Let’s Not Offend Anyone

Let’s take down ANYTHING that offends anyone

It’s hard to realize that something anywhere could offend a group of people or even a single person. Of course, there are a plethora of sources with which to get information about almost anything so, why not get rid of all names, artwork, statues or whatever of anyone and everything. Keep only abstracts going or up? Let’s not offend anyone.

I’m White. I hated what I saw on those video tapes of all sorts of killings. I can’t even stand watching the news because there are killings from stabbings to shootings of even innocent by-standers. Seeing the cell phone videos of G. Floyd’s death was attrocious.

Since so many people are offended by so much, why not turn street names to numbers? Why keep paintings except for abstracts? What about statues of anyone or anything around? Get rid of them all. After all, something is about to offend someone, right?

Today, I heard on every single news station in my country that names of major streets should be changed. I’ve seen statues that have been up for quite some time now, rolled into water ways or taken down by crane and all because they had offended some people. That said, while I agree with the sentiments, I say that every single thing that gets said or done has the ability to put off some group or person. Why let anything do so?

Let the news be of an animal talking and not a real person.

Make statues and art only abstracts unless the colours in them offend someone. In which case, take them down.

Let NO religious signs be placed anywhere.

Make no differences between males and females. Covid-19 be damned since it picks on certain genders, age groups and such.

Make socio-economic groups equal. No more rich or poor. Everyone is equal.

Healthcare should be free to everyone and all medical places open 24/7. Oh wait, that may offend some doctors and nurses. Ok, well have shifts of doctors and nurses in every single place there can be with all of the medical help any place could ever dream of giving.

Reserves for Natives need to be not only kept in place even though they all shop at Trader Joe’s or Metro. Give them breaks so that even though no one often hunts, gardens or fishes much any longer, their lands were taken from them and there’s prejudice in every faction of government against them.

Pay more taxes and in unison so that no one gets away with anything, not even the wealthy of the bunch and everyone else can prosper in some way with services.

No more Plus or Petite Sized stores or departments. Everything is mingled amongst the average sizes so that no one gets offended.

Women are no longer stay at home so, everyone should help around the house and women get equally paid for what they do. Even husbands or males or children have to help out.

No music as country or other genres may offend some people.

Get rid of movies or televisions since it may be all one colour and that may be offensive to some. For instance, Bollywood movies have got to go lest they make someone angry. There are plenty more. Friends are all white. Get rid of those.

What about long hair, short hair, t-shirts, sayings, colours in clothing? They too may offend. Simple cloth-potato sacks for everyone may help if everyone wears the same style, colour or shape?

Wait a minute…except for the clothing, hasn’t most of this described Communism? I think it has. Ok, forget about that then because there are those who think all countries which are Communist are offensive and third world.

While we’re at it, let’s also get rid of any military, institutionalized organizations. Who needs them when everyone has guns? They only cause problems anyway, right?

Even the colour of your home is going to offend someone, somehow. Let’s paint every house or home the same colours. Hey, what colour does black, white, red, yellow, brown and whatever other colour mixed together make? That’s what should be done to every place around so as not to offend someone.

Get rid of Walmarts, chain food places, types of foods that represent one population or another. Let’s make it all “the no theme place” and paint it the colour mentioned above?

There is much more that can be changed but, from my little corner of life to yours, get a cell phone video of it and let’s make changes so that no one is offended in any way.

Best of wishes!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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