What’s Happened To YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren

A lot of readers have done internet searches on YouTube’s “Lose It Like Lauren” only to come to previous articles that I’ve written upon “Lauren Mae” as she’s also known. I’ve received comments that I haven’t published simply because I didn’t want to talk about her again.

Since that time, I’ve received a lot of search engined terms relating to “Lose It Like Lauren” or “Lauren Mae’s” seeming disappearance from YouTube again so, I’m about to write another piece on this topic for the curious of you who have done searches.

What has happened to her?

As many of you know, Lauren returned to YouTube after a long absence it seems from all research that I’ve done on this topic of late. She had been through a rather nasty breakup from what I can ascertain yet, she stated that she didn’t wish to speak about it and it was kind of mutual in decision. Ok, I understand why she didn’t wish to talk about it. It was truly none of anyone else’s business and, let’s face it, even were she to have wished to speak of the break-up, her former significant other or, others connected to this person may have been watching and waiting to see what Lauren would say about the situation. Lauren has thankfully, made no bones about being a Lesbian or “Bi” so, you can do the presumptions.

Lauren allegedly, admitted that she was a wreck over the break-up and it took her some time to recuperate from it all, which again, is understandable for anyone who has been through any type of break-up with a longer-termed relationship of any kind. She has admitted or, so I’ve been told, that she truly didn’t want to be on camera during that time frame but, was now back with not one but, 2 videos per week and was trying to be good and be on track. A few months into it all, she slipped up (again totally comprehensible) and, for mental health reasons, found it necessary to cut back to one video per week. This is where there appear to be a lot of “washing up” and her cooking in her “kitchen in a cupboard” or, putting on make-up and showing her tiny, one room flat as she called it, videos.

No one seemed to care as she had amassed some over 75,000 subscribers and asks that people “buy” her a coffee meaning, sending her money for it all. Kudos to her for getting them, if she did. I’m assuming that there were enough for her to continue doing them as she did create content right up until before Christmas. No one, including me, can ever say that watching her in her apartment, with some outings wasn’t kosher. Not all of us live exciting lives, travelling about or having something thrilling for people to watch. Heaven only knows that I don’t in mine but, I hope that will change in the near future. Anyway, back to Lauren.

At this point in time, near Christmas time of 2019, Lauren just up and left again. I have no idea what’s happened to her, her life or her channel as it’s been nearly 2 months now since her last video with no sign of whether she’s coming back, has another channel or what is going on with her. One can only hope that she’s ok and will at the least, if she’s going to end her videos, do one quick one to let her loyal viewers know such. Then, again, with some over 75 thousand subscribers to her channel, she may be leaving subs wondering what she’ll do or not do so that she’ll leave it open as she did before. Who knows except Lauren?

Will Lauren be back?

Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps, more hard cored viewers or her Instagram followers may be more in the know than I am but, I simply don’t know whether she’ll return to YouTube or not. Sadly, she may not even know or maybe, she’s got another channel somewhere or on some other platform that only her insiders know of?

Whats your take on things with Lauren?

This is a loaded question for me to be answering because while I can see her possible reasonings for dropping YouTube if that’s what she’s doing or taking a break from it again (after approximately 6 months of it), I also know that YouTube doesn’t pay much. It may not be worth her while to put in the energy, effort and time into producing videos as a creator for YouTube. There’s also no real way for YouTubers above the age of 30 or so to compete with big names like celebrities and their video advertisements which are quite cleverly done as I see them.

Thankfully, I don’t make mine for money but, rather to help out other parents who are dealing with estrangement and that pain but, should I ever want to make money on it all or this blog, these aren’t the places to be doing it. For someone like Lauren, it may simply be not worth her while to struggle at making them or competing with big stars or those who live in cars, tiny houses, vans or whatever.

Having said all of that, my take is that it’s totally up to Lauren as to what she chooses to do or not do. I do however, hope that if she’s not coming back, she will leave up her videos but, make one last one that details what her intentions are or aren’t and why. Even were Lauren to have her mother appear for her, or a friend or write out the words and do a voice-over that lasts perhaps, 2 or 3 minutes in length, it would at the least, put people’s minds to a closure or know that she’s taking a rest or dealing with her own personal issues or perhaps, having a new love in her life or moving or whatever. Either way, it’s as simple as putting up a short video to let people know one way or another. I hope that she’ll do it.

What’s in YOUR future with YouTube?

One thing that I do know is that my videos aren’t going to stop. While I may take a break here and there to reformulate or let what I’ve said percolate in people’s minds or for them to catch up with ideas, I would like to work more on fun projects on my other channel as well or every other week. That means, one week on Pondering Life’s channel HERE and once every other week on my other channel, “LouEllen’s Life” which can be found here.

From my little corner of life to yours, while I don’t truly know what’s going on with YouTube’s Lose It Like Lauren, I think it unprofessional in a sense to simply drop out of sight yet again and expect that over 75,000 subs are going to remain. While they may stay on, it’s likely because it’s really causing them no issues to keep subscribed. Kudos to Lauren and them if that’s the case. It’s ok to take a break/rest from YouTube Creating but, to leave everyone who cares, hanging? Well, that’s not ok and sooner or later, it’s my bet that people are going to realize it and not be alright with it all. Then again, who knows?

Be well!

Love and Light.

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