Just Walk Away

Has anyone ever bothered you so greatly that you’re finding yourself in a complete tailspin, worrying and wondering what they may be doing or how they are? Yes? If so, reach out to them and try to see what you can get from them or not get. If you’re not getting anything from them, maybe it’s that it’s simply time to walk away from them?

Is it time to walk away yet?

I can physically walk away but, my mind and heart keeps going back to them

Once you’ve tried with them especially, if it’s been on more than one occasion and, gotten nowhere with them, what is left for you to try or do? Have you thought about that idea? If you have, it may not stop your heart or mind from going back to them but, it can certainly reinforce the idea that you’ve tried and it hasn’t been returned.

Make no mistake though, there’s a form of either guilt or possibly regret that will crop up in them within time. It’s not as though they won’t feel this in one way or another. They either are or they will feel it. It may not be in your time frame or wants but, it will happen sooner or later. That may even be occurring right as you read these words but, you may not know it.

It’s easier to walk away when you know why but, not knowing is a different story

While it is true for some people as to why someone has done what they’ve done, it may be better if people don’t know why but instead, know only that it has occurred. Does knowing why things are as they are change the fact that they are as they are?

Let’s take the case of someone who has lied to not only you, others or themselves. Does it make any difference to know that they’re doing what they’re doing by lying? It only gives you license to say to yourself that it’s been done or is being done. No one can change what someone else thinks even if it is lies. Calling them out on it only makes them more of anxious to convince themselves and likely others that they were right and you were wrong or bad. Are you going to be able to change that in them or within them or in other’s minds if they believe it all anyway?

The best thing that any of us can do is to let those people or others believe in their own stories, even if re-written. It’s quite obvious that they cannot, will not or do not see things as you do and anyone who believes them, is only in for an upset when they realize the truth as well. Yes, if they cared enough to listen to someone else talk about the situation, they cared about something, somehow and somewhere. Don’t mistake what others will say in terms of “others don’t care”. Some do, some don’t but, whatever it is, are you going to be able to make them see things from your perspective? Have you tried? Where has that gotten you? Are you on the right side of the proverbial tracks now because you have or are you less further ahead because you have tried?

In other words, let others believe what they want to believe because you’re not going to be able to change that in them no matter how hard you try. Let’s face it, anyone who is that willing to believe someone else’s story, is on their side or getting something out of them in some way or another. They aren’t going to think that you are right and the other person is wrong. About the only thing that it will do is to cause that person to walk away from the entire situation in totality unless they were going to get something that they wanted out of the situation.

The person believes that they didn’t do anything wrong and that they’re owed something.

Really? They believe that they’re owed something? Are they adults, capable of knowing right from wrong? Can the decipher differences and understand that once they are adults, they are no longer owed anything by anyone unless they’ve given money and are expecting it back from that person. Even then, there is a chance that they will never see those dollars again. They risked giving it out so, they also chance never getting it back in any form. If they think that they are endeared to someone else because they’ve given out anything to anyone, they are sadly mistaken. As a matter of fact, it may even repel the person even further away from them through owing something to someone else.

If you know that someone else has done something wrong and truly has no real basis for having done so, perhaps it’s time to turn tail and walk away from them. Are they delusional? Let others who wish to believe them, believe them. Those people will eventually not need something or will figure it out for themselves. It’s not yours, mine or anyone else’s obligation to make it all right for everyone else, is it?

Unless you’ve done something bad to anyone, you don’t owe anyone anything. That is a point where people get stuck because someone else is the theoretical “squeaky wheel” and keeps getting the oil. At some point or another, everyone has to realize that the oil can is empty and the squeaky wheel needs to stop being fed or be changed. If there’s no noise but, that wheel isn’t pulling their weight or even working, it’s time to either replace that wheel or walk away. What are your choices?

I recently watched a video where a woman thought that she had a communicable disease. She didn’t have it, thankfully, as tests turned out negative and. yet, she had all of the symptoms of it, including other things that weren’t exactly good for her or anyone else to have had. Yet, right after hearing that she didn’t have this illness, out she went to buy things that weren’t needed by her or anyone else. She tried to claim that she wore protective equipment while doing it and having others who were more interested in what they wanted or watched instead of what she had done. This woman was called out on it by a few and the fact that she shouldn’t have been out anywhere. Others on the other hand, were more interested in the things that she’d bought at that store and a video that she’d made many times before on how to use those unnecessary things. The defended her and her choices to the hilt. That’s where I’ve walked away. I’m not going to change her mind and she certainly isn’t going to change mine nor, is anyone who defended her going to be able to do so either. The plain and simple fact is that once Life goes back to normal for these people and they’re able to resume their lives in full again, this person won’t see half of these people around or, better yet, these other people will have watched other videos that she’s made where she admits that she’s fooled them. She’s not by any means an idiot but, I can say that she’s smart because she’s got her army of people who she’s not only tricked but who are only using her right now while stuck indoors. It’ll all come to light. She knows what she’s done and frankly, she’s upset that others have figured it out as well and called her on that fact. She will milk it for all that it’s worth though. That I’m sure of.

What have I done with it all? I’ve walked away from the lies, the foolishness of both those who have defended her as well as those who are out to use her. I will leave it to them to figure it all out and this woman out as well. This woman is already paying the price for lies. There’s at the least, in spite of her draining the milk from the jug on the topic, a guilty conscience laying behind it all and, you know what? If she truly believes her own bull droppings, she’s got issues to deal with that will hit her in the face from others. I don’t have to do a thing except wait and watch how things go over time. If no one ever does see, then I’ve done the right thing by walking away from the situation and leaving it up to her and others.

Yes but, that’s about someone who is on a video. What about my kid or other family members that I’ve put so much into?

There’s really no difference in aspects. While there are far more emotions put into an adult child or children and grandchildren who may be being kept from you, ask yourself a question here. What’s bringing them back into my life?

If you can honestly say that everything has been tried and you’ve gotten nowhere with them, not having done anything bad to them, is there any sense in trying any longer? Seriously, is there really a reason to continue batting a head against a wall?

I know that I’ve left behind a lot of questions in this piece but, the reality is that once someone has tried and met up with no results other than more anger, there really and truly isn’t anything left to try, is there? What good will it do you or anyone else to continue trying? There is a reason and eventually, it will prove that there’s a price tag attached to everything that we do or choose to do or not do. No one gets off free from repercussions. Whether they pay now or they pay later, it’s only a matter of when, not “if” they will have to deal with their own consequences. Worse than that, if they still see their choices as good ones then, nothing that you could, can or would do will make a difference, will it?

With all sincerity, sometimes, the only thing and the best things that we can do are to

  • Stop trying
  • Walk away from the drama, trying and the mess that they’ve created
  • Quit giving oil to the squeaky wheel

From my little corner of life to yours, no one can hug a cactus. It’s simply not fun nor will it do you or it any good. Stop trying and walk away. Let things unfold as they will and forget that you’ve done so much for them. Quit pining for someone who doesn’t show you respect enough to bother with you or who will talk badly behind your back.

Wishing you well, stay well and safe during these hard times,

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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