Television Has Less and Less To Offer Viewers

Money makes the world go round or so television producers seem to think

Let’s say that a more *cough, cough* mature person comes to adore a television program, only to have the favourite characters written out of it or leave it. Worse yet, the program gets cancelled. What then?

What has been seen more often than not are those shows that are no longer available for viewing or those we’ve come to love to watch, aren’t part of it any longer. The reasons are varied but, suffice it to say that it’s usually because one or more of the actors or the sponsors have decided that enough is enough and, they move onto something else instead. That leaves us all scrambling to find another source of entertainment other than the news which we know if we’re savvy enough, is produced to show the viewer what they want us to all see or not see. In other words, even the news is “scripted” in a sense.

Nothing lasts forever

While most of us know, nothing lasts, not even the good stuff. What network and show producers, along with sponsors know is that their productions are not meant to last. If they make it a few years, they’re happy. Money has been made and it’s onto the next project which invariably isn’t as good as the one that they’ve left behind. Ratings will determine this factor more than anything. As the younger crowd tunes out and into zombies or apocalypse style shows, the powers that be will go with them because ratings have dropped.

Actors are also part of the equation when their agents decide that they’re not making enough money in spite of the hefty salaries that are brought in and they walk out of the show. More often than not, a lot of these actors have other projects to work on or, it’s simply their preferences to move onward for all sorts of reasons. That leaves their characters out of the roles that they’ve played and it leaves people without their favorites. Can we say “drop in ratings”? Is it any wonder that shows fail with dropping ratings? It’s rarely the same after your favorite people leave, is it?

Don’t they know that people come to think of them as friends or even family?

Maybe, I get too deeply into shows emotionally. Perhaps, I am too loyal and don’t adapt quickly enough? Whatever it is, I’ve come to think of certain programs and its characters as both friends as well as family at times. Am I nuts? Do I believe that these are real people who exist? No, I do not and I know that they don’t even know that I’m alive, let alone that their presence in my life for that hour or half hour takes me away for that time frame. Just ask a service such as Netflix or Crave how often I’ve binge watched certain programs until there isn’t anymore left of it. The reason that I do watch them is because it’s got me hooked while I’m escaping the frays of the day. In short, it’s something like the familiarity of characters have become like family or friends to me whether I laugh or cry or both.

The Almighty dollar speaks and is a driving force

For a lot of actors, sponsors, producers, networks and such, the bottom line falls towards a profit with more and more money being offered to them. I don’t care whether someone like Daniel Lissing who plays Jack Thorton in the Hallmark Channel’s “When Calls The Heart” (spoiler alert if you don’t already know) has his “personal” reasons for his character being killed off while he appears in crime shows. I could care less that Alexis Bleddel who played “Rory” in “The Gilmore Girls” didn’t want to do the grind of a weekly television show or that her tv mom, Lauren Graham or “Lorelai Gilmore” feels that the show had it’s hay day while she stands in the unemployment line and types away on her computer in writing a book. I don’t want to watch Reality Television which as we all know, isn’t reality at all. In fact, it’s all scripted for the most part. Even decorating shows are fake with behind the scenes looks according to their insiders looking more like a produced television show. Those shows are about as “real” as a $3.00 bill. Even their hosts are simply actors with some of them having some experience but, not much or, at the least, not much more than you or I may have in their shoes. Their only claim to fame is their ability to act for a camera shot. Ask “The Property Brothers” who have about as much veracity in their roles as that $3.00 bill.

About to drop my television service provider

I don’t know about you, of course but, I’m finding that in my *cough, cough again* more mature years, wanting to get rid of my television service provider altogether. The more shows that end with these soapy, sappy, wrap-ups or cliff-hanging endings which leave us all with some sort of hope that some network like Netflix will revamp it and bring it back since they’re running out of cop, robber, crime, zombie and hunter show ideas now, only to have them dashed when it’s refused by either the network or the actors who don’t like the money offered to them in the contract. In spite of the fact that they’ve got no work at all right now to go to, they’ll turn it down or it won’t get picked up again by sponsors or the higher ups who rule with an iron fist as they watch profit margins while climbing into their expensive vehicles to drive to their fancy mansions for dinner parties.

I’m equally fed up with being marketed silly!

We all know that the sponsors are those who cater to the 18 to 49 age group as I’ve said before. It’s also painfully apparent that if you’re not in that age group, there’s little for you to watch when even the evening news is tainted, slanted and directed as well as produced for you to see what they want you to see or from the angles that they wish to sway you from. What sense is there to keeping a television, let alone a dearly overpriced service provider left? I’d rather read a book or get some extra rest, work on a hobby or clean my home.

That said, my computer has quit on me twice and my internet has gone out at minimum once while writing this piece

Yes, I know that there are some younger people leaping at the chance to say, “good riddance. Get rid of it all. I want my zombie shows, to keep up with the Kardashians and, get a load of The Amazing Race while I’m at it. Go blank yourself.”

Sadly, those who wish that type of thing at tender ages will also find themselves at the brunt end of aging if they are lucky as well. Will zombies, cop and reality shows be their cup of tea at a more advanced age? What about the sponsors? Will they still be buying up Gucci or Prada or dreaming of some luxury soap or shampoo that will instantly make their now silver hair turn back the hands of time while using a face cream that gets rid of wrinkles as well as plastic surgery? Maybe. I’d love to believe that to be the case because I have nieces and nephews who I would truly want to have those things. Somehow, I don’t think that anything we could buy via some television advertising could do that any time soon but, one can hope.

Money may be a driving force but, is it the be-all and end-all? What about sanity and mental health

There’s a lot to be said for having money and loads of it. It buys pretty things. The more of it that anyone has, it only stands to reason that the more things one can buy. It also begs the question of whether or not it can buy sanity, mental health and true friends.

Yes, it can purchase “things”. If that’s anyone’s drive, money means nothing to the one who is aged beyond any use for it. That means that it can’t buy sanity nor mental health. Ask the actors and musicians who have died of drug and alcohol issues or those who have had all of that money, the large houses, fancy clothing and cars, Gucci shoes and outfits, Prada bags etc., how their lives are with all of that money when they can’t remember what they had for breakfast or lunch that day, let alone how to drive that fancy car. What about the actor who gets plastic surgery done over and over again and ends up looking 40 at age 80 like Joan Rivers but, who loses their lives during a more simple and routine procedure. Crap happens but, all of their money and fame gets fought for by greedy relatives when they are unable to live or be sane anymore. Money is money but, it means nothing to those who aren’t mentally healthy or even alive anymore. What is everyone fighting for?

From my little corner of life to yours, the reality is that everything that we see on a commercial or on store shelves, have been marketed silly, including the shows, actors and networks who hire the actors, make-up artists, costume and set designers, writers and the list is endless. It’s all about money for most rather than staying alive because viewers have come to enjoy the program even if they do venture off for a bit to watch some other program for a bit. There’s enough room in a week for everyone to enjoy something otherwise, it’s worth getting rid of our televisions, stop going to theatres and simply read, work on hobbies or chit-chat with real friends.

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a GREAT day or evening!

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