Are PCR-Based Tests Accurate For Covid-19

My brain has so many questions. Help, please comment.

I’m not an epidemiologist, doctor or otherwise and I do take Covid-19 seriously, practising everything that I’ve been told to do or not do. I am not a conspiracy theorist nor, Bill Gates who to the best of my knowledge anyway, doesn’t have an M.D. but, correct me if I am wrong, please. However, there are still so many questions swirling around this brain of mine concerning this virus that I can scarcely get answers to one question before another one pops up and into this rather thick skull of mine. This is where I’d like your comments and opinions as to the answers to these questions. Would you please indulge both me and other readers who may want to know as well?

Are PCR-based tests (you know, the nasal swab that seems to go deep) really detecting the virus?

Louisiana National Guard Soldiers and Airmen collect nasal swabs from patients during a drive-through, community-based COVID-19 testing site located in New Orleans, La., March 20, 2020. More than 28,000 National Guard members have been mobilized throughout the country as part of COVID-19 response efforts, with additional Soldiers and AIrmen expected to come on duty in the coming weeks. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Master Sgt. Dan Farrell)

It seems that so many people world-wide have tested positive for this tiny 0.1 micron virus that it’s hard to imagine that so many people would or could be infected with this virus.

What’s equally problematic is that some people are considered “asymptomatic”, others take it “mildly” (if you consider chipping your teeth, shivering with fever as mild that is) and though a smaller percentage of people who get it either get pneumonia, are intubated or actually die from it.

Does that mean that this many people have it no matter what their symptoms? How accurate are both the numbers and the tests that are rather uncomfortably administered to test for it? Obviously, the numbers that we see everyday in the news are “retroactive” and not exactly recorded or tallied in the same way as some other portion of the country or province or whatever it may be. What does that mean or say about these numbers and tests?

Can anyone explain this to us all?

Please…NO conspiracy theories unless they are backed by proof that doesn’t come from another “Conspirologist” or your own mind or The Bible and passages from it on pestulance, the plague, and fires from Hades. We all want scientific explanation, not fantasy or imagined scenarios that came from your head or someone else’s mind, not the least of which includes passages from The Bible. It makes for great fodder or material for Sci-Fi novels but, has no place in reality. Thank you.

If someone like say, oh…”Chris Cuomo” (example only from CNN as an anchor) has been re-tested, tested as negative, deemed as ok to go back to work now and has been out of this scenario for almost 14 days or better, why is he only getting the IgM antibodies which are the INITIAL antibodies and not the IgG antibodies on tests? Are these tests flawed or what the heck did he (and many others) have in their bodies to fight off this deadly killer virus?

I know that I have a lot more to learn about this and research as those who are more in the know do but, does anyone else have any idea as to what the heck Cuomo used within his body (unknowingly as he held on for dear life and tried to overcome this demon) to get to this point of being tested as negative and is only now, some nearly 2 weeks later, developing the pre-amble to antibodies in the IgM category?

Wouldn’t it make sense that if someone were to fight off what he and many others have fought off, it would include having some sort of antibodies left behind in the virus’s wake and assault on his body and that of many others? Again, I want you to comment below on this matter, please. We’d all love to know if you do.

If we’re all wearing masks to protect others, what about those who don’t bother to wear them to protect us too?

Sadly, we’ve all seen those brilliant young people out on Spring Break, not wearing masks, social distancing or anything else while saying, “if I get Coronavirus, I get it” or, “this virus is ruining my vacation”. Beaches overcrowded, bars, hotels, nightclubs etc., all filled to the brim with these geniuses not taking into account that they’re somehow going to return to see loved ones who can’t fight it off and die. I wonder how they might have felt if they killed off Grandma or Grandpa or Mom and Dad? Did it make a difference to them?

Spring Break 2020 without social distancing and not caring what happens beyond or to anyone else.

What about those who have booked vacations and cruises AFTER the virus hit hard and was felling entire populations of the world then cried on camera for heaven’s sake that no country wanted them to dock on cruise ships once the virus had broken out on the ship as we all know would have happened since they’re nothing but floating Petrie Dishes anyway even for lesser viral infections, let alone this Coronavirus infection. Should we feel sorry for them after they’ve had their fill of food, sun and basking in their vacationlands?

While not wanting to belabour the point, what about those who totally ignored government’s calls to get a trip home or to be re-patriated because commercial flights would stop and other countries began closing down borders? Now they’re stuck where they are and are screaming blue murder because they can’t get back or Covid-19 has broken out where they are staying and they suddenly, now, devote every day to calling their country’s consulates, wanting their governments to make special arrangements to bring them home again because of an outbreak which is happening all over the world and people are making great sacrifices with their lives and financially to keep others safe.

Not that N. Americans ever really did wear facial coverings or masks as either a practice or fashion statement but, if masks will protect others from YOU, what about those who are both ignoring social distancing rules, politicians who are bending to public pressures to re-open countries that are bursting at the seams of their hospitals and doctor’s offices with cases of the virus? What about those on the front lines who are working with people with the devil virus and doing so without PPE?

Please tell us all how facial coverings or masks are being worn to protect other but, them not wearing one at all, is not protecting YOU? Besides the obvious of there being none available to them, when paper towel, napkin material, old t-shirts and even bandanas, scarves and elastic bands can be used, tell me how impoverished someone is that they cannot fashion one from any of these things, including “shop cloths”?

