Covid-19 Ignorance or Covidiots

Those who jump ship and go out must not fear being sick, no matter how much or how little or whether they become severely ill and take others with them. How sad but, it’s truly saying something about the people who choose to do this type of thing. In other words, their “rights” are more important to them than someone else’s lives.

I get it that we’re all fatigued with being kept from stores and services that we’ve been used to however, anyone who followed the Spanish Flu or the 1918 Coronavirus can see that by leaping into what someone considers a “normal life” one is risking both getting infected with this newer Coronavirus or they take a chance on loading it onto others.

While some may believe that this virus is only a hoax or no worse than the seasonal flu, they may have to guess again. For those who believe that it’s only a virus that kills the elderly or those whose immune systems are down and they can’t get it, they need to guess again. As time goes on and the world learns more and more about it, experts are recognizing that no one is immune to it. Lest someone younger feel that they’re not going to get it or will take it asymptomatically or whatever it is that they want to believe, they need to think again here too. Even were one to take it more mildly that say someone else that they know or live with, maybe they should think about other people and how it may kill them in one way or another. If they cannot think beyond themselves and their “rights” perhaps, it may help them to know that should someone that they know actually become ill enough to get tested and test positive, that means QUARANTINE for everyone who has been near that person or especially, if they live with them. How are they going to feel if they kill off someone because of their “rights” or inability to grasp this concept.

Before anyone calls me a quack or says that I don’t know what it is that I’m speaking of, this isn’t coming from me alone. This is coming from those who have caught this virus, those whose families have lost someone and cannot have a funeral for the person due to the fear of the body and others giving them the virus as well as that of scientists (not affiliated with what one could call Big Pharma Co.s), epidemiologists, virologists etc.. My information also comes from prestigious medical journals with studies to back it all up. This information is available to anyone who wants to do real research and not just with conspiracy theorists or through some other sources of info or say-so.

That said, I know that I would love nothing better than to be able to shop the aisles of my favourite stores instead of curbside pick-ups or lining up with a mask and gloves to get into a store if they’re even open. A lot of them are not open and for good reason. What I don’t get are those who will kill, hurt, injure or anything else, anyone who is laying down the laws that there is no dining in a lot of places and restaurants. I’d love my hair dyed and trimmed as would I love to see my dog groomed and my husband’s hair that I keep trimming, less “wild” but, the reality is that things are as they are and with each passing day, tempers are flaring while impatience is growing greatly.

A lot of people are becoming depressed if not worsened and anxiety is at an all time high because there is nowhere to go. However, one need only remember that there’s a difference between complete freedom again, being ill or injecting oneself with some toxic, poisonous substance whereby, hospitalization is the name of the game or end result.

Every day, there are deaths galore and more and more cases of this virus in spite of a lot of measures that have been implemented, including isolation and stay at home. One does have to remember though that were it not for the world coming to almost a grinding halt, there may be far more cases and far more deaths.

I see more and more people who will sit at home, on Social Media sites tapping away at cell phones, tablets, computers or whatever they can use to get onto these sites, posting themselves into a frenzy that they should have their “rights”. Few of them though, will move their rears to get up off of their couches, shower, brush their teeth and go out to a protest in spite of their beliefs. Something is telling me that they are considering it far too much effort for them to do yet they want their “rights”. I’m having a hard time believing that they truly want what they think that they want. In my mind, what they really want is the ability to do things as they’ve always done and not necessarily do it.

If these people think that someone else is going to do it for them and take all of the chances, these people are either lazy or they fear being infected and being quarantined and sick. They want their “rights” but, they don’t want to chance getting this virus. If they use their voices enough from safe places, where they are safe, they are safe. They are what is called, “The Entitled Lazy”.

Do those people know that even if they were to be able to be tested, they could test as “negative” when in fact they are positive. There are far more false negatives than we know. Part of that reason is because the virus is not shedding its proteins uniformly. It sheds it sporadically and it’s catching that shedding on a test which is what turns a test positive. A negative result does not mean that someone isn’t positive. It only means that at that moment in time, the virus wasn’t being detected or shedding its capsule or protein. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand this point.

There will be no large gatherings such as concerts or sporting events with an audience anytime this month and likely not in June of this year. There may not be any for the remainder of this year as there could be a second wave and even a third as what happened with the Spanish Flu of 1918. Get comfortable enough with the idea of it and one can think that all of this isn’t worthwhile or it’s governments or Big Pharma or The Illuminati or the wealthiest of families that appear to run the entire world or whatever. One can even blame the Chinese. No matter who or what may be at the base of it all, one fact remains. The virus is here and all of us are susceptible, not just the elderly or infirm or those with underlying health issues. What’s more is that anyone can give anyone else this virus whether or not they are or aren’t showing symptoms. So, what’s the safest thing to do? Stay as free of it as one can.

From my little corner of life to yours, that’s not fear-mongering or false thinking. If I’m wrong about all of this and others know better than some of the most brilliant minds in the world, my hat is off to you but, not only may you be delusional, hallucinating or high or whatever, stay the hell away from me!

Best wishes!

Stay well,

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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