Marketing And Intolerance During Estrangement

Marketing, marketing, marketing. Intolerance, intolerance, intolerance. Is there any wonder that people and especially, estranged adults are in the mindset that they are in right now?

I recently received a YouTube comment from an estranged adult who stated that they “didn’t and wouldn’t tolerate IDIOTS”. I had to laugh as he waved “buh bye”, having watched only one of my videos. Frankly, I hope he never returns to watch another. Why? Because 1) I am not making any money off of what I do and 2) which is probably the biggest reason, I’m there to help parents of estranged adults, not the estranged adults.

Right from the start of every video that I do, I add disclaimers. I say that we are NOT talking about true abuse/neglect. Yet, what do I see? I see these adults who have thrown what I consider giant temper tantrums in order to get what they want without any form of tolerance whatsoever within themselves for other people, come in and blather on and on about their so-called “hardships” or as this one estranged adult has said so openly, “doesn’t tolerate idiots”.

“It’s YOUR FAULT…bend to ME and MY wishes! Nevermind your own needs or issues. Nevermind that you are who you are or that you’re infirm in any way. Don’t involve me in having to do anything for you. Do it yourself. Change. That’s what I want!”

Marketing and intolerances are what makes these estranged adults tick. Is there something wrong with every human being? Of course! None of us on this planet are perfect specimens. However, thinking that others should change to suit them/their wants and have them ignore our needs, is perhaps, the biggest flaw that one could have.

It takes one to know one. “Narcissist, Toxic, Bi-Polar” are a few of the terms that I’ve had fired at me and done without a proper degree or diagnosis. These terms are self-created for anyone who doesn’t suit their purposes. I will go as far as to say that the very traits that they are sloughing off and onto others is exactly what they, themselves possess. That’s why I’ve said, it takes one to know one.

My daughter’s boyfriend had agreed to taking in his parent’s cat while they went off on a trip. Please keep in mind that this man-child had been given a job by his family, had a car, cell phone, gas, insurance and everything else you can think of, paid for by his parents while choosing to live in one of the more affluent of areas. His parents even paid off his excess spending on his credit card every month or given him more money to pay it all off. That given in brief, he took in their cat. The cat was lonely, in a strange place, lost and what did this guy do? He took his drugs, sat up, squirting the cat with water from a bottle every time the cat meowed. That was done until the cat was completely drenched and ran to hide, shivering and shaking until morning light. The next morning, as his parents were leaving for the airport, this man’s intolerance came shining through when he returned the cat to the parents and said that he couldn’t stand it any longer. Bravo for the cat but, the parents were left on the hook yet again and just about to leave the country. What were they to do?

Don’t misunderstand as I am not putting in a plug for the parents as I have since learned more about but, I’m rather stating that this man showed intolerance for anything other than his own comfort which his parents had long since paid for.

Even my own daughter who has estranged from everyone from her past, including us, former friends and family, showed her own form of intolerance by permitting this to happen. In short, Society has “marketed the idea of intolerance”. The world revolves around the sun along with rising and setting each day, just for them. At least, that’s the way that they see everything.

So, that said, from my little corner of life to yours, if you’re the parent of an estranged adult, take heart that many of us are hurting but, what are we hurting for? Intolerances? Marketed intolerances? Aren’t they marketing it themselves with their behaviours/actions/expectations out of others and especially parents? Is it little wonder why they can even estrange from siblings through jealousy or try to get them to also estrange? In every sense of the word, if they succeed in getting siblings to estrange, they’ve marketed their own siblings into the idea of estrangement as well, haven’t they? Mind you, if a sibling can be swayed by anything said, that adult also has issues within themselves. It simply wasn’t as obvious as the rebellious marketer was.

Be well, Love and Light,

Have a GREAT day/evening!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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