Masks Or Hand Sanitizer For Covid-19


Coronavirus:  They’re out of hand sanitizer!

There are literally millions of people all over this planet right now who are finding out that few, if any, stores have hand sanitizer or masks in stock for the average Joe or Jane.  What is one to do?

First of all, don’t panic.

That’s number one on the list.

Your chances and mine of catching this virus are about as big as winning the local lottery.  No possibility of that, huh?  That is as long as you haven’t travelled to an infectious area like Wuhan, China or Northern Italy and, let’s not forget Iran and come in contact with someone who was carrying the virus and didn’t know it or hadn’t developed symptoms of it.

If you’re like many, many people who have panicked and travelled from store to store, only to find no hand sanitizer or masks in stock, not to mention toilet paper or bottled water (for heaven knows what reasons), you’re not alone.  Fear has driven people to do extraordinary things like buying up or stockpiling all of this stuff.  What’s next?  Peanut butter and jam or garlic cloves because some morons out there have deemed it not only a cure but, necessary to keep in stock?  Have you filled up your propane tanks in case of a power outage and you need your morning coffee?  One can always use their BBQs right?

Got enough blankets, candles and plywood for windows to board up in the event that some vigilantes have discovered that you have cans of baked beans and a can opener?  Oh wait, you hadn’t thought of that yet?  Get thyself to a store and get some like NOW before they run out of it all.

Armaggedon is about to hit and you want to be prepared, right?  The “preppers” are all prepared.  They have their bunkers, guns, toilet paper, coffee and rations.  What’s wrong with you?

All joking aside, this really isn’t any different than any other coronavirus.

Did you know that we’ve had coronavirus all along?

What do I mean?

A coronavirus is an entire group of viruses that we have had around since the beginning of time.  This virus (Covid-19) may have had few studies done on it yet but, remember SARS?  That was a Coronavirus as well.  Each strain of these viruses has been named a different name and yet, viruses have existed forever.  Covid-19 is simply the lesser-known of those strains though, SARS had little known about it until after the fact, right?  Yes, the numbers of deaths seem out of whack with other germs that we’ve had in circulation over the years but, that’s because the media wasn’t on it 24/7 like it is with Covid-19.  The sensationalism sells air-time.  Fear also sells hand sanitizer and masks too, doesn’t it?  It’s a win-win situation for these companies and those networks that own news stations.  They’re raking in the dough on it faster than we ordinary folk can say “bull” and have me wondering if I should have bought stock in the Purell hand sanitizer companies.  Darn, I wish that I had have now.  I’d have been wealthier than I am now, by far.

Before you freak right out and man-handle a poor store clerk by grabbing them by the collar and pulling them over a counter, telling them “check the back.  You HAVE to have more there” or, shake them down for their own bottles of it, think again.  Do you really need it?  There are other things than commercially prepared formulations that can be used instead.

By the way, did you leave me in your Will?  Asking just in case is all.  (You can insert a laugh here).

Did you get your flu shot this year?  No?  Why not?  No, it doesn’t cover Covid-19 but, who knew what strains would be the concerning ones this year?  The “WHO” certainly didn’t know.  It should take about a year or so and they’ll be adding it to every single dose that they give out even if it hasn’t been an issue at that point.  It’ll give the illusion that their vaccines worked.  I think that I’m going to buy into a Big Pharma right now so that down the road, I won’t regret having not bought into the Purell company.

Back to reality.

So, you’ve run out of or you’re running out of hand sanitizer and, not a shelf in any store has any?  What’s a body to do?

  1. It’s been shown by studies that plain ole soap and water and washing your hands through a rounding chorus of “Happy Birthday” (sung inside of your head so that no one else hears how terribly you sing it…well, save for professional singers that is or someone who fancies themselves as good as one sans Auto-Tune) for 15 to 25 seconds, will do the trick. That’s PLAIN old soap.  Nothing fancy like anti-bacterial soap.  All that’s needed is that you get the crud off of your skin so that a virus won’t stick to it all.
  2. If you’re out and don’t want to appear OCD over hand-washing practises or sound like an injured cow, singing to yourself, hand sanitizer may help some but, won’t totally replace good old fashioned hand washing with plain old soap and water.  What?  You say that you’re out of it and can’t get it?  Again, didn’t you stockpile for the end of the world like “the preppers”?  Calm down.  There are alternatives to some company making it for you and bottling it to make a profit.
  3. While not easy on our skin, alcohol is one ingredient that may help.  Yes, it has to be more than 50%.  It has to be more than 60% and shouldn’t be used straight lest you dry the crap out of your skin.  (HINT:  Keep some hand moisturizer plentiful if you can and even diaper cream works well.)  Search engine “DIY hand sanitizers”.  There’s a whole other world out there on how to make some with proportions.  Did you know that Aloe Vera Gel and 70% alcohol or better (not Vodka though it may be drank to help you calm down and not murder store clerks), is as good a base as anything else?  So is glycerin though the concoction may be more liquid than you’d prefer, try a spray bottle gotten at any dollar store or clean out a used bottle and mark it as hand sanitizer so that you won’t accidentally spray it into your hair.
  4. Many of the household cleaners that we use around the house make great virus killers as well.  Try soaking some cut up diaper wipes (unless the preppers have bought all of them up too) in something you’d use around the house and putting them into baggies to carry in your purse.  Just remember that this is a stop-gap measure and doesn’t replace finding the nearest bathroom to wash your hands while giving out one of your now-famous concerts.
  5. Whether it’s Covid-19 or anything else one can dream up, keeping your hands from your face, mouth and nose (yeah, no picking it anymore) may be your best defence no matter how often you wash your hands or put a plethora of things to sanitize them on.

As for those masks, forget them.

While the proper masks might be of some use to those who are on the front lines of infectious people, Hazmat suits may be more in line with what helps them best.  Those masks that we see everyone wearing under their chins like beard hair, don’t stop the virus from getting in.  Viruses pass right through those things.  Don’t waste your money on them.  Even those who manage to walk, talk and eat with them on, (I’m still scratching my head on that one), and can still breathe through them, may think that they’re helping themselves or that they’re better than nothing, are only hiding their faces and doing little else.  It’s a great fashion statement that says, “hey, look at me.  I’ve been to a place that’s infected or maybe YOU are infected and I’m going to be safe Sucker!”

Insulted yet?  You should be.

The ONE thing that masks are good for is in keeping your hands from your face holes a bit more than usual.

Now, gloves, I’ve yet to try to get but, that crud sticks to gloves too so, if you touch your face or don’t bother to wash them either, what’s the sense?  I mean, aren’t your hands good enough?  It’s not like this virus seeps through the skin and infects you.  It’s putting your fingers up to your itchy eyes or nose or mouth that does it.  For heaven’s sake, wash those paws with plain ole soap and water or carry some heavy-duty towelettes with you and a travel-size bottle of soap for a squirt of soap if you can’t get to a bathroom to wash your hands properly.  Don’t forget your best voice or keep it in your head if you please.  There’s nothing worse than an untimed, uncoordinated, rousing set of “Happy Birthday” songs sung badly or by novices, is there?  Our eardrums may burst before we ever get Covid-19.

If you’re so inclined, could someone with the virus please cough, sneeze and spit in Trump’s face to save the assassins the trouble, please?  Thank you.

By the way, if you’re planning on travelling anywhere, think about it hard and long.  Not travelling right now may be your best defence against this virus.

Be well,

Love and Light!


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