Hoarding & Other Covid-19 Related Things To Think About

Let me say this perfectly clearly: DON’T HOARD MASKS OR GLOVES for sale or personal use. Covid-19, despite what others are saying KILL. Don’t be selfish! You are not going to get away with price gouging nor, are you going to feel good about wearing a precious N95 or even surgical mask while out if healthcare workers are dying, are you? What makes YOU so special while others are out there, risking their lives?

That said, I am going to say this as well like The Cowardly Lion said in “The Wizard of Oz” original movie…”I do believe, I do believe, I do believe”…..

Try going out, dressed like this and see what ensues. I hope you have a decontamination set up on your front lawn for this

What do I believe in?

I believe that Covid-19 not only exists but, that it spreads faster, further and can not only make people of all ages sick or sicker than the usual flu that one gets but, that no age is safe from getting it from those who are asymptomatic to those who get it and die. Even 20-something year olds and kids can get it and can be left with the possibility of strokes increased even if they don’t exhibit any symptoms. If one weren’t to care about self, think of your mom, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles and Grandma or Grandpa or those of someone else. In not caring about yourself, you lay these people wide open to it. Why risk it when you could be killing off any of these people? Is it worth it?

Whether you do or don’t believe in this coronavirus, the point is that you or anyone else who doesn’t follow rules are risking not only the chance that you could get it or some complication from it but, possibly the lives of others if you’re not careful or don’t believe in it as I do.

Do I believe the media 100%?

Actually, the answer to that is a resounding “no” but, the question remains as to why I don’t. Are they inaccurate or setting out to falsely divert our attention from it? Perhaps.

I gave that the benefit of the doubt because while I have my suspicions, I honestly don’t know for sure how much is attributed to what, where and when.

We see the numbers everyday, are they lying to us?

It’s debatable how much is not truth and how much is reality but, I believe that we’re only hearing a fraction of what it is that is really going on for quite a number of reasons.

  • Countries take their measurements and record them in differing ways to others which means that a world set of numbers may not be accurate and the news is reporting what it is being told for the most part
  • The numbers that we’re seeing, given the amount of time it takes to give a positive or negative and report it, are NOT “real time”. In other words, what we see on any given day in these numbers are not for the day before or that day. They are usually numbers that are given and taken from days to a week or more behind when the tests were actually taken
  • No 2 countries have the same population as the next and the same possibility exists even within the same country between states, provinces, counties, territories etc.. That sort of skews the entire set of numbers
  • A lot of these countries may be small in geographical size but, have double the number of population than a larger spaced country, making it not a fair comparison by any means of the word to the numbers given out
  • Unless one was to spend countless hours, watching news stations, scouring the net etc., where even those numbers may not be accurate, one cannot say that say a state such as Illinois where there are more centralized populations alongside a larger swatch of lesser dense farmland surrounding it where spread of the virus is less likely, is representative of the true numbers in order to compare it to a state which holds a mass populated area such as NY. The same holds true for numbers coming out of Ontario while compared to Quebec where the population of Ontario is more than double the size of Quebec and yet Quebec seems harder hit than Ontario does even without knowledge of the population factor
  • Death numbers from the virus are NOT separated except in the hands of statisticians where a certain percentage of the losses may have come from institutionalized peoples such as cruise ships, prisons, nursing homes and such. How can one choose what is what from that total number of deaths? When a 90 to a 111 year old die, it was likely that they were going to pass on at some point anyway in order to be in a facility such as a long termed care home. That doesn’t make those people any less valuable to the world but, it does make it the rule of thumb that those confined to a nursing home, did in fact have issues or were going there to be taken care of and die eventually. That’s not being flippant or disregarding anyone’s life by any means nor, glorifying the younger generations by any means because as I will get to those who are beneath that age, the fact remains that places that are closed in such as nursing homes where there are frequent contacts, health related as well as ages, do make LTC facilities as well as cruise ships more likely to breed and incubate the virus, spreading it like wildfires
  • Bad news sells and this much, both news and its advertisers know. When was the last time that you spent an hour, watching people pull a cat from a tree or sewer grate successfully? That doesn’t sell air time but, Johnny shooting and possibly killing Joe or Abdul does keep interest going, right? How often do you hear about fender benders on the news and stay to watch more? Yet, let a completely fatal or near fatal accident happen and the news people are on that story like flies to shit. Don’t hang your head. You know that you are too even if you say something like, “oh no” then turn the channel to something like “911” or “The Walking Dead”.
  • There’s a lot of misinformation on the net. It only takes one person to start a rumour and several thousand to millions of people will follow that piece of info no matter who relevant it is or isn’t. It’s what fits and what people want to believe or know. Come on, confess to it. You’ve either followed some product, diet or lifestyle because someone else has told you to do so even marketers who are the worst and you have admired that thought or it makes sense to you. Equally, you’ve been to some website or the Mayo Clinic to find symptoms for everything so watered down and non-specific that you could have 99 out of 110 diseases, easily until a doctor tells you to go home and live your life or to stop reading crap on the net. Not all sites are created equally. Are they laughing at you as they’re heading to the bank or they temporarily think that they are right?

