Social Media Adds Gasoline To Covid-19 Fires And Fears

Social Media Methods May Cause More Problems And Fears As Well As Misinformation


It seems that the “news” on television and radio as well as Social Media are the biggest sources of spreading fear of Covid-19 than the virus itself.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not at all saying that keeping vigilant through educating oneself isn’t prudent to do but, there can be an overload of information that causes public panic to escalate the situation far more than it needs to be and, spread false information which more than upsets the public with unnecessary phobias and information and there is no Snopes for this phenomenon.

Sure it’s wise to reconsider any travel plans that you have if the governments don’t do it for you.  Yes, it’s wise to keep a box of goodies for children who may have to miss school due to a 14 day or so quarantine to keep them and you safe.  Of course, it’s wise to not have your shelves bare of food but, most of these things should be common sense practices not only during Covid-19 mass panic situations.

I was watching the news tonight where there are suggested items to have on hand but, nowhere does it say “having 641 rolls of toilet paper” is needed.

I also took a trip to a local dollar store that usually has an overstock of hand sanitizer as well as other medical staples on hand.  The shelves were bare.  While I wasn’t in the hunt for hand sanitizer or soap, I was on the look-out for rubbing alcohol for an art project as well as a cut that needs tending to.  None was to be found.  Even Hydrogen Peroxide was about to be emptied out completely but, I grabbed a small bottle of it for that nasty, infected looking cut on my hand.  Forget rubbing alcohol for my art project.  There wasn’t any of it anywhere.

That started me thinking about people who truly need these items for reasons other than sanitizing hands or floors or whatever people are going to pour it onto.  Sadly, most dollar stores only sell alcohol in 50% strengths which is far from being effective against a coronavirus such as Covid-19. If you’re in doubt, do an internet search on “DIY Hand Sanitizer” to see that less than 60% strength, all combined with other ingredients as well, is of little use to disinfecting for these viruses.

Thankfully, I did get a small bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide for my wound and I’ve used it along with some pretty OTC triple antibiotic ointment but, what about those who need alcohol for other reasons?

Yes, I know, it’s an “I have to take care of myself” type of world but, come on.  No one needs 641 rolls of toilet paper stockpiled and nobody needs 206 bottles of 50% strength alcohol lining their basements.  Other people need it for other reasons too, you know.

Mind you, it hasn’t helped that many people are either talking on cell phones or have one in their hands constantly with which to grab a selfie and post it, let alone to spread even more anxiety on normally, calm, rational-minded people.  As one man said on the news tonight, “people with half a brain normally don’t find the need to hoard skids full of toilet paper or water but, when Social Media spreads information like wildfires, a normal person may begin to believe that there’s something wrong with them for NOT panicking.”


I was in the store as you’ve just heard me say when I came upon an Asian woman, blindly walking down the aisles, mask over mouth and nose, backpack over her back, not realizing or perhaps, caring that it stuck out and caused people not to be able to pass her by while looking at placemats on the shelves.  It was only then that I realized that the woman’s mask had been pushed up so far over her eyes that she couldn’t see what she was looking at so intently.  Not only was I laughing at the fact that she hadn’t taken the width of her backpack on her back into mind and that it prevented people from passing her by without saying “excuse me, excuse me, EXUUUUSSSSE MEEEE” but, I was also nearly doubled over when I realized that her mask was up over her eyes and her face was as red as a cherry from overheating herself.

Anyway, I digress.  There are attempts being made at making your own masks should you wish to.  While you’re searching for DIY hand sanitizer recipes, try typing in “DIY face masks”.  Apparently, people are so frightened of not being able to get ahold of any that they’re making their own.  Are they effective?  I don’t know but, I do know that any mask (other than a full facial mask as used in hospitals by doctors) is useless against catching the virus.  Be your own judge, please.

Now, watch shelves empty of charcoal!

Ok, this ends Chapter 2 on Covid-19 coverage.  Stay tuned for more if you’re so inclined.

Oh yes, and please, if you’re thinking of travelling to one of the countries affected and infected most by the virus, and if there are flights with which to get there, think again.  You may find yourself on an extended vacation with no way home or for all that’s holy, right to re-enter your home country again any time soon.  If you’re planning on taking a cruise…think again, please.  We’ve all long since known that cruise ships are hotbeds of infections.  They are floating Petrie dishes for anything that’s going around.  Even if you don’t have cancellation insurance on your trip, think of the cost of a week or two and two more once your home in quarantine.  It’s got to cost you more than the cost of that trip, right?  That is unless you have 4 weeks of vacation coming to you.  Be prepared to use it all up with this.  It’s possible so, stay put and if you have a screaming kid to put up with, what better time to start training them into being human, right?

Be well.

Love and Light!

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