With Covid-19 There Are No Such Things As Freedom & Rights

These morons need to re-think their stance or with their “FREEDOM” be left alone if they get ill. Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate on age. It will take its target and everyone else can scream that it’s their freedom which has been breached by these shallow or shoddy thinking morons.

We’ve all seen those who will scream it from the rooftops that it’s their “right” to do as they please because it’s their “life”. There have been so many people who are bored with not being able to do things as usual that they’ve taken to the streets as well as other sources with which to say that they have “rights” and should have their “freedom” to do as they want. Worse than that, they say something as stupid and foolhardy as just stay in to those who don’t want this potentially deadly virus.

How many people have watched people recount their horrible experiences with this virus? While many have or are recovering, people have died, trying to fight it off. What’s even sadder is to watch those who previously had a differing opinion on the entire thing, feeling that after this amount of time, things should be or go back to near, if not total normalcy. Delusional or what?

Even if a person who cried out for their “rights” were to live totally alone and everyone stayed indoors who didn’t want to get it, the point remains that when someone is ill with this nasty coronavirus, they’re ill. They need other people to help them out. At worst, may be medical professionals who have to be exposed to these non-thinking, brainless twits who hadn’t thought past the idea that they didn’t get to see a sporting event or some concert or sit in a restaurant.

It’s plain to see the sheer numbers of people who have written on social media, articles and even talking heads on news programs or politicians who break rules by the dozens, feel that they should be able to do as they want even if it cannot be done in the ways that they’re used to being able to do things.

It’s fine for those who want their “rights” to scream out about having them but, did they take into account that not only while doing so, they are not only putting themselves in danger but, anyone who has to care for them should they get Covid-19 or perhaps, the fact that while coming in contact with so many other people (mask or not) even if asymptomatic themselves, they could pass on this virus to other people? Worse to best case scenario, that person can pass it onto someone else who dies from it or becomes quarantined because they have come in contact with someone who has it. Does that matter at all?

Actually, it doesn’t matter as much as you’d hope it would matter to these types of people. Why? Because they believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong, including epidemiologists, virologists, doctors, nurses and even police officers or the local cashier where they get their gourmet eats with beer budgets instead of champagne finances.

What has often been found is that those who want their so-called “rights” are the first ones to scream down walls when they are ill with this virus. They want a national parade in their sights so that they’re not bored. Worse than that, they will rant and rave over not getting doctors or nurses or paramedics to pay attention to them the way that they want it done. After all, they have “rights” and they know them. They seem to feel that they know everything and no one else knows as much as they do. Do they have something coming to them or what?

NEWS FLASH…they don’t know it all, nor do their “gods” who are nothing but brilliant marketing conspiracy theorists whose books or interviews line these whiner’s book shelves.

If someone doesn’t believe that this virus is real, I will dare them to put themselves onto the front lines and give people who would dearly love to be away from the danger, in their places. How about it, Bravehearts? How about putting yourself and your life in danger while putting yourself onto the front lines and in danger so that those who are in great jeopardy can take the time off to sleep a peaceful sleep? Any takers from this group of moronic thinkers who believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong? Show your stuff. Nevermind the armies or others, you do it. You’re not afraid of it, are you or is your only aim to be able to attend a sporting event, concert, go shopping or having a favoured restaurant or store available to you?

There is no such thing as “rights” when it comes to this threatening virus. It doesn’t understand your wants or beliefs or those of conspiracy theorists. It only understands the word, “attack”. It doesn’t discriminate either. There are no races, creeds, cultures or even ages in which it won’t attach itself.

For those geniuses who believe that they are young and healthy…guess again. You could find yourselves bed ridden or in a medically induced coma, by yourself in a hospital with delirium, with some poor nurse, doctor, technician or whatever is required, ventilated. You’re also going to have to go home with someone who you could infect or who will become quarantined for at least 14 days because you had your rights granted to you. Was it worth it?

From my little corner of life to yours, if you still think that this is all hyped or faked or false or something that happens with the flu, again, I dare you to volunteer your time so that those who are in true danger can get some sleep, let their faces heal from masks so air tight that their skin crinkles, creases and gains a rash. Still think you’re right and everyone is over reacting to this? Keep going, keep telling others to stay indoors so that you can go out and see how far you get with walking around your street because that’s as far as you’re going to get without taking a chance of infecting others.

To everyone else who is earnestly trying, stay well,

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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