Covid-19 Doesn’t Bend To Ages Or Conspiracy Theories

We’re all tired of having nowhere to go if we’re feeling well. Likewise, we have nowhere to go so that we aren’t tempted to go somewhere and possibly be infected or infect others with this nasty coronavirus that we’ve named Covid-19. However, it only makes sense that we stay away from other people so that we are protected and others are protected.

Arial view of WTC in March of 2001. Conspiracy theorists have theories galore about this event but, it won’t bring back thousands of lives lost nor, will it bring back these towers.

Yes, there are hundreds of both videos and patterns on the net for those who wish to make homemade masks. That should keep us safe, right? Not so fast. Home made masks, created from whatever one can think of, including baby wipes, dried out, sandwiched between sheets of cotton or t-shirt fabric, to those who have more elaborate designs like form fitting, complete with dupes like bendable nose pieces and using filters such as “non-woven” interfacing and so-on, aren’t going to protect you or your loved ones from much. While it’s better than nothing for some, it’s a controversial subject as to what is best. Can a homemade mask help or harm us? Is it truly better than nothing or will it help to stop us from at least touching our faces, mouths, noses and eyes? You be the judge for yourself but, remember that no matter which pattern that you choose to make or can afford to make if you decide that it’s the route you wish to take, keep in mind that even front line workers are opting for N95 masks rather than these homemade jobbers wherever and for as long as they can. They’d even prefer to keep using their well worn and used N95 masks for hours and hours rather than switch. What’s that telling us? Have you asked yourself that question? Are they simply being stubborn or is it every man for themselves?

Little is understood about this virus yet but, we do know that it appears that there’s little to nothing that can be done to help anyone other than supportive measures. There’s no cure, no vaccine or even antiviral med that will help us so, we’re left pretty much to our own devices. We all love control and about the only real control that we have is to stay away from other human beings, keep social distancing, don’t travel, sanitize our own environments like doorknobs, surfaces etc., with whatever we have on hand or can get from pharmacies and local supermarkets/grocery stores as well as washing our hands with good ole soap and water and doing so often.

There are those who have wrought conspiracy theories. They consist of everything from soup to nuts in theories. There are even those stupid enough to believe that the virus really doesn’t exist and this is all one giant conspiracy by governments for whatever reasons one can come up with. Others will think that the virus was lab created by those who have the most money in the world and unleashed to regain their financial control over the world and everyone in it. Growing by the day, is the theory that it was lab made and accidentally unleashed upon the public when it escaped the lab it was created in. In other words, I won’t say that these conspiracy theorists are wrong but, I will say that it’s whatever floats one’s boat to get by a day that people need to believe.

There is one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind with Covid-19. Everyone needs to do their parts, liked, believed or not.

No matter what your beliefs are, going out and not social distancing, not washing your hands properly and thoroughly, ripping down signs and using publicly used play equipments, courts etc., is only going against social aid. Think of it this way. What possible reasons could there be for concerts and events that bring in dollars, being cancelled could there be? Why would governments not be allowing bored children who aren’t in schools, where they are losing millions of dollars daily keep these same kids and their overwrought parents from going into parks or playgrounds on play equipment? To take it a step further, think about grounding planes, bus routes if you have them around you, enlisting curfews in some countries, martial laws in others, non-global travel, monies not being put into the economy, people who collect rents, not getting them even if partially or not at all? Even if your theory is that it’s not real or that it’s brought about by the richest families on the planet today for whatever your beliefs may be, is it worth the chance that conspiracy theorists could be wrong and tempt yourselves or loved ones into a precarious situation possibly?

As brilliant a theory as anyone can come up with as to what this pandemic is or isn’t, no matter how good or correct it seems to be to you, who declared them gods? Why do they feel that omnipotent that they can spew out possibly false info? Are they that wise that they can tell you or I or anyone else what to believe while living modest lives? Why aren’t they living the lives of billionaires if they are so wise? Have you thought about that much? No? Well perhaps, it’s time to do so?

If you’re not doing your part to help this situation, you’re harming it and making it worse! In other words, you may be part of the problem.

I’ve said it and while my words may not be of any meaning other than angering you or in having you calling me a “sheeple”, one may have to ask themselves who the followers really are? Is it me or is it you? If you answered that one with an “it’s you”, you may be right but, ask yourself if you’re not following a belief system brought about by someone else or several others that are taking away other’s rights to believe whatever they wish to believe while you’re out on vacation, angry at having no way to get home or to have to self-isolate if you’ve been one of those who have barked, pleaded and begged long enough to get home.

Be the ostrich who sticks its head in the sand and go about your lives, pissed at having to be isolated, in and not being able to go out to sit on the latest cell phone, texting others while with 10 other people. It’s ok but, don’t expect that everyone else is going to agree with your thinking or why. Again, if you’re not washing your hands, social distancing, and so on, you’re going against other people’s rights. Remember that sooner or later, if you’re wrong or, shall I say these conspiracy theorists are wrong, what are you doing to your family members, including babies, teens and those who have compromised immune systems whether it be because they are more advanced in age or because they have some disease process such as cancer or cancer treatments. There are simply too many to list here.

Yes, I am preaching but, can you or someone else afford to take the chance that I am wrong and someone else is correct?

Keep in mind that everyone has a right to be safe. If you are walking around without social distancing, tearing down playground or other park signs, not hand washing properly, staying in and away from others, you are removing the rights from others by possibly spreading something that you may believe is a hoax or a control method but, you’re also taking away the ability of others who have been following these types of guidelines all along.

Oh and one further thing from my little corner of life to yours right now. There is no age group which is immune to this virus no matter what was originally thought or reported. Young, healthy people are as vulnerable as anyone else to getting this virus. Even if they don’t take it hard or show no symptoms, they are walking time bombs for others in their households even if that’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, roommate or they live at home and are exposing others to their potential infections. No one is immune to this virus. No one!

Be well, stay well and….

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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