Are You A “Covidiot”?

The vast majority of people around this globe are doing what they know to be their parts in being cautious with this deadly coronavirus that scientists have named “Covid-19” however, there are a number of people out there who need much harsher and stricter measures in order to get them to realize that Covid-19 is truly serious business and even deadly. Are you doing your part to help prevent further transmission of the virus or are you what others would term you as, a “Covidiot”?

Are you ignorant or disbelieving that this virus that is going around the globe called Covid-19 and carrying on your normal ways of life?  Why you may be a Covidiot then.
Are you following Covid-19 news and guidelines or are you a Covidiot

If you’re staying inside or indoors except for getting outdoors for exercise and social distancing, washing your hands and doing everything that you can, including going out only a once a week to a grocery store or a pharmacy if you’re not showing any signs and symptoms of this death trap virus, washing your hands frequently with plain old soap and water every chance you get, even if your hands are cracking and drying out, disinfecting doorknobs, grocery carts or buggies at stores and covering even your allergy sneezes or dry throat tickle due to dust with your inner elbow, and now, in most states and even provinces in Canada, wearing a home made mask of some kind in case you do have to sneeze or cough for some reason including swallowing your own saliva down the wrong way and hit your wind pipe, you may be a Covidiot.

Let’s face it, unless you’ve lived in a cave or never listen to anyone else, the news or even read the net, (in which case, you’re way behind the times and certainly not reading this either), you’ve heard of Covid-19. While there’s something to be said about not inundating oneself with an influx of ever changing information through the news or other methods as it wears on our mental health, it’s a good thing to be informed.

Here are some things that we all can do to help ourselves and other people without becoming what others will consider, Germaphobes:

  • Social distance yourself. Keep at least 2M or 6′ between you and someone else. That may even extend up to 7 or so feet or over 2M since human droplets from sputum and the force of a sneeze or cough can propel droplets containing viruses (even cold viruses) some 7 or so feet away from all sides of the person
  • Wash your hands frequently with plain old soap and water for at least 20 seconds (try asking Google or Mac’s Siri) to set a timer for you and see what you can sing (in your own head please, unless you’re a world-class singer as no one wants to hear a rousing rendition of a poorly sung version of the Alphabet song or a Happy Birthday which most of us sing badly at best.)
  • STAY AWAY FROM OTHERS AND STAY IN YOUR OWN HOME OR PROPERTY LIMITS!!! Your backyard or front yard is fine as long as you’re not right next to your neighbours who are next to you and your property or having a front lawn party happening.
  • If you’re out and can’t get near a fawcet or soap and water to wash your hands for 20 seconds, try using hand sanitizer and don’t forget to rub it into the backs of your hands as well as your fingers and between them, letting it sit until it dries by itself. Thanks to those who have hoarded these things along with 400 cases of toilet paper each early on (though no one is sure why they did that) and, even not by using vodka or alcohol (at least, not the type that one would drink as it’s far too weak and ineffective no matter what you saw on the old Western Movies as sterilization) and you can’t get ahold of even disinfectant wipes anymore (as most can’t even if you’re Oprah Winfrey with billions of dollars to spend) try keeping some baby wipes and some soap and bottled water to pour onto a clean piece of baby wipe and rinse. Wash your hands thoroughly when you get home.
  • No matter what, keep your hands away from thy face! Noses, mouths and eyes no matter how badly they itch from your now, allergies, as they are lined with membranes which are famous for allowing viruses in to infect you.
  • While I normally say to follow your area’s criteria about sleep overs, dinner parties or having others over, I will say that it’s common knowledge that having others who live outside of your home around you is a recipe for disaster. While they may show no signs of being ill and you may not either, one or more of you could be carrying the virus anyway. It’s best to social isolate for now anyway no matter what your government says. Remember that what they say one day, may change by the next or even that evening. Governments are notorious for changing their minds like toddlers change their minds about what they want to play with or eat next when they figure out that wrapping paper didn’t taste great nor did it make a fabulous hiding spot.
  • Keep not being around others and shopping at grocery stores to a minimum. If you can, though we all know that some grocery stores have bare shelves from those lovely hoarders who find that having 700 bags of rice or pasta and oh yes, that toilet paper is crowding them into corners in their condos, small homes or even large mansions, try to keep being around others to an absolute minimum of once a week or every 2 weeks if you can at most. While you’re at it, feel sorry for those brave cashiers who have to stand behind counters, serving you and ringing through your items or filling your prescriptions. They have dangerous jobs because of Covidiots.
  • As bored as you may be, stay at home without visitors and for heaven’s sake, don’t rush to the door to greet delivery people if you’re lucky enough to find places that have slots for you to be delivered to in less than 3 weeks. They really and truly don’t want to see you except behind a closed window or door anymore than you should want them to see you in your underwear, unshaven or no makeup, hair tied into a bun or still stuck up from sleeping on it.
  • Use Skype, Facebook or other video conferencing methods to connect face to face with your friends or other family members. Trust me, they’re not going to do anything in person that they can’t do on video chats.
  • There are more things that we can all do, short of cure ourselves of Covid-19 when even medical help can’t do it for us either. For this though, read, read and do some more reading in other areas or here, in days to come. We’re all in it for the long-haul it seems. This is just the “first wave”. There’s another one expected to come. We’re all hoping that we’re better PPE and ICU equipped when it does, if it does, right?