This was simply a partial list. There are plenty of more that could be handed out but, for brevity’s sake it’s not wise to go into the entirety of it which is as long a list as your entire body.

What about Fabric Face Masks?

What about them? No, they are NOT like N95 masks which professional doctors, nurses and healthcare workers wear. They do NOT protect you but, they protect others from you and your germs, sneezes or coughs. However, this brings me to an entire different set of questions that I’ve asked myself, others and tried to find answers for on the net.

Why is it that we’re being told to wear these freakin’ things when they’re not only not effective in protecting me from the Covid-19 virus but, why should I protect my neighbours when I hate them? Isn’t this all about keeping the precious masks for healthcare providers instead of us?

Yes, of course it’s to have people who have hoarded these things, hoping to make a fortune from price-gouging out of selling these things to the public or professionals if it’s possible which (REPORT THEM IF YOU SEE IT happening…don’t protect these creeps) don’t do anyone any good as what good does a sick or dead healthcare provider do for any of us if they catch this virus do any of us? While you and a thousand other people may have these N95’s or other masks at our disposal, the point is that you’re taking away from those who have to face this potentially deadly virus day in and day out. Do you care to walk into a hospital with one on and those who are there to save your life are without them? Unless you are going to perform an intubation or extubation at home, you do not need one of these masks. I’d also have to ask how it is that you got a ventilator at home anyway and where you got your medical training to use one.

No, denim, coffee filters, tea bags, vacuum cleaner bags, holes stitched into cut up bed sheets won’t protect you from Covid-19 but, it may slow down the transmission of it. Even that point is debatable since so many in Asian Countries already wore masks while out in public anyway even if only for a fashion statement. Why did they take it so badly in spite of the masks which were surgical masks so, what good do they really do? I’d love the answer to that question but, since I don’t have it yet, go ahead and cut up a non favourite bed sheet or top or use your husband’s shop towels. Anything is better than nothing but, it’s a shame that we’ve been caught so short of these masks when the world could have been manufacturing them all along. We do have the technology to do so but, yes, wearing our husband’s t-shirts around our faces or sewing our fingers to the sewing machine do at the least, slow down transmission of the virus in higher volumed settings such as the grocery store or other places where people frequent.

Even the younger folk who believe this all to be fake or not real and who partied like there was or is no tomorrow, don’t get the virus, can they live with the possibility that they gave it to their parents or grandparents and perhaps, killed them off because of it. Guilt comes with it’s own suffering.

Don’t believe me…either they’re narcissists, don’t care about anyone other than themselves or they have to carry around the idea that they were the cause of killing off someone. Watch that. Again, there are price tags attached to every choice that is made.

Can younger people with no under-laying health issues get or even die of Covid-19?

Actually, the answer to that is a resounding YES.

In spite of the proclamation earlier on that younger people can’t get the virus or only take it lightly, there are both the real possibility of them getting this virus but, have and do get it and even die from and with it.

While the possibilities may be less than the generations that were before them, the reality is that it’s being said now that there’s a link between Covid-19 and the young who now have more of a chance of getting a stroke later on or even immediately. The very young are said to have a few days of vomiting, fever, diarrhea and yes, possibly even frostbite like purple lesions on their toes. No one is immune to this virus.

What about those who haven’t been tested for Covid-19?

Right now, there’s a complete shortage of tests available to the public. That’s a crime in and of itself but, the reality is that many people are likely sick with this new coronavirus and don’t know it or haven’t been tested because only the sickest of the sick (unless you’re wealthy and famous that is) actually get tested. That may change but, it also skews the real numbers. The numbers are likely far higher than what is portrayed or reported on the news every time we turn a channel, read a headline or even listen to the radio. However, does it really do any good to know that you or your loved ones have it or don’t have it if there’s no way to treat it as of yet?

No, don’t listen to Trump who was talking about injecting light and disinfectants into themselves then, turned the entire thing around to being “sarcastic” and taking “no responsibility” for having said it. Drinking a gallon or even half of a bottle of Clorox, Windex or Lysol (if you can get any that is, thanks to the hoarders) won’t net you anything but a quick death and personless funeral or a trip to a poison control specialist in a hospital already ripe with Covid-19. Besides being poisoned, you may also find yourself if you live that is, having to battle the coronavirus too 3 to 14 days afterwards. I do suppose that it’s one way to avoid Covid-19 though. Die from poisoning yourself with disinfectants injected or drunken. Will you please share with us where you got those things before you die? The rest of us can’t seem to find them and want them to scrub down doorknobs with or wash our fabric masks or toilets.

From my little corner of life to yours, I think what’s had me laughing the most are the line-ups that start around the store of people with buggies filled to the brim with unused toilet paper that they want to return and not many stores will take them back even though un-opened packages abound and them being forced to carry them back to their vehicles. Now, that’s justice. You hoarded…you’ve got toilet paper until the next century. I hope someone sitting with 700 bottles of hand sanitizer, Aloe Vera Gel and rubbing alcohol as well as masks and gloves find themselves in the same position. It would be hellishly foolish to see these things go past their best before dates and expire, wouldn’t it?

Be well, stay well,

Love and Light!

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