Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star Style Collab Marketing A Scheme

Who couldn’t use yet another eyeshadow palette. Wait…you already have 10 of them or more? The colours are all similar with differing names? There’s shimmer, matte and in between?

Hold the horses here. Do you mean to tell everyone that you didn’t wait until YouTuber, Shane Dawson and his buddy, Jeffree Star released their cloned eyeshadow palette November 1, 2019? What’s wrong with this picture? GASP!

Ok, I’ve asked a lot of questions there (sarcastically and humorously I hope you know) but, the reality is that most “Beauty Gurus” on YouTube already have their own palettes out and coming out yet, a lot of people seemed to want Shane Dawson’s (not his real name of course) new collab palette with YouTuber and Beauty Fashionista, Jeffree Star. It was hyped to the hilt via Dawson’s (YAWn) docuseries on the build up and the coming attraction of the launch of his new baby.

Never mind the fact that Dawson was never into makeup but, had formed a bond of sorts in a friendly way as 2 men will but, the fact that J. Star has been riddled with controversy in and of itself and you’ve got a bomb that sure to set the younger crowds in a tizzy, asking, begging, and doing everything including sommersaults to get the money for this overly expensive palette. Even if their heads did hit their computers or they lined up for days to be first in line at a Morphe store to get their hands on one of these. Did you do it too? Don’t fret. I’m sure that your hard earned money will sit well in Dawson’s and Star’s already lined wallets. No fear there.

There’s a disclaimer that should be made here first. I am a fan of Shane Dawson’s videos. It’s not as much the content as it’s as predictable in their plot lines as one can find but, it’s the editing and writing that has me intrigued. Dawson used to be believable and comical but, his antics, theatrics and docuseries have become so formulaic that only the younger viewers can or will be enticed by his personaes or his gasps or seemingly genuine “I’m scared” or, “I’ve got diarehia” exclamations. Disgusted yet? Don’t be. I mean, don’t be until you’ve heard the price tag on his palette. It retails for a cool $52 U.S.. His mini-palette will set you back another $28 U.S. funds and if you wish, you can purchase his mirror, bag, lip gloss set and even clothing. All of this goes into Dawson’s pockets as he and fiance, Ryland Adams live in what normal people would call a mansion in CA USA, complete with a pool, outdoor gym in a shed that he renovated into one and hired a personal coach who is also famous. That’s once he has ridden to it on his own, personal golf cart.

Let’s not even get into Jeffree Star who is as controversial as they come, looks like a “Beauty Guru” and lives with his boyfriend in yet another mansion in CA, complete with all of the luxuries that money can by. He drives a Tesla sports car amongst others while decked out in all Gucci clothing, shoes and accessories. His faves apparently and his closets read like a store in and of themselves. A rather expensive store at that. There’s a lot more that can be said about Star’s private jet, pilot and his purses along with his fake nails, studded to the hilt but, we won’t go there. Star is intriguing and truly untamable in what he’s going to say or do.

Don’t get me wrongly here. I actually like both Dawson and Star but, this has me scratching my head a bit more than usual. What happens to younger women/girls who see others having this palette and the paraphenalia that go with it all, cartoon pig shape and all?

Does anyone remember the “New Kids On The Block” phase back in the late ’80’s or early ’90s? Yeah, that one that had parents flocking to stores to buy the latest New Kids’ crap only to spend thousands of dollars and coming home one night to find it all in the trash because these fans had moved onto something or someone else and proclaimed, “New Kids suck!” Uh-huh…I remember that phase. I was one of the parents who went out of her way, not to mention wallet, in order to purchase all of this stuff and even push my way through crowds in order to get my child to one of their concerts where thousands upon thousands of young girls screamed so loud that one couldn’t hear them sing. They also looked like specks on the stage. All of this was only to turn around and see my child, playing with a $2 glow in the dark wand that changed to other shades of light. “Ooooo…look at the pretty colours!” A month later, the thousands of dollars worth of New Kids’ branded junk was in the garbage while I wept with a full break down and astonishment of wasted time, energy, effort and money that lined those trash bags in my driveway.

Well, both Dawson and Star’s palette and paraphenalia may find the same fate waiting for them down the road, right now, it’s all doing great. Morphe (the parent company) will have made it’s money as will both Dawson and Star. This all wreaks of a collab of two big names and Morphe knew it. So did Shane and Jeffree. They both smelled a buck or two or ten or millions that can go towards their mansions. Dawson’s fiance seems less than intrigued by it all, as though it all simply another Shane thing but, I’m sure that he loves living in the lap of luxury. His sister, Shane’s former friends etc., seem to be riding on the coattails of all of this as well. Make no mistake about it, this was all great marketing that has them all laughing all the way to the bank while many a younger person will have lighter wallets or their parents will.

From my little corner of life, I see a business venture and I call it as I see it. Does that make me right? No, not necessarily but, it sure as heck comes from a lot of experience with many things, not just New Kids On The Block stuff. Even Ooopsy Daisy, Cabbage Patch and so many other things that I feel ill just writing about it, saw the bottom side of trash bags eventually. However, hey…if that’s what floats anyone’s boats, supporting the poor millionaires of the world and keeping them there, more power to the marketing schemes. They’re great! No one can dispute that fact.

Have a GREAT day/evening,

Love and Light.

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