him but, I’m no longer reading anything that anyone has to say about him before I delete them.

Worse than that, I cut off commenting about this topic on “Infinite Waters” or “Ralph Smart” because I can see the type of mentality that the majority of commenters comments are making about him and it’s not at all flattering to the person but, especially Ralph Smart’s fans. As a matter of fact, it’s doing quite the opposite.

If anyone were to see the search terms and find out that a lot of people are now questioning the Entrepreneur and calling him “fake”, one can see that there are more and more people who question his veracity and see him as he is.

For those who wish to add in that it’s all “free”, they’d be correct that it’s “free” for them to watch but, 1 in 20 who view his daily videos are getting only a small portion of what someone else has said before this young, British man was born, had already said. They’d also recognize his recycling of ideas and that they’re truly only getting about 3 minutes of video that aren’t sales pitches. Actually, the entire video is one huge sales pitch in a sense because Smart (not his real name by the way), makes off of people who are desperately seeking out a way through life. Every video he makes contains the same things as the one before and there is a price tag for his videos even if it’s not seen or said. You are paying for him to be there even if you feel that it’s not coming out of your wallet.

That said, let me say it one last time….

Why are you doing a search on him in the first place to find my thoughts on him? Why are you
spending another minute in commenting about him?

If you’re that devoted to him, go watch more of him. I don’t have a gun to your head to be here and I am not reading, publishing, responding to nor, entertaining any further comments concerning Ralph Smart or Infinite Waters. They are all going straight to my trash can. Do NOT waste your time nor energy writing your thoughts out as they will not get read, published or even noticed. I have the ability to see what topic it’s written upon and will delete it. Besides, you won’t be back anyway or, will have insulted anything that I say even if you were to come back. Why bother? Don’t! That’s the answer right there.

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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