You Aren’t Invincible

Every time I see it happening, I have to shake my head in anger and total disbelief. People ignoring the healthcare admonishments on Covid-19, uncaringly.

People find all sorts of ways to ignore the recommendations and even rules then, cry when they aren't able to do what they want.  Why no one has empathy for them.
This is NOT “Social Distancing”. It’s all over the news and in articles on how to do it. Stop the getting together. It’s dangerous right now. Practise proper Social Distancing!

I pass by a parkette in my car while young people stand out and together without “social distancing” whatsoever and NO protection on them. It’s even doubtful that they bother to wash their hands and are constantly putting hands to face to brush back hair that they refuse to tie up (yes, including males who could have what we’ve termed as “man-buns”) or to wipe away mascara that has gotten into their eyes, eyeliner or some such makeup. They don’t care. Invincible is what they feel and maybe, they don’t take it as hard but, they sooner or later, have to go home. What then?

There are those who will stand around a take-out restaurant like McDonalds, huddled together, no Social Distancing as though they’re going to lose out on their iced coffees if they aren’t right up against the door or one another. We’re not even talking about young people here. These are the ones that are older in chronological age and should know better and, may include people like Uber Drivers. A lot of them are from other countries or harder hit ones and haven’t bothered to learn the language of the country, some of them, having been in it for a decade or more.

If you’ve stockpiled, donate them to healthcare providers and for heaven’s sake, learn how to wear a mask correctly!

Then we have the people who are rotten enough to have the masks which they wear like beards or hair bands. Someone please tell me what good that mask is doing for these people when healthcare workers are going without them. I’d like to know. If you’re one of those who has stockpiled these masks, gloves, hand sanitizer or whatever, donate them to the front line healthcare workers and stop wearing them like they’re accessories. They’re not.

Please talk to me and tell me why anyone should feel sympathy or empathy for those who went away on vacation and even cruises when they either come back or can’t get back to their respective countries because they decided to go away anyway.

I may sound in my writing as though I’m not taking this seriously. I am. What I’ve written about Covid-19 are joking pieces only. When I see this type of thing or hear the news where people aren’t taking things seriously and going away, I tend to be angry at them. Tears of those who are “trapped” in other countries don’t work well on me. I don’t feel sorry for them. After all, it’s hard to feel sorry for those who have had a vacation, feet in sand or warmer climates, tropical drinks and then, want to put everyone else at risk when they have ignored the plea to come back home while they still could. It’s even worse for those who have been in countries that are plagued by this virus and yet, they want to wait it out until their flights are scheduled to return or their vacations are over then, shed tears on news cameras about not being able to get back and how embassies are ignoring them. For countries that do try to bring them back, “suggestions” aren’t enough for them. They’ve ignored everything else, why would they heed recommendations now?

What about the young people who think or feel that they’re invincible? Those who are huddled together, hands up to mouths and faces anyway yet, have to go home and possibly, take this virus home to their more vulnerable parents and grandparents? Do they care? Are they thinking of that while standing around in groups? What’s your bet?

From my little corner of life to other’s, while you can be ignorant and uncaring about the rest of the population, along with your own health, believing yourself to be above it all, think again. Having dinner guests over or coffee mates to your home doesn’t mean “self-isolation” anymore than saying that you’ve watered your lawns while tossing leftover coffee drops onto blades of grass works. For gawd’s sake, keep Social Distancing rules, wash your hands, donate that stockpile to front line healthcare workers who need them. Be bored and eat like the rest of those who have been stuck in do.

No one is impervious to this virus no matter what you or anyone else may think especially, Conspiracy Theorists. All of you or some of you will pay the price. This is serious stuff. Follow the guidelines no matter what you think or feel about them.

Be well!

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “You Aren’t Invincible

  1. I agree with your words of frustration and concern. Greed is such a foul trait.
    It’s tricky not to let other’s grimness get ya down.
    I read a post the other day aiming to celebrate the good that continue to happen. A good idea.
    Be well

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  2. Right on Lou Ellen!

    We will keep on telling them. I have known washing hands for EVER. Can’t believe it has taken this tragedy to finally sinking in.


    On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 1:24 PM My Little Corner of Life wrote:

    > ponderinglifetoo posted: ” Every time I see it happening, I have to shake > my head in anger and total disbelief. People ignoring the healthcare > admonishments on Covid-19, uncaringly. This is NOT “Social Distancing”. > It’s all over the news and in articles on how to do it. St” >

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