Cult-ish Behaviours Start With Someone Who Doesn’t Know Themselves

“When you don’t know who you are as a person, you allow yourself to remain open to becoming prey to those who feel that they know who they are. In effect, you are their victims, knowingly or not.”

Often nowadays, people are finding out that when they don’t know who they are as people or what they stand for as a person, they will open themselves up to allowing others to decide it all for them. As Uger has stated in the above quote, there is a hole left in us in which someone who believes that they have everything figured out, worms their way into lives in insideos ways, unbeknownst to us.

More to the point, the person who thinks that they know it all because they feel that they’ve either had some sort of spiritual insight or because they’ve amassed a pile of knowledge through the net or reading materials, are often only self-serving or living in a false sense of security. It’s then that they can work their way into someone else’s lives, minds and psyche, making that person believe that by following what that person believes, thinks or feels, is somehow, making their lives better or best.

Take for instance, someone who believes that because they’ve read a plethora of articles, written by others, that they somehow know everything that there is to know. They appear self-confident and can seem to be going against the grain of society. Are they really or, have they themselves been deluded and in turn, caused someone else into believing that they have it all right?

Another more direct example may be of those who like different genres of music than someone else does. The Jazz enthusiast may believe that Jazz is wonderful but, to have someone who loves something like Hip-Hop music tell them that the Jazz that they’re listening to is “garbage” or “not music at all and they wouldn’t know good music if it hit them in the face” so to speak, is akin to telling Mozart or Bach that their music is pure crap and only those who listen to Rock Music know good music. Not only is that an insult to Mozart or Bach but, it’s wrongly assuming that the Rock Music Listener is correct and everyone else who listens to anything different than Rock Music is stupid, ignorant and doesn’t know what they feel that they know. Are they right? Of course not but, they believe that they are right and everyone who listens to some other genre of music or creates it is wrong, bad, stupid or whatever else may run through those narrow-minded brains of theirs. It only makes it their preference in genres of music, not a reality.

Enter someone who either doesn’t know what they like in the music field or who thinks that they’ve found an ally in their beliefs and the door has been opened to that person walking through the portal that they’ve left open for them to walk through.

More key is the person who doesn’t know who they are as people. Sure while they may know that they like certain things, they are searching for someone to show them the way in Life, who to be like, how to be, what to believe, what not to believe. Whether they know it or not, they have opened up what one can only call a “weak spot” for those who are keen enough to see through it and use it to their advantage. The person not knowing who they are as people, are easily swayed into thinking that the person who is strong in their beliefs, has it all right and it’s them that they will follow, unwittingly or not and, even if it means leaving everything behind that they knew or ever would know, they are willing to do it. If they’re not, the person believing that they know it all, will quickly be strong enough in their convictions as well as knowledge of weak spots within the other person to use it for their own benefits.

This is where a form of “cult” can be formed and, it’s sad that there are people out there who will fall victim to such a delusional individual. However, there are more people out in this world who fail to see that we all change throughout our lives and what we once liked or adored, we may eventually come to see as yesterday’s news, moving onto other things, likes, dislikes and whatever.

More sad is the point that while many people will change their minds throughout time, people who don’t truly know themselves, allow someone else to decide that for them because that person appears to have more knowledge or knows what they want. As a matter of interest, more of the types of people who believe themselves to be correct and say so with conviction, are permitted to impose their beliefs upon someone who is willing to bend and twist themselves into versions to a small or large degree, of those people who do give the illusion of knowing it all.

Book-learning, internet found articles or documentaries do not make a person knowledgeable. Despite what is believed or thought, it only gives that person an amassment of someone else’s thoughts. We all know that studies are done by the day and are oftentimes, changed within a time span. Someone else’s likes or dislikes, attitudes or belief systems may become another person’s through constant exposure to it all but, it doesn’t make that person right. It simply constitutes someone else’s lifestyle or beliefs, likes or dislikes. However, this is where the person who truly hasn’t given themselves enough credit or knowledge of oneself, allows or permits someone else to decide for them what it is that they should be, their beliefs, likes and dislikes. It all opens doors for that person and their babble to enter and others who are less demonstrative to be distanced or completely extinguished from a person’s life.

This is then the beginning of cult-ish or cult-like behaviour by the person who doesn’t know themselves fully enough. While they are still searching for what it is that they like, want or believe, they are exposing the weaknesses within themselves. This is where people who are convincing enough, can worm their way into that person’s life and make them believe that if they don’t believe or live as they do, they are somehow missing out or will miss out. Enter those who are willing to sacrifice everything in order to live as this person does. Why? Because they believe that the dominant person somehow knows better than they do who they are.

From my little corner of life to yours, even if you don’t believe that you have it all correctly, trust me, no one else does either. Becoming a version of someone else doesn’t make you any more right as a person or any stronger. As a matter of fact, it only makes you a puppet to that person.

More to come on what constitutes a great cult-ish leader.

Stay well, Love and Light,

Have a GREAT day/evening!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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