Isolate Yourselves Now Or Later But Stick To The Rules

A mask and a prayer?

Some people understand this pandemic and why the world has laid down regulations to keep us as safe as they can, needed or not needed and yet, people are disobeying this, not following the guidelines or simply don’t care what happens to them because they are young or they want money. It’s unclear what the case is but, reality is showing that while the majority of people are following guidelines, there are some who feel that their own rules are ok or that they should be able to live their lives as they want them to be. Everyone else can put their lives on the line for them but, in the meanwhile, they’re going to either ignore or bend the rules to suit them and their needs or wants.

It’s understandable that people are going stir crazy being unable to do their normal things, including having social gatherings or go out to stores as usual. Let’s face it though. The Powers That Be don’t understand this virus as it’s new and the rules are in place to keep everyone safe, not the least of which includes those who are on the front lines and losing their lives, trying to save those who have disobeyed or done things “their way”.

How many of us have heard of stories of people coughing and pretend sneezing on someone as a weapon, including cashiers? Let’s take others who have decided that if they wear a mask, they can do whatever they want? What about those who have people over to their homes because their guests are family or friends or because the virus isn’t as prevalent in their area? If people were to have a nickel for everyone who does that type of thing, one wouldn’t need to worry about rent or mortgages as much.

It was recently heard that a Tuber had been feeling poorly with muscle aches, fatigue, a cough and yes, even a fever. This one went for a Covid-19 test because she was scared. Not only did she put others at risk or in not having tests for others (if she really did that is) but, she took away the human right of others who took that test (again, if she truly did have one done) but, she clearly stated during a “live” stream that the results could be 3 to more than 6 days in coming back. Miraculously, not only did her results come back within those 3 days and in time for her next video but, it was negative, announced during the next video she did and she was out doing a make up haul. Symptoms of something else be damned. Better than that, it seemed that once she got back the test results, the other symptoms totally disappeared miraculously. There was instantly no more fever, aches or flu-like symptoms, cough or whatever especially, after a “haul video” that she did on the makeup that she went on to the dollar store. It wasn’t a necessity haul either. At the least, many wouldn’t call Pledge for wood and makeup as necessities, would one? Take thyself out and about. That will cure everything within you for now.

In the meanwhile, this person had been out with her mother (an elderly or senior person), her son up close and personal along with her sister. How was that all considered “social distancing”? We won’t even get into the makeup haul and make up video that she made from the haul. After all, she did “wear a mask and gloves and social distance” when she bounced out to that dollar store to do a video with the haul. Who could ask for more?

A lot of businesses have closed for good where this is being written from. Others have had to claim a bankruptcy, people don’t know where their food is coming from and are relying upon food banks for it while others are taking social grants because they cannot work under a pandemic. There are so many stories out there that they can’t all be put into this piece. However, let’s say that many people are and have been facing great difficulties while this woman is out there buying up makeup to do a video? Okay, I guess that I’m going to go out too then as people who called her out on this idea were slammed by others who wanted makeup and haul videos to watch. Guess this woman hopes for a sponsorship, which she isn’t likely to get anyway no matter what is going on with her. Everyone else’s lives be darned. She doesn’t seem to follow rules well and, she’s not that stupid.

It’s reckless and stupidity or lack of care for anyone other than themselves that keeps people going against what should or shouldn’t be followed during this pandemic. Common sense during the rest of the time doesn’t seem to be being followed either.

As we were coming home from a drive in the car, not seeing anyone else at all other than through the glass of the car, we were stopped by a group of teens who had gathered at a corner to talk. One could tell that they all didn’t live in the same household, weren’t social distanced, and upon a honk of the horn from us, didn’t care at all that they were blocking not only the road but, possibly putting their elderly parents or grandparents in danger by their lack of care. Open a beach and watch people descend upon it like a herd of animals, starved for food and heading for it with total abandon to rules set out and put up for all to see.

Yes, of course, the economy needs to open up again slowly. Everyone needs to get back to some semblance of normality however, what are people going to do if the hospitals become overcrowded, there aren’t enough tests to go around, doctors and nurses who are working their fingers to the bone with extra long shifts and people were to have to be off of work, self-isolating again? What then? Whose rights would be in trouble? Why not follow the rules now and let those who have more knowledge take charge even if it doesn’t make sense to us at times? So what?

From my little corner of life to yours, you can follow the rules now or you can suffer the consequences of your actions later. Sadly, you’re likely taking away other people’s rights towards being better because you couldn’t bother being bored at home.

While the majority of people have followed these guidelines, others not only haven’t been doing it or won’t continue but, they’ll argue about it all and defend their choices at the same time.

Come on, people. We’ve come this far. Why ruin it because you are bored? Stay at your home, let others stay at theirs. Only go out for essentials and save lives, including your own. This woman may have made a haul and another makeup video (there are several dozens on her channel already) but, at what cost to herself or others? Follow rules for your sakes and that of others if you aren’t already doing so.

Be well, stay well and….

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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