Shane Dawson/Glossin Is A Marketing Genius

Shane Dawson/Glossin with boyfriend/fiance Ryland Adams
Shane Dawson Ryland Adams

Have you ever watched YouTuber, Shane Dawson’s videos and wondered if you could get that hour or so back into your life? I have and yes, I’ve wondered the same thing. “Yasssss, I’m shook, I’m lit, Bougie, oh noooo, omg,” and a plethora of other things they’d all say.

Hype…that’s something that Shane knows how to do so well. He’s got the platforms, fame and video titles that tend to build ordinary things into full advertising masterpieces.

Don’t get me wrong. I like Shane’s work. He used to be a genius before he got into this whole marketing scheme with his videos that lead to one watching them then, wishing for time in their lives that were wasted watching them.

While I don’t know what Part 2 brings of his latest series (and frankly don’t care), he’s truly a genius in being able to take a video shot by a friend, acted by friends as well as himself and turn something as simple as blinging stuff into an addiction. Meanwhile, boyfriend/fiance, Ryland, is eating himself into a stupor, no expression on his face other than that of “leave me alone, I want to eat for the 400th time in a day!”

Who has makeup on 24/7, allegedly, walking into a filming scene with Dawson or Glossin (his second YouTube channel), looking stupified or somewhat, surprised by it all? Ryland’s sister, Morgan does. Though her hair may vary from being covered with hats to being unkempt or washed and thoroughly coiffed, Morgan always has makeup on as though constantly ready to be filmed. Is that the 8th wonder of the world or something? Do cameras and paparazzi follow her day and night so she’s always prepared while giggling about everything?

Jeffrey Star is another one who simply blew onto the scene in a “collab” with Shane to produce makeup and paraphernalia to go along with it. Throughout the series (which was long and not at all as advertised but expected if one were to use one’s thinking grey matter between their ears), one knew that this series was simply a lead-up long commercial for the upcoming “launch” of their combined efforts. Poor millionaire, Jeffrey was subjected to such an arduous process with Ryland seemingly more interested in eating, drinking and boy are they always hungry, wanting something like “Chili’s” or some such fast food. Munchies anyone? I’ll bet that much weed being done will produce that kind of hunger and laughter at everything. Shhhhh…I didn’t say that, did I?

Those giggles and that type of hunger are notorious for someone who does a lot of weed. Even edibles are taken in from an also friend’s lint filled pockets and tissues. Were Jeffrey Star to be there, he/she/whatever one is supposed to call him, says it on camera that he’s not only into his drugs but, mentions weed by name.

Again, don’t get me wrong. If someone wants to do weed or drugs and eat themselves into laugh-filled, eating frenzies, one can however, don’t do it on the wallets of those who will buy that hyped merchandise. Parents also have to pay for it all too and, that could go towards so many other things.

From my little corner of life to yours, though I like it that Shane has been on YouTube for so long and is making a boatload of money through his makeup sales and advertising with Jeff S. and that collaboration, I still think that Shane’s shameless attempts at making teen or 20-somethings into morons who can’t wait for his next, “I took a poop” video series, premiered to the max with trailers, genius marketing. Then, again, isn’t that who his market is aimed at with Morgan, Ryland, and anyone else associated with him getting millions of views for unwrapping plastic wrapping, giggling and eating their way through entire videos?

Hey, my next video is going to be about how I clean up a spill on my kitchen floor in a 3 part series, marketed crazily. Great idea, Shane! Love it!

I’d wish everyone well but, I assume that those who would disagree with this opinion piece are off, watching Shane, right?

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2 thoughts on “Shane Dawson/Glossin Is A Marketing Genius

    1. Yes, it is truly ingenius, Spiritual. I’m honestly in awe and genuinely fascinated. Apparently, Dawson is worth some $12M with a mansion in Calabasis CA. Jeffrey Star is reportedly worth some $75M with a mansion in CA worth some $14.5M. I’ve got to give them credit for sure and yes, I am ENVIOUS…not jealous by any means but, really fascinated by what these “influencers” are making via YouTube and deals. This is all being said by someone who is not only a blog writer but a Tuber as well (small but, still one) and hasn’t seen a cent. I really applaud these guys. Thank you ever so much for commenting. XO XO XO

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