It’s All About ME!

Waaaaaaa….I want MY way!

There’s nothing that I shiver about seeing more than someone who believes that everything should be and is about them. More to that point is someone who is able to make others believe that about them as well, even if they have to pull out the stops by attempting to get people to feel sorry for them because of some sort of issue that doesn’t hold water if anyone were to truly listen to them. What’s far worse is that people like this, generally have everything and everyone under their thumbs and oftentimes, they feel that their own beliefs are going to be felt and agreed with by everyone else. Surprise! Not so.

It’s possible to get someone in as part of your life and become so caught up with them because they sound so convincing that one tends to agree with what they’re saying or doing. After all, it’s been repeated to almost everyone who will listen to them. The one or two exceptions are those who are already on the verge of leaving or who keep their distances due to being fed up with the crap that comes up over and over and over again.

Cries of illness (not really an illness but, I will explain in a moment), wails of those who say that something unusual is happening when it’s happened to possibly most people, and worst of all, telling others that they are wrong because these people lack no ability whatsoever to see that they are nowhere near what someone else has gone through will tell you or anyone else who cares to discern for themselves that this person is controlling and manipulative. In other words, they aren’t entitled to anyone’s dedication to them. They are purely out to be a party of one as long as everyone else goes along with them on their needs, wants and purposes.

When someone claims that they have something wrong with them and say that it’s been happening for “X” amount of time as their reason for something or other but, you’ve deduced that by their own words, that something that they’ve had wrong with them, hasn’t accounted for more than half a year of inaction by them, that is telling you something right there and should be peaking your interest in debunking a lot of other things that they’re saying or have said as well.

Recently, such a person came out of the closet and it was plain for all to see that everything that was said or done by them was a) an excuse to not have to do something, b) were things that a lot of other people have or are going through and therefore, not unique or an excuse as in example (a) or that the story had been told to everyone and anyone who would listen to them. Anyone believing it or appearing to, was dependent upon them even those who have had the wool pulled over their eyes in many ways and have allowed it to happen because they were falsely lured into the idea that they may need something from that person.

Oh yes, they can be charming alright. They will also be eloquent or charming. In other words, they know how to work other people and trust me, they do. Where they get caught by a few is by getting angry and blurbing it all out. That’s when a thinking person can see clearly that it’s not about you but, about them and they will make it that way as well.

Inconsistencies, the “ohhhhh’s” and everything else that they can throw into the mix, including outright banning of you is what they will use. Is that right? No, but, they think that it is. They also think that they’re getting an upper hand when in fact they have done nothing good for themselves, which is what they make themselves believe they don’t care about, but, others who see through it all, have no interest whatsoever.

Pathetically, what they don’t see is that they have effectively thrown away anyone who has seen their tact for what it is and them for what they are. Even more sadly is that those who have fallen for the ruse that these people wittingly or unwittingly have put on, go along with it all until they, themselves no longer need or want the stories that gets shot by this person.

Usually, there is anger within these types of people who believe that the sun rises and sets for them or who tries to get others to believe it as well. They are usually angry at others who don’t or won’t fall for their games, even if that person is only keeping their word out of too much and quite unnecessary regard for that person. That person has enough regard for themselves and needs no help or aid. “Stupid me!” That’s usually what gets said when the royal crap hits the fan and it’s seen by others.

It’s easy to label someone like this as a narcissist. Unless a doctor were to diagnose that impediment upon someone, it’s not going to be used here. However, it can be said that when a lot of excuses are used in anger, there’s something laying behind it all that says, “it’s all about me!”

From my little corner of life to yours, if you see or recognize someone like this, run from them. They are up to no good and the moment that you’re of no use to this person, you’re gone anyway. Perhaps, it’s time to ask yourself who in your life is like this and act on it by shutting them out of your life? Just a thought.

Be well,

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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