What ARE You Doing During A Lockdown or Covid-19 Isolation

We’re bored so, we watch Netflix or stream tv programs, read and of course, if we have small kids, we’re going nuts, right? After all, we’re locked up. Nothing is open to go to and honestly, we can’t even spend money in stores because they are all closed as well. Forget toilet paper or rice as the grocery stores haven’t stocked up on those types of things after some people have unnecessarily hoarded it all but, that’s a story for a different time, right? That being the case, besides trying to wipe your butt on the one remaining t-shirt that you still own and eating your way through your 700th package of chips, what is it that you’re actually doing to fill in this time?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not easy being stuck indoors no matter what our situations. The first days may have been fun as we ate our way through our stockpiles of food in the fridge and pantry, watched our fave tv shows and read books like they were something foreign to us and shoved our alarm clocks off of their stationary places while we slept in much later than we usually would have but, now, while still scared and avoiding the news like it’s Covid-19 itself, we’ve taken to counting our fingers and toes and are almost out of wine, beer and even hard liquor.

This isn’t even to mention that we’ve seen every old movie for the 40th time and our internet has slowed down to watching a blue bar going across the screen because either everyone is on the net, making Skype or Zoom calls, screaming, “GET ME OUT OF HERE” or, it’s going down and there’s no one to fix it from our service providers inside of 3 to 6 weeks.

Our groceries are running low and we’re left eating peanut butter by the spoonful, rationing that out so that we’re down to 3 teaspoons per day, per person and while our calorie counts were way up at the beginning of all of this, they’re now down to a couple of hundred calories per day. For some odd reason though, in spite of less into our mouths, our bowels don’t cease and thus, the lack of toilet paper, is truly taking up all of our days in thinking of what to use instead since we cannot get any and fear going out to the nearest grocery store in fear of getting the virus that has us in this isolation in the first place.

It’s bad enough if we live on our own. There’s no one to talk to and no place to go. Walls don’t make great conversationalists but, when our spouses or others in the family begin to appear like punching bags, we know that we shouldn’t have chosen them in the first place. What does run through our minds though is the thought that anyone else at this point in time would be walking the same path were we to have chosen them. The hardest part of all? We dare to turn on the news to find out that it could be another couple of months before we can think about separating. The basement looks pretty good right about now.

This may be the biggest question of all though. If we’re not reading, home schooling, ready to pop everyone around us in the face, not watching the news, can’t have anyone else over to our homes, can’t go out without great fear of harm, why the heck has everyone’s stats gone down on any sort of writing project, YouTube or whatever else may float their boats? What is everyone doing?

If you’re too old for it and can’t stand your kids right now if you have them, you’re certainly not making new babies. Talk to me. Tell me what you’re doing. I’d love to know.

Be well, stay well and…

Love and Light!

PS: A HUGE thank you to those who are on the front lines, working to help us all, including doctors, nurses, police officers, paramedics, pharmacists, grocery store people and those who would LOVE to be in our shoes right about now. My hat is off to you and we’re all indebted to you all. Thank you for allowing us to stay indoors while you’re out there on the front lines, risking your lives and wellbeing. Thank you all!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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