Walmart,Walmartians Or The Walking Dead

Why do people without brains or mirrors figure that Walmarts are the place to hang around?

Why would anyone think that it’s ok to lose their mirrors, minds and brains when they’re in a Walmart store, including the cashiers that are being paid to ring through purchases?

It’s understandable that at any given time, someone or several people will be worried about something in their own lives or selves and possibly, be focused more upon that then what they are doing but, to find a good portion of the population of the store, wandering aimlessly, brainless and ignorantly through the store, is reprehensible. There is no excuse for hanging out all day in a Walmart store somewhere brainlessly.

It’s understood that Walmart is a discount store and yes, we all love to save money. That’s why I was there. However, to think that saving money means stowing away not only brain power but, also mirrors, courtesy, speed, thoughtfulness and whatever else one can name, is truly a part of the Walmart shopping experience is totally inconceivable as a concept.

We all know that weekends are not the time to frequent anywhere, let alone a Walmart store as it’s going to be busy but, when you’ve run out of toilet paper, paper towels, milk and eggs, one may be forced into saving a bit of money while pushing both patience and time aside, along with any tension one may be feeling, swallowing hard before entering one and trying to get out of there as quickly as one can with whatever it is that one needs. That’s not to be the case though as people tend to park their brains at the doors.

What other store can one go to and not stand out while wearing pyjamas?

It’s not expected that anyone will dress up as though they’re going to a fancy restaurant however, to come out with a bathrobe, slippers and a nasty child who leaps from displays at others while the parent browses half-mindedly through the store from top to bottom is somehow, a head scratcher for those who took the time to at least put on clothes, shoes and comb their hair as well as brush their teeth and wear deodorant before leaving the door to enter a Walmart. Yes, it is Walmart but, at the least, have some respect for other people and yourself, please.

Couponing: Special line on weekends or none on weekends at Walmart?

Couponing is a whole other ball game. Who, in their right mind anyway, wants to stand behind someone or several people in line, wait a half hour or better on a weekend while someone else tries to save $0.50 on a quart or litre of milk or juice, fumbling through fliers or cell phones for their beloved 10 cents off. With a conveyor belt filled with their groceries, kids swinging off of the checkout counters or eating their way through the entire process, it’s got to have the 20 other people behind them, waiting through the entire process, scratching their heads in wonderment not to mention disgust. Meanwhile, the cashier goes into a coma state, staring off into space like she or he has also lost their concentration and may never regain it again.

This leads to a whole other set of issues.

Why does Walmart hire people and dehumanize them?  Are they searching for those who are brainless, unable to type or hitting the closest unemployment office to find their cashiers?
Cash? I’m so lost! Wait…I’ll go comatose.

What’s with hiring cashiers who are working at turtle or slug level speeds while people amass the store behind the checkouts by the dozens with buggies or carry baskets over their arms or kicking it along the floor as they inch ever so slowly towards the check-outs? This is all while shifting from foot to foot, sighing so heavily that one can hear it from the brainless dead, aimlessly wandering the store in their pyjamas and slippers.

Is there any wonder why there are self-checkouts and now a new app on cell phones that can get people through more quickly? Why would these people behind the desks wonder why then, be angry about the possibility of losing their jobs when they’re doing half-baked, bird-brained, half-arsed movements as though new to the cashier positions that they’ve agreed to fill while still protesting the changes and like they are somehow the best thing since sliced bread?

Does Walmart only hire people who will work ridiculous hours, for low pay, little to no holidays off, be willing to be treated as second class humans because they can pay them so little? Is there any wonder why Walmarts have gone downhill quickly over the past 5 to 10 years or so?

What’s with the Walmart buyers? Were they all drunk or stoned too?

Are Walmart buyers stoned or drunk?  Do they have something over Cheech & Chong?

Far be-it for anyone to make a snap judgement upon others who have a budget to work with but, to see the pure crap that’s put on hangers or shelving units has to make one wonder.

When people are treated like they’re garbage and a company only has a bottom line profit margin in mind, they are going to tell their buyers to go out and find the least quality products that a budget can afford to fill up the store. The problem with that is that it oftentimes leads to Buyers picking out cheaply made, non-quality, overseas made items to stock the store.

It used to be that anyone could find something at Walmart for less money but, at least, be able to wash and wear it for leisure or around the house. Now, not so much. One or two washes on a gentle cycle with cold water, hanging it to dry, will produce a rag from what’s on their racks and shelves. It’s not like anyone will go to Walmart or ever could to purchase an outfit for a prom outfit or wedding but, one can’t even wear what’s offered around the house any longer unless it’s to paint their home and toss it in the garbage or use it as rags afterwards. Even shoes are quick to fall apart after wearing them for a time or two but again, it’s not as though someone who loves quality or wants something for a special occasion is going to shop at a Walmart for it anyway. It’s simply a point that by trying to keep prices down, profit margins up, quality seems to go out the window and one cannot even purchase a pair of decently made sweat pants for around the house even if the crotch of them are down to one’s knees, looking like a 1980’s pair of MC Hammer pants.

There is no good reason for this or Walmart’s motivations other than money and lack of ability to be human with other humans

It’s not that it’s not understood that everyone has problems, concerns and a life that includes the aforementioned but, when one is standing behind a stream or sea of buggies, waiting to get down an aisle while someone parks their buggy in the middle of one and the one coming up from the other direction, stopping abruptly beside that other person, seemingly clueless to the fact that you and a dozen others who are now in a buggy traffic jam, wish to get past them and without so much as a thought to move that cart, that’s ignorance at its best.

Add to it the fact that once you’ve battled your way through all of that, only end up in a line-up where someone in their housecoats and slippers at 2 pm in the afternoon, armed with 50 coupons on their cell phone knowing that there are 300 people behind them, waiting for their turn and who are still willing to battle it out for a buck in total while a cashier looks like he/she is in outer space somewhere and not of this planet and, let me say that it’s a wonder that we hear so many people say, “I wouldn’t set foot in a Walmart if someone paid me to do it!”

Yeah just block the entire aisle because you’re the only one in the store

One further point are the facts that many of the store’s alleged features aren’t in operation and never have been more than sporadically, there are 20 different languages spoken around you and not a word in your language as well as the woman who has had a good 30 to 40 minutes to get out her wallet while waiting, waits until the turtle paced, spaced out cashier gives her a total for her to go digging for another 10 minutes through her purse to find her wallet and hand out the cash which the cashier simply stares at as though she doesn’t recognize what money looks like. What is she to do with it? How does it go into the tray in the register? Which direction does it go in? Another 10 or more minutes of blankness to her/him.

Why not make 300 people wait while I dig through the 40 years worth of junk in my purse to look for my wallet that I could have done in the 30 minute wait?

If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been to other stores where they get proper cashiers, get people through quickly, help them and people are at least out of housecoats and slippers but, prices are at least a couple of bucks per item more expensive, I’d go there, instead for my paper needs. No more Walmart for me. However, I am at a point where I recognize value in the same products for far less in price at Walmart. That’s where I go.

From my little corner of life to yours, the word “Walmart” should never be said, placed or thought of in the same sentence as the word, “weekend”. Save your sanity, patience and energy by staying away from this place like the plague on a weekend. Keep it for a week day trip instead. At least half or less of brainless, pj wearers will be seen. Don’t count on it all drying up though because it won’t. You’re in WALMART after all.

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a GREAT day/evening!

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