Puke If You Want To: #AllLivesMatter

People of every race, size, colour, creed, financial status and everything else one can be racist against, are born into this world every single day

It’s been said by a White Celebrity that they are going to “puke” if they hear that “All Lives Matter” once again. Ok, they can puke but, it’s the truth. All lives do matter.

The analogy of a bandage was used in one example where it was stated that the bandage was to be given to the friend because the friend was in pain. NO POLICE ACTIONS or lack of them are being tooted here or gone against no matter what is thought or not.

Isn’t racism being wrought by Blacks when they go against entire police forces and put together a group called “Black Lives Matter”? Isn’t that also a form of segregation or racist moves/meanings?

There have been all sorts of people who have had nothing better but to get their rears to protests against police officers with Covid be damned but, the truth behind it all is that these same protesters are the ones who will call police at the first sign of there being a problem anywhere in their worlds. Are there bad apples in the police force, of course there are but, I’ve also been to hairdressers for a hair cut to find that they have no clue what they’re doing. There have been lawyers, doctors, dentists and every profession or not, known throughout history that have been or had employees who haven’t known their rear ends from page 4. Their skin colour has been of no consequence to this point. However, think of a fast food place where the clerk, white, black, purple with pink polka dots have not known what they’re doing either. How many times have you or anyone else gotten your orders wrong? Were they good employees or not right for the job to be soft in how it’s being said?

Then, we have those who think that there’s a band wagon to leap onto and they do.

It’s certain that this piece isn’t going to be a popular one. Part of that is purely because of its title. “All Lives Matter”. It’s certain that there are negative comments coming for this piece simply because of what it contains. Let’s call a rock a rock though. Police lives matter too as do everyone’s lives. No one, no matter what others think or say, have lives that don’t matter to someone, somewhere, somehow. No one! That’s not popular according to some but, it’s the reality.

Does anyone know why police are more forceful with certain skin colours? It’s certain that there is some form of lack of full training without doubt however, they are not psychologists, psychiatrists nor are they therapists. Those professions have their fair share of bad apples too but, the funding for them has been cut so badly that there aren’t many out there. More key is who is going to make the call of mental health problem or problem? Last I checked, there were no police officers who had “ride alongs” with psyche trained people. Even if there were those along or trained in psychiatric, psychology or other training along with them, facilities for mental health have been so underfunded that they’ve had to close down. This isn’t exactly tantalizing to those who wanted to go into the profession, is it? Worst is that people will use ER numbers to police because of a mental health issue, domestic violence or what have you. What type of adrenalin and other stimulating chemicals may be running wild through the arteries and brains of every single person involved from the call through to those who respond? Those who have been labelled as say, “schizophrenics” may go ape on someone who comes or already going crazy before they get there and thus, the call for them. How do the responders know what they’ve facing? It’s their lives versus the suspect’s life. Whose life, especially if there’s a file or rap sheet on them do you think police are going to protect with instinct? It’s not going to be a matter of “oh, he/she is of (fill in the blanks) race or colour…I’d better be gentle on them and perhaps, die myself” is it? Or, would you put your life on the line because of skin colour? Be honest here with your answer.

I’ve heard one nurse of another race say that because someone is of a certain race, they die during a Pandemic. Is that the truth? Do doctors and nurses not value certain races while they run to others? Or, is it fear, overwork, not knowing what to do about the situation or even their own lives at stake or those of their families? What do you think? Be honest with yourself in answering that one.

How many people of another race does anyone see in the front line workers, police, fire, paramedics and about anything one can think of? If anyone were to answer it’s that they’re not being hired because of racism, they’d be incorrect in that assumption. A good chunk of that reasoning is because certain skin colours/races do NOT WANT to go into those professions. They’d rather settle things their own way with guns, knives and such or if they’re cautious enough, drive their shot, stabbed or injured buddies to the ER doors of a hospital, roll them out and take off. Lest anyone thinks that it’s because they’re afraid of rough treatment or questioning, think again. A lot of that type of thing has to do with getting “revenge” their styles. They’re off to set examples of themselves by shooting, stabbing or whatever they think of doing.

Painting anyone of any race, creed, religion, financial, weight or colour with a halo over their heads is akin to saying that their criminal records (which often read like a bad novel) don’t count. Mothers, fathers, wives, girlfriends, friends, cousins, aunts and uncles, getting on camera and crying about their losses and saying that they were “good” or a “father/mother” doesn’t wipe away the fact that they were going against the laws at every turn of the page. They weren’t “good”. The halos had long since been removed by their choices, drugs, alcohol or criminal records by them, themselves and, we’re not just talking about the Black Communities here. We’re talking about everything that can be discriminated against including financial status, weight, profession/job, lot in life, where they live, how they live, clothing, where they shop and so much more. Do you believe every single family member’s cries? Half of them haven’t been around that person for years because of their own issues with them.

Has anyone seen those who have sold illegal drugs, weapons, stolen goods or whatever? Police catch them, put them into a holding cell, charge them and WHAM…those same persons are back onto the streets again within 48 hours or less, doing the exact things that they were arrested for? It’s like you chasing after a job, doing your best while doing it and being fired from it so that the company has a better profit margin. Wouldn’t you be a little bit ticked off at your job being eliminated while Jane or Joe get extra pay to do your job or worse, someone else gets hired to do it at a lower pay scale? It’s like you saying something like, “all that hard work for NOTHING?”

How about hearing swearing, cursing, resisting or taunting police or anyone else in authority, then hearing that they’re “not co-operating”? Many of us have faced anger, conflict, upset and fear and frankly, those in authority are simply humans who have nerves too, complete with the fight or flight adrenalin coursing through their veins with pretty much every call they get in a day, risking their lives regularly, on heaven knows what is going to happen during even a barking dog call?

911 Operator: What’s your emergency

You: There’s a dog who has been barking nightly between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.. It’s

2 a.m. and I want it shut up or taken in or paid attention to. I don’t need this

Police: (Knocking on door of house with barking dog in backyard. Person answers)

“We’ve had a complaint about a barking dog in your backyard. Is that your dog?”
You: Oh yeah…I got fed up with it so, I put it outside. It’s the only way I can get some sleep. Why? Who complained?

Police: That’s not your concern and we can’t divulge that information. Sir/Madam can you take your dog in please by 11 p.m.?
You: But, I told you, I can’t sleep if it’s inside. What the f**k don’t you understand about that?
Police: It isn’t our concern as it’s your dog but, it bothers others so, please take it indoors, stop it from bothering others, ok?

You: No, YOU take that thing. I told you that I can’t get sleep with it indoors.

Police: Do you mean to tell us that you’re not going to take that dog indoors? That’s against By-Laws.

You: Look you F**king Idiots…I’ve said all that I’m going to say now go away.

Police: Looks like we’re going to have to take the dog to the shelter then. (Starting around the back of the property)

You: Don’t you take my dog!

Police: We’re taking him now, back up, please.

You: I said that you’re NOT TAKING MY DOG you F**king jerks! (Tries to