Did “Baby” Houseman And Johnny Castle Stay Together After Kellermans

Did Baby and Johnny stay together after the 3 weeks at Kellerman’s?

This was a movie. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t even shot in the same space but, rather 2 resorts in the Fall in order to resemble the Catskill Mountains. The lake has long since dried up and Patrick Swayze has been dead for years now. His wife in real life has re-married and the ranch in which they lived, has been sold.

Many different searches have been done to figure out whether Baby & Johnny stayed together after their Kellerman’s experience.

Have you noticed that the staff coming in are being lectured as though this was their first day there when it was 3 weeks from Labour Day? Hmmmm….kind of fishy to many if not everyone who caught that point, right?

Did you already know that “Dirty Dancing” was not meant to make it to the heights that it did?

How about the fact that Swayze (who played Johnny Castle) was only really interested in the dancing of the movie and not much else?

Are you familiar with the idea that (Jennifer Grey) “Baby” in the movie and Swayze couldn’t really stand one another in real life? Swayze saw dance as the only part of the movie that he cared about while Grey was not a dancer and saw the acting as her real life father (Joel Grey) as more important.

The lodge where it was partially shot (the rest was shot in one of the Carolinas) has changed and was never called Kellerman’s?

The water in which Baby and Johnny attempted the “lifts” was so cold that it was difficult for both of them to act romantic in it?

What about the idea that Jennifer Grey “Baby Housman” was really afraid of the “lifts” in real life? Did you know that much about her?

Scenes like where Swayze “tickled Baby” by running his fingers down her side and she laughed while he looked ticked off during practises on stage were real and the producers and directors decided to keep them in rather than put them on a blooper’s reel?

More than half of the leading cast is dead in real life now?

That gazebo which overlooked the lake where Jake Housman (Baby’s father) sat with his feet up, looking onto it after finding out that Baby had spent the night with Johnny, now overlooks a field, not a lake as do many other points that were in the movie?

How about the idea that Baby (Jennifer Grey) had a bad case of food poisoning in her real life that kept threatening that she throw up during the stair scene as she came down them, practising from practise?

Love scenes between Baby and Johnny were acted out when in fact the two actors couldn’t really stand one another. Talk about Academy Award Winning Performances, huh?

What person goes to cry about being pregnant while in a hotel kitchen, on the floor, back against the wall? Think of that scene where Penny sobbed, mascara running down her cheeks, trying to keep quiet while Baby and Neil were in the kitchen in the dark? You mean to tell me that Penny had nowhere else to cry or that Neil, the owner’s grandson, couldn’t find a light switch? And, after all of that, Neil tells Baby that she can “have anything that she wants” then proceeds to tell her that there’s some left over rice pudding, gherkin pickles and a brownie? That’s all that there was in that entire hotel’s fridge? Oh, yum! My taste buds just dance with delight upon hearing those words.

Do you know that Johnny-Swayze had a bad drinking problem in real life and was an alcoholic during that movie or in the actor’s life?

“Marge Housman” played by Kelly Bishop was originally cast as “Vivian Pressman aka The Bungalow Bunny or Moe Pressman’s wife”? When the actress who was to play Marge Housman, suddenly became ill, Kelly Bishop was re-cast into that role and another actress took Bishop’s place as good ole Vivian?

How about Baby’s movie sister, Lisa when she says something like “oh this rain…remind me not to take….” and Baby/Frances announces that she’s going to the “west lobby” because “they’re having charades” when Jake Housman sits there like an idiot, without questioning anything, knowing what he knew? “Quite the little joiner aren’t we,” says “Lisa”. How oh how did “Lisa” suddenly get to know that Baby wasn’t “Daddy’s girl” or that he “listens when I talk now”? Something is amiss but, it fits the scripts, doesn’t it?

There are many more tid-bits that could be said but, suffice it to say that this was a MOVIE. It’s left up to your imagination as to whether this was a summer fling or if they stayed together. Never mind that a movie was made for television in which the 2 leading characters never did get together. It’s all up to you and your imagination as to what happened after it.

From my little corner of life to yours, I have watched that movie so many times now that I could recite the lines of each character before they do or as they do. It’s like I was reading from the scripts. That much said, I do want to believe that Johnny and Baby did get together and stay together albeit, with Johnny as a painter and plasterer, Baby having gone into the Peace Corps and having babies around her feet in a small house. I picture them happy and telling grandchildren about how they met at Kellerman’s during the summer of 1963. That being said though, I have had my own “summer flings” and none of them are in my life now. You be the judge though. What’s your desired outcome for them? Do you want them to be together? They’re together. Did you want that to be simply a summer thing or fling? That’s all that it was then. No one is right and no one is wrong. That’s why they left things as they did. It’s up to you to decide with your own creativity and that’s why I posted another piece on how the movie and these 2 as a piece of the film was left on the cutting room floor (link there just click on it) which may or may not be pertinent to whatever you wish to believe. It’s also possible that if the actors were willing and able, they left it open for a sequel which we know never happened with the original cast and their deaths.

On that note,

Be well, stay well, use your imagination and…

Love and Light!

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