Those Who Knew About Covid-19 And Travelled Anyway Are Selfish


Psssttttt…hey you…yeah, you!  The one who is cavalier about Covid-19, out there travelling, amongst groups of people doing the same thing, thinking that you’re going to somehow get home again, self-isolation be damned when you get back and while away.  You’re one of the ones who is spreading this virus all over the place and while we’re at it, you’re not immune to it since a vaccine has yet to be developed nor, any type of real treatment.

What’s that?  You’re saying that you’re not going to get it and why not live life to your best ability instead of sitting on a couch, watching tv or doing some other silly thing like washing your hands?

Have I got news for you!

Yes, most of society is co-operating and staying away from others, self-isolating or self-quarantining and yes, most of those are bored silly but, we’re doing it because we care about ourselves and other people’s well being.

Did you know that even if you don’t display symptoms of the potentially deadly virus, you could spread it to those you should care about.  However, because of your lack of care, you’re endangering not only yourself but, others as well.

You think that you’re going to get some sort of special treatment if you come down with it?

There’s something you should know.

There aren’t enough test kits to go around nor are there doctors, hospital spaces, beds, ventilators or whatever else may be needed so, don’t expect that someone is going to make it all better for you should you develop it because you were galivanting around and partying or travelling like there was nothing happening.  Almost every country in this world has cases of it as well as many others that aren’t getting tested because there aren’t enough testing abilities to go around.

This isn’t isolating the young only by the way.  They may be a “Me Generation” but, they’re almost at the same risk as anyone else at this point and it may become evident at some point that they are even on par with those who are or have been considered to be most at risk.  Don’t believe me just watch.

Neighbours have relatives who have travelled over to countries that are chock-full of cases of Covid-19, believing that someone, somehow, somewhere, will be able to bring them back home again when they are ready and that it won’t get them in spite of possible underlying health issues.  It was all non-essential travel as well.  Their trips were more about them and they wanted to do it than anything else and, to make matters worse, they aren’t young either.  Most of them are of grandparent age and actually have grandchildren and grown children so, they aren’t exactly stupid, to say the least.

I have one friend who has gone for a yearly winter vacation to another country and refuses to believe that there possibly won’t be a plane available to them to come home again when they are ready to come back as usual or planned.  All of these beliefs are in spite of many warnings that they may not be able to get back if they don’t leave within a week or so and, that upon re-entry (if they’re lucky enough to be able to get back home again) they will have to self-isolate for 14 days.  They are already “bored” in that country so, what is 14 days without being able to go anywhere going to do with their boredom then?

What I have to say to those who have been foolish enough to travel anyway is that you are no different than anyone else and are likely going to find yourself at minimum, bored once you get back.  If you were to bring Covid-19 with you, you’re going to have to suffer the consequences of the symptoms and, not expect that anyone else is going to take care of you and your reckless and irresponsible choices.  You’re on your own to make yourself soup, tea or get your own ginger ale and pain meds or fever reducers.

More to the point, best of wishes in staying occupied while in self-isolation mode if you don’t have the virus or don’t get it.  

If you think that people are going to want to talk to you and keep you occupied or give you something to do while in self-isolation/quarantine, think again.  It isn’t likely to happen.  Not many people will have much empathy or sympathy for you having made the decisions that you’ve made or why.

It’s difficult to feel sorry for someone who has been away on an unnecessary vacation while others have been at home, trying hard to not spread this virus around to others, having nothing available to them to get to even if they could go.  Their patience has worn thin and expecting them to help you pass your time if nothing is wrong with you, isn’t going to be uppermost on their minds at this point in time.  While it may be because you’re lucky to have such friends, it’s not as likely to happen so, don’t expect it.

Heaven help you if you don’t self-isolate yourself after a trip elsewhere.

Did you tell anyone else that you were going away?  If you did tell others, as most will do, don’t think for a moment that others don’t know that you’ve been away and are out and about.  They are aware and if you’re naive enough to believe that no one will care if you don’t self-isolate after a trip, think again.  People don’t sacrifice their own sanity and freedoms for no good reason.  You’re not that important to them for them to say nothing to you or others so, be sure that you self-isolate if you are lucky enough to get back.  If you develop any symptoms of even a cold (beginning stages can mimic cold symptoms) and, you’re out and about, people are going to squeal at or on you.  Be aware of that fact.

Of course, those who are away right now, aren’t reading this piece yet.  They are too busy being travellers and partying or being mad because their vacation isn’t going as they wanted it to go because of closures or severe disruptions in services.  Let’s reassure ourselves though that we needn’t be feeling any empathy or sympathy for their sob stories when they return nor, need we take care of them when or if they are back.  Don’t even fall for their “I don’t have (fill in the blanks)….”.  That’s their fault for their lackadaisical attitudes and decisions to travel anyway.  There are delivery services that will drop off their goods at their front doorsteps for them if they need anything.  Don’t hustle to get it for them and put yourself in jeopardy after all of your hard work in staying away from other people whenever possible.

Is all of this to say not to help others?

Of course, it’s not to say that by any means but, pick and choose who you help and why.  Don’t do it because people who have done this type of thing are using you or your kindnesses.  Remember that they didn’t care about you or anyone else in the first place to either not go away or to not come back when told or warned to do so.  Why then, should they be the recipients of your care and concern?  Keep in mind that when they aren’t in need any longer, you’ll be one of the last that they will call, invite or possibly even speak to.  Having a good heart means that you reserve it for those who are trying.  For those who aren’t and who have made these types of choices and decisions, uncaring about you and everyone else, don’t give them the chance to put you in danger because you have a kind heart.  Your thoughtfulness may kill you.  Is it worth it?

Stay well.

Love and Light!




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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “Those Who Knew About Covid-19 And Travelled Anyway Are Selfish

    1. You’re more than welcome. I’m sure that I’m in for some rough and tough comments to come but, I am angry at the idea that we’re all doing our very best to flatten this curve of Covid-19 and there are those who either don’t believe in it or who are travelling like morons to get in a vacation and not caring about what they may be bringing back to vulnerable people. HUGE HUGS XO XO XO


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