Covid-19 Makes Kids More Powerful

Spring Break, Parents fearing speaking up or out and kids gaining power?

Being afraid of something and not fearing anything may sound like opposite ends of the spectrum but, they’re actually part of the same one.

How can that be?

While the entire world (or most of it) fight to level off the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have young people out on beaches, complaining that the virus has ruined their vacation.  They have no care whatsoever about getting it.  All that is on their minds is getting plastered, high or whatever it is that they wish to do.

On the same hand, we have parents, who are sitting back or going to work if needed, filled with fear of getting the virus.  More to the point, they are afraid of saying anything lest their “children” who are partying it up on beaches in crowds, lacking any care at all, take offence to it and think of them as bad parents.

While we have these “adult children” who are out there, whooping it up, nothing bothering them except the idea that the authorities and this virus are hampering their fun, we have their parents, who are sitting back, fearful of speaking poorly or even out about their beach-bound morons who don’t care about a thing other than themselves and their Spring Break.

Over half or so of these “children” couldn’t afford such a trip, to begin with.  Parents have forked over not only their cold-hard cash so that their kids can be smug about it all and openly so but, at the same time, the parents are fearing both the virus coming their way as well as speaking out about their self-centred, narcissistic seeming darlings and dreading what to do with them when they get home.

  • First of all, did these “kids” care one little bit about what type of danger they may be putting their family, parents and perhaps, even grandparents in while they went off to sew their oats?
  • Secondly, handing any of their “children” the money to cover such a trip, either means that the parents are pleasers and avoiding temper tantrums or trying to get their offspring to think that they’re ok and like them or, the parents are plain stupid.  It’s unclear which one it is.
  • Next, trying to remain quiet lest their darlings see them speaking out somewhere, is plainly putting the power right into their adult’s hands.  These are hands that don’t have the brains or care about anyone other than themselves.  It’s like handing a baby a bomb and telling them it’s ok to play with it.
  • Why are we all staying socially separated if these little morons are out there, on beaches, plastered and in contact with one another and everyone else around them to boot?  Why not simply go out and live our lives as they are doing?  What’s there to fear?  Our children seem to have all of the wisdom in the world.  Parents are the stupid ones, right?
  • Let’s also not forget that when these “kids” come home, not only will they moan and groan at the idea of self-isolation or there being “nothing to do” but, they will also be first to squawk if they have a headache, asking “Mom or Dad” for tea, pain relief or demanding that they be brought to a hospital.  Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa or Aunt and Uncle be damned.  Didn’t you all realize that you were old and useless anyway?  Don’t dare die on them though.  Who will make them soup or bring them their ginger ale?  Who will put sunburn medication on their backs if you die?
  • Nevermind that they’re taking up test kits that could be used on other people.  They don’t care.  It’s them, them and more them that matters.  No one else is in this world other than them and their “rights”, right?
  • What about the possibility that if you do make it through all of this, they could estrange from you for their myriad of made-up reasons once they have someone else or some other way to live without you.  Aren’t you then, considered superfluous to them?

Meanwhile, I have parents telling me that they’re afraid to speak out and up about estrangement because their estranged adults may figure it out and be mad at them.  Don’t look now but, they’re already mad and it doesn’t matter to them whether it’s real or it’s imagined.  It’s anger and frankly, they aren’t going to get any less angry if you sit in a corner and spin on your own thumb, bite your lip and feel like you’re being good.  They’re still going to be these spoiled, self-absorbed little jerks who took their Spring Break during a global pandemic, not caring about you or your parents or anyone other than themselves.

Oh well, you be the judge but, don’t wonder whether they care or not and cry over it all.

The answer is, if you’re going to not make them care while you still can, they won’t and don’t.

Once they’re gone from your life, you’re lucky if they do return.  Then again, they didn’t care about a virus that could kill them, their family or anyone else, did they?

Have a great day/evening.

Love and Light.


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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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