If You’re Over The Age of 55 You’re Not Important Anymore

Once past the age of 55, you’re done. Casket anyone?

If you’re over the age of 55, you don’t count. Did you know that? I didn’t until I had it pointed out to me that in all reality, being above the age of the “targeted age group” for marketing purposes, anyone above in age, are considered useless to those who wish to make money. The marketers have said so and trust me, many money makers work closely with the marketing companies or even have them on staff to create a marketing ploy to get the big bucks rolling in. Anyone above the age of 55 is disposable, apparently.

Don’t get me wrong. I completely understand why it is that these groups are being marked as the target. They don’t have money to buy homes or anything of the sort but, put together a great advertising scheme and they will buy into it even if it’s the same product, ingredients, music etc.. Those who wish to make money aren’t exactly honest. They’re out to make money. End of story. Being honest, be damned.

If you’re over the age of 55, you can forget it, unless of course, you’re into over-paying for pre-planned funerals, over-priced life insurance or retirement homes and savings. While you may have larger bank accounts, you’re also wiser and won’t necessarily fall for every Tom, Dick and Jane’s hook to bring you into their boats.

Didn’t you know that the Young own the world? What’s the matter with you? Once you’re over a certain age, you’re meant for pasture. Never mind the fact that it’s more than likely that you’ve handed out thousands upon thousands of your hard earned dollars to those within the targeted age groups in order for them to fall for those products which will make money or, that you, yourself are out purchasing this stuff (which often is both unnecessary and doesn’t work as advertised) for this younger demographic, you are considered worthless. You’ve discovered that you need a car to get you from point A to point B and not a living or technology stacked room on wheels. It doesn’t matter to you that your car can operate your cell phone or charge it nor, does it make any difference to you that if you have large enough feet, you can wave your foot under a back bumper and have the tailgate open. You only care that it has the ability to play some form of music and get you back and forth to work or wherever it is that you want to get to. Apparently, the younger crowd considers you “useless, non-knowledgeable and technology challenged”. Does it really matter that you bought little Johnny a fully loaded anything and they didn’t pay more than $100.00 because they couldn’t afford it?

Take Pond’s Cold Cream. Now that stuff has been around since my mother and grandmother used it and longer. It took off make up, cleansed your face and if you put a layer of it back on again, moisturized your face too. Enter the geniuses who decided that there needed to be yet another Pond’s product that was separately used for moisture yet, contained nearly the same idea in ingredients. Twice the bang for the buck, right?

The young are meaningful.  If you're over 55 years of age, you're done and why.

Today’s younger crowds tend to want the more expensive of products and 20 of them to boot. They believe that paying more for something means that it’s better. Why? Because the “gurus” have told them that it all was.
Instead of one or two products, there are now far more needed. Moisturizers, primers, concealers, foundations, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, lipstick and their colour matched liners, lip gloss (because the longer wearing or matte formulations dry out lips terribly and the companies producing it as well as the wearers know it), setting powders, dusting powders and then, to make one look more “natural”, don’t forget to get a spray which makes it all look more like “skin” but, that’s after you’ve curled your natural lashes, put on expensive mascara, eyeliner, winged it out then put on fake eyelashes and generally, tidied up your face with over priced brushes that everyone and their brother is coming out with nowadays from any “fall out” from your eyeshadow that you’ve carefully put on with special brushes in windshield wiper and patting on motions. Think it’s all over? Not by a long shot. There’s your hair, products galore, special brushes, combs, accessories, dryers, curlers and even heat protectant sprays to protect hair before killing it and trying not to do that. What is of note here is that all of this is considered as overkill. The manufacturers know it as does those who are in the non-targeted consumer groups.

Have you ever noticed that if they don’t know what age you are, you’ll see the advertisements for all sorts of things? However, once you’ve identified yourself as above the targeted age groups, about the only things that you’re allegedly interested in is in buying a casket, funeral, burial plot or some sort of insurance so that it doesn’t cost anyone much? What’s that telling you? How fast can you die so that the young can inherit the earth and give more money to makers without any interference and logical thinking from you?