Signs that you may be a “Covidiot”.

Ok, yes, I’m saying that you may be one if you’re blithe, nonchalant, non-believing that this is a real virus, you’ve listened to those Conspiracy Theorists who may make sense but, be incorrect at best because they’re thinking outside of a box, totally ignoring or attempting to explain away what’s inside of the box that they’re thinking doesn’t cover for reasons only known by them. Pssstttt…even they don’t believe what they’re spewing out and are closet cautionists or mentally unwell. No matter what they spew out, they simply want YOU to buy into what they’re preaching and usually, selling at the same time if they’re sane enough that is. Oh yeah, if you’ve lived in that tunnel or cave and haven’t heard of this virus at all, you’re definitely a Covidiot.

Here are signs and symptoms of you being one:

  • You don’t believe that there is a virus and are carrying on with your life as normal, cursing and swearing at what’s closed by your government.
  • Thinking that you’re invincible and impermeable makes you a moron or Covidiot.
  • You’re young and have no underlying health issues so, it can’t happen to you.
  • You’re getting together with others and not social distancing.
  • You’re bored and inviting your kid’s friends over because it occupies their boredom
  • There’s a great recipe that you could make so, since nothing is open for you to go to and no one is having a wedding or gathering, get your friends together for a dinner party.
  • Thinking that Covid-19 doesn’t exist, you go to a walk-in clinic or hospital anyway because it’s life as usual given the limitations the stupid governments have put onto you and risk infection with this virus because no one else will let you in for a toenail that looks red and a bit swollen and, get mad when they lock the doors to you or ask you to put on a face mask.
  • No means of travel are available and you are angry at the idea that you won’t get away on your vacation to countries that are all dealing with emergency issues.
  • You have a case of beer and are bored because there’s no sports on tv and you’ve played all of your video games so, you invite a group of your friends over to hoist a few cold ones.
  • You’re out there, ripping down city by-law signs, going into parks and other areas that have been cordoned off because they don’t want people there and, you don’t believe that Covid-19 exists anyway.
  • Tear up tickets or other fines given to you because you’ve done the above.
  • Think of all news as “fake news” and believe only what you wish to believe because someone took the time to type it out on the net (myself disincluded here and this piece).
  • You’ve heard the news, believe it and sitting there, sewing together dried baby wipes to protect yourself, spraying lemon juice onto those paper towels because you heard others say that it kills the virus.
  • Worse yet, you’re drinking a bottle of bleach or other disinfecting detergent because it’s said to be better than nothing when it comes to disinfecting things.
  • You’re swallowing bottles of Vitamin C until you have diarehia so bad that you can’t leave the bathroom for more time than it takes to swallow your every 20 minute glass of water and take yet another vitamin C tablet or package. All the while, you wonder why your stash of toilet paper is down to only 800 rolls when you bought over 1000.
  • You’ve thought about taking your pillow and blanket into the bathroom to gain that much needed 10 minutes of sleep here and there between cramping.
  • That container of Chloroquinine meant for your fish tank gets downed because some alleged world leader said that he thinks it has great promise in treating Covid-19 and wonder why you’re so ill and possibly dying.
  • You wait on hold for 29 hours while calling your local health help line and faint or die while waiting because you’ve eaten an entire field of mushrooms which were not really edible.
  • You’re pissed because your weed supplier can’t stay open and your deliveries aren’t coming as quickly as you’d like or were used to them doing before it became legal to smoke it.
  • The only mushrooms that you’ll eat are titled “P. Cubensis” or Psyillocybin.
  • This is all just a bad dream and you’re going to wake up from it. What a nightmare it was too.

Those, amongst many others are some of the signs that you’re a Covidiot. Need more? I can supply them for you as will others, including doctors who are sick or dying from working with patients with this virus.

From my little corner of life to yours, don’t be a Covidiot and ignore recommendations. Believe it or not, it’s a virus without a brain. It doesn’t know that you are 20 or 30 years of age. It’s a virus which is only an encapsulated DNA to attach itself and inject it’s coding into cells within human bodies. While it may have started with a bat (yet to be determined), humans carry it from one person to another.

If you don’t care about yourself or don’t believe it, remember that no man is an island and you may be spreading it to other people even if you’re not showing signs of it or are.

On that note,

Be well, stay well, follow guidelines, don’t be a Covidiot and….

Love and Light!

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