Are they making the statement that no one else matters except them or, are they saying that this pandemic is imagined? It’s saying something but, I’m darned if I can figure out what it is that it’s saying other than, “protect me and MY rights”! Does that remind you of anything that I’ve previously written in here?

If all of those who are staying at home are self-isolating and doing our parts in hand-washing and going a little nuts while doing it, thinking of others and ourselves as we do so, is it too much to ask that the creep standing behind us at a grocery store whose buggy is rammed full of hoarded stuff (if they can find it that is) and standing with their un-masked breath down our necks, ramming their carts into our heels or butts, take a few giant steps back?

In spite of having to wait to get into a store, stand behind by 2 meters or 6 feet, even if marked on the floors, there are always going to be those few who will ignore the “rules” and climb up the person ahead of them backsides. It’s as though it isn’t enough to be able to smell what they’ve eaten for breakfast, lunch or even last night’s garlic riddled dinner on their breath but, your butt is bruised from having their buggy/cart rammed up your rear end for the 90th time in 15 minutes. Is it not bad enough to have to risk having to get this condition to get what little exists on store shelves for good reason but, where are our “rights”? If someone is going to be that ignorant, unthinking and self-caring, why should we be polite to them as they stare down at their cell phones to see what social media notifications or text messages that they have gotten in the past 3 minutes? I mean, are they really that important a person?

If that’s not bad enough and you have the equivalent of gonads or a spine and turn around to let them know that this is totally unacceptable and dangerous to them or anyone else around them, you will often find 40 of the things that you couldn’t find on those bare shelves. Is there any wonder left in you now? Yes, I’ve been known to turn around on the 3rd time and cough and fake sneeze in their faces. That usually has them either swearing or backing up.

That all said and off of my chest, I’d like to know why people don’t wear even homemade masks out to protect me?

Why is it that grocery stores and pharmacies remain open but, advocate that people order online and they will deliver the grocery order without contact while having no availability of drivers and delivers for 3 weeks or more and it all ends there? Am I supposed to check back in 3 weeks to find more unavailabilities and people are at protests over being told to stay home?

This is another thing that I don’t get or understand.

People would rather stand close together or without masks and protest over a lack of work and wanting to go back to normal. Are they those who don’t believe that this pandemic is being faked or they come up with some conspiracy theory but, they’re all too good to take on paying jobs to deliver “contact-less” grocery deliveries or pack them so that they can be delivered? Someone please answer that one for those of us who have the same question, please.

There’s a plethora of protests which have erupted throughout N. America over the ability to go back to their jobs but, they won’t lift a finger to get a job delivering groceries or other medical needs such as prescriptions to those who wish to stay indoors or can’t go out. Are they too good, get more on the yet to be implemented social financial grants?

I get it that it’s not as simple as that. Kids aren’t being taken care of by schools so, working is not a factor for them.

Let’s reopen schools for 2 months or less so that these people can go back to whatever rock they crawled out from under. Put teachers, kids and themselves in danger of getting ill so that their daycare issues are taken care of. We won’t be concerned about the idea that while their kids may end up with a couple of days of tummy aches or sore spots on their toes or use up their stockpiled toilet paper or that these little gems could bring it all home to Mommy and Daddy or Grandma and Grandpa. We’ll only hear their yelling and cursing when they have to stay home to care for these people or can’t have a funeral for them or even have those people accompanied into the hospital. Never mind the idea that they, themselves may become ill and have body aches and pains. We won’t even touch that one because it doesn’t need to be looked at. They’re busy protesting to get to this point, right?

What are people doing if they’re not looking at Youtube videos or reading blogs but, complaining that they’re bored?

It’s completely understandable that people are getting depressed, are anxious, mental health issues are rearing their ugly heads for the first or the 900th time. I do understand it as I’m about as depressed and anxious over this situation as the next person and I don’t have some of the addictions or mental health issues that some people are enduring.

Equally, it’s comprehendible that people are watching Netflix, trying to get out for walks or exercise and some were already incapacitated before this all began. Many can also empathize with eating more than usual, taking up some musical instrument or some hobby or doing them more often. It does make sense. However, for those who are less than motivated, what are they doing to entertain themselves during this pandemic? It certainly isn’t on the net. Is everyone browsing online to do shopping with no money and no way to return things because not many places will take back items because of this pandemic and the item being in your home or perhaps, sneezed or coughed upon? What happens when there is no money with which to purchase this stuff anyway?

Or, are you all too busy trying to get your hands on a jug of bleach or Lysol to inject? I say that with a sarcastic smile upon my face because that was BAD to have even uttered out of a world leader’s mouth let alone, try to recant it the next day. People have poisoned themselves because of his sarcastic comments which weren’t exactly simply jokes. Ask anyone who was stupid enough to try his “cures”, including drinking aquarium meant, chloroquine which he now recognizes was a stupid statement to have made but, takes no accountability for it. Politicians in an election year, huh?

From my little corner of life to yours, I am hoping that anyone reading this is well and will stay well. It’s also my hope that this curve flattens or “planks” as I’ve heard one person say term it and it all just disappears as one politician has said would happen. Ok, so I’m not hanging by my fingernails, waiting for it to happen on that person’s say-so or my hope/wish.

Be well everyone. Comment below to try to answer at least one of my many questions and have your say too!

Best of wishes.

Love and light!

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