Please don’t misunderstand. Even I have fallen for buying gimmicky marketing plans or ploys and bought some types of things only to figure out that not only did they do nothing different than our regular brands or models but, were actually worse in performance. One read of the backs of bottles or jars of products will tell you that nothing is really different than something else no matter how much air time or advertising space they’ve bought and paid for or how catchy they were with their schemes. Even shampoos and conditioners contained the first few ingredients exactly the same as the next. About the only differences besides the shape of the bottles and colours were the order or amounts of water and other chemicals that they put into their formulations and, of course, whether there were a few drops of argan, coconut, vitamin E or other things that they’d tossed into the mixture simply to make claims that there was a difference. Don’t believe me? Try walking down the aisle of your favourite hair care store and compare ingredient labels. If you’re discerning enough, you’ll discover that the less expensive brands are no worse or better than the big name, expensive labels. If you’re really into going at it, try the same brand name products and compare their formulations between “volume” or “sleek”. You’ll find that there’s only a difference between the order and therefore, amounts of certain detergents or oils added to them. Other than that, there really isn’t a difference other than packaging.

Check labels and you’ll find virtually the same ingredients, just re-ordered or with added oils

Speaking of which, I had lamented over the false view that somehow veterinary foods (meaning sold in veterinarian’s front offices) were really better than the less expensive foods, give or take a few ingredients which may be considered harmful to your pets. The peas that you see in “stews” or the look of cat food on a regular teaspoon are designed to appeal to humans, not cats. When was the last time that you chowed down on a mouse or bird? Why then, would a cat or dog step up and ask for a plateful of salad or lemon pie? When my cat was ill with pancreatitis, diabetic and had inflamatory bowel disease, I couldn’t decide which food was better. She sure as heck wasn’t going to eat much, if any, vet recommended prescription food. Pulling my hair out by the roots, I turned a can of the vet recommended, “prescription foods” only to find that corn was one of the chief ingredients and pea protein. Why? Because corn and peas or plant based proteins along with “meat by-products” were cheaper to make than meat based products. It took 2 specialists to tell me to not fall for the marketing behind this as there was nothing “prescription” about peas or corn. Sadly, though I never did change her over and she passed away, I know now that vets make money as do the producers of these formulations because they have a monopoly on the product and they want one over the public through vet sales of it. That’s a nice little scheme that they have going on for a Hills or Purina taught nutrition class for 15 to 30 minutes in vet schools, right? Again, prescription pet foods do have their place but, it should be for a limited time with a slow changeover to a new diet bought less expensively elsewhere. When was the last time that anyone truly saw an advertisement for vet office prescription foods for pets? Can’t remember many? You likely won’t because vets ARE their advertisers and pushers. They both benefit from it all whether they’ve bought into the ploy or not.

Yes, I’ll have a salad, hold the dressing on the side please….I’m watching my weight…darned mice are fattening!

All of this having been said, I now realize that once one has reached the age of over 55 years of age, you don’t count. Even anti-wrinkle serums are targeted towards the 30 to 40 somethings. They’re not meant for those of us who are battling with it most. The reason: they don’t erase wrinkles and we know it. Only a surgical procedure can do that and we’re wise enough to not spend more precious money on junk which has been fabulously advertised nor, are people of that age group likely to go out and buy the latest electronics and other crap that younger people, glued to parent or grandparent wallets will buy.

From my little corner of life to yours, if you don’t believe in the product, no matter what it is, don’t throw your hard earned money at it even if you’re giving it to younger people, within the targeted marketing group to pay for marketing and advertisers to push them to produce even more products to be bought. You’re done. You’re old news and not worthy of their efforts. I hate being told that but, I’m saying it for a reason. Again, if you don’t believe me, pay attention and you’ll figure it out for yourselves.

Best of wishes,

Stay well…Love and Light!

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