Changes Coming: Too Few People Reading This Blog Now To Continue

With some only 427 followers, parents/grandparents not willing to speak up and 8+ years of writing this blog behind me now, I’ve been pulled back from the precipice of ending this blog for quite sometime now by others.

That given, it’s extremely hard to continue writing for few views. As a matter of fact, it’s actually quite painful to see the stats each week.

That given, I am about to make a major change in what I’m doing, why and how. Estrangement issues will be changed in nature and timing and other ideas will be implemented instead.

Stay tuned.


Pondering Life Too

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

5 thoughts on “Changes Coming: Too Few People Reading This Blog Now To Continue

  1. Hello there,

    I just found this blog and I like to support blogs that are humble, positive, speak truths and are not so attuned to mainstream narrative.
    I am glad to have found this site, I will regularly keep on checking the blogs here. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your lovely work in building this blog and sharing your thoughts.
    Sending you support, love, happiness and blessings.


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  2. Sorry to hear that LouEllen,

    If there are 427 views, that is really a lot of people. You need to be congratulated for your efforts on all counts. Many of us read it and don’t reply. Hopefully you have been self rewarded by all that you do and the fact you have helped so many people over this time.
    I am appreciative and would have gone crazy thinking I was all alone in this madness. And it is madness. It is truly a ME generation and it went to their heads. Life has changed before our eyes and we only have to look at the sad state of affairs in our care homes to see that we really don’t matter anymore. It will likely get worse.

    We do have each other though and I am grateful and thankful for everyone that understands especially you LouEllen

    Please keep up with whatever format you can and I will be looking for you.

    Many good wishes,


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    1. Thank you, Cara. The real problem lays with the idea that I have been told over and over again by those who are writing to me via comments or emails or even phone calls (I’ve had many of them to make and take by the way) that they are “afraid”. I’m wondering of what? Afraid of what? Having less than nothing? Of having their adults estrange MORE from them?

      I’m at a loss as to WHY parents want “closed groups” so that their estranged adults don’t see them talking about the situation or them not liking or commenting (as you have done) on my blood, sweat and tears. Keeping quiet on this topic doesn’t do squat. I’ve been in far too many groups now where it’s private of course and left them because there’s only been a lot of telling their stories then, they don’t participate or put other parents down for no foreseeable reason. I don’t get it but, I DO know that I cannot make a difference on my own.

      While others are sitting back, quietly or participating in closed groups or afraid or in spite of being able to write and send emails or sign up for Facebook and post, not many will respond to much. I think I am wasting my time, energy and effort (in spite of what people may think, I making NOTHING off of this blog and $10 per month on YouTube WHEN there is $100 built up, they will send it to me…that’s WHEN. I don’t even own a camera and have to borrow one to get up videos.)

      Unless parents are willing to speak up and out about this topic (IN PUBLIC), there’s going to be NO change in this situation for anyone. Peddlars who want to write books, sell people on sessions or coax those into estranging that they can get to these groups of adults as they do because they hit the marketing age group of 18 to 49 years of age. In other words, they’ve found a way to market their wares and an audience. They are out to make money or, they have estranged from their own parents so, they figure that everyone else should too???? However, fact remains that UNLESS people are to speak out and up about this topic…the adults who have estranged WIN as do the peddlars who are out to the bank, laughing all the way.

      427 may seem like a lot of people. I have 1555 people subbing to my YouTube channel and 109 people who “like” my Facebook page (NOT closed) but, while I’ve tried to vary content in each so that no one reads or listens to the same things over and over again, there’s a LOT of duplication of parents. How much do you see of people who speak out and up? Not many will even like something I’ve done. Why? Why put anything more into all of this if I am the only one doing it? I make NO difference in this topic. And, for every parent who does find my work (that’s all that it is for me as I don’t make a cent off of it all), there are 10 or more out there who are facing the same situation who don’t know about the fact that there ARE far more parents like us out in this world. I just cannot make a difference alone in this topic. I know that now.

      XO XO XO


  3. Thank you so much for your insight & pondering!  Your thoughts mirror a lot of us, please don’t change too much I look forward to seeing these in my inbox! Stay well! 

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    1. I would LOVE to continue on with this topic as I feel that the more parents who call their adults on these actions, the better that we’ll all be. The problem is that a lot of parents are 1) “afraid” to let it be known that they are speaking up and out or even following someone who goes against non-abuse incited estrangement 2) are “technology challenged”…but, can sign up for email and such??? I’m at a loss as to why they feel this as one cannot get more than nothing, right?

      The reality is though that as much time, energy and effort as I put into this, keeping behind “closed doors” or “groups” while these twerps are speaking out openly and blaming their parents for having to sneeze LOL mean that it’s all for naught. We cannot make any difference by remaining silent. It’s NOT bringing our adults who have estranged in hordes, is it? What are parents afraid of happening?

      And, one last thing…a single person cannot make a difference on their own (meaning me). I’d love to talk more and more about the topic but, I don’t have anything more up my sleeve that will bring them back. That’s up to them, unfortunately. However, speaking up and out about it all IN PUBLIC may have some effect on this situation or for those who are considering doing it.

      HUGE HUGS and thanks for speaking out in some way.
      XO XO XO

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