No One Is Invincible No Matter What Is Believed

What needs to be said about thinking yourselves invincible is below. Read on.

You are not invincible and the world is not your oyster.

There, it’s been said, loudly, plainly and without age, race, creed or religion added in. It’s also not a political statement or one that minces words.

If you think or feel that you’re somehow above getting a virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, don’t believe it to be worse than the seasonal flu, that you can’t get it or that 2 a.m. is the time to be out shooting off fireworks in spite of the time, you’ve got the wrong idea. By thinking that the world is your oyster and to hell with anyone else, you’ve got it wrong as well.

No one can say this bluntly without risking some sort of flack so, it is being said.

Yes, the world knows that you’re likely to miss out on a whole pile of things that other generations may have gotten to do and no, if you don’t watch or listen to the news or even read it, things aren’t going to go your way either. If you believe something, believe whatever you want if you don’t believe it, that’s fine too but, you know what? You have to follow rules and guess what? One day, you are going to be the one making those rules. Think that you’re going to do it differently than those who have implemented these and you’d also be wrong. Age, Life and The Universe will teach you a few things that will change how it is that you think right now. Don’t believe me? Wait. It’s coming. There are price tags and consequences to everything that one does or doesn’t do. There has to be pay back in one way or another at some point or many in your life. Nothing comes for free. Accept that and you’re half way there.

For some, saying that the pandemic isn’t real and ignoring social distancing or large crowds, you’re being foolish. Equally, you’re playing with other people’s lives and likely, even your own. Even those who think that if someone else doesn’t like the fact that there is ignorance and pure disregard out there and they see it happening, have to go to get groceries and medications or whatever at some point or another. Are those who have broken social laws going to stay away from those stores? No. That’s the point right there. If one also thinks that this is a technological world and therefore, pay them their fees to deliver and one never needs to leave their homes thus, keeping safe, think again, genius. A lot of households not only can’t afford those atrocious, gouging extra fees because they’ve living on no income or a fixed one or extremely small numbers like disability but, try getting a service that has a delivery or even pick up time slot available in under a month. Go ahead Einsteins, search engine that much and report back to us how to do it.

Still don’t care? Got a hole burning in your pocket with money from parents or others and feel that it’s your “right” to set off bangs from fireworks on a non-firework weekend? Guess what. Thanks to your thinking patterns, there are people with illness caused by reckless thinking and behaviours, trying hard to get some much needed sleep at 12, 1 and even 3 a.m.. There are people with babies who can’t sleep because you had to get out there and shoot off something you got or had or saved or whatever. Think about those who have dogs who are frightened of noises like this type of thing and are shivering and shaking, wanting to crawl into someone’s mouth to make it all stop.

Worse than all of that, is the idea of asking yourselves should doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, frontline workers that are deemed essential risk their lives for you should you need their help? If you answered an absolute “yes” to that, think again because the buzzer just sounded which indicated that you’re wrong.

No one owes anything to you. If you’re of age no matter what your colour, race, religion, political affiliations if you have any that is or gender ID is, believe that you’re supposed to be helped if you need it or think that you won’t need any help at any point because you have the latest cell phone and can therefore, know it all, the buzzer has sounded yet again with a rousing rendition of “you’re wrong”. When you are scared or sick or have a child who is crying at midnight or 3 a.m. because some jerks have more money than brains, you may find yourselves behind rather dark times because there are no services out there to save you.

From my little corner of life to yours, if you think that you know it all and go against the rules, by-laws and have no consideration for other people on this planet because you feel that you have the world by the tail or have enough breath left in you to be able to protest in some fashion or another or do whatever it is that you wish to do, don’t be surprised if someone refuses to help you when you need the most help. If you do get that help, be thankful, respectful and thoughtful of other people. Laws, rules, requests etc. are a polite way of asking you to stop doing things for a reason. One day, they are going to protect you too in one way or another.

If you don’t believe this piece, then wait another dozen or more years and see how you feel about these words then. By the way, if you don’t believe that there will ever come a time when you’re going to need more than a search engined form of help, think again next time your wifi goes down or data runs out or the search engines are all filled with complete garbage, meant to sell you something and don’t bother to estrange from your parents or others either. You don’t have the intellectual ability to think properly.

To everyone, be well, stay well.

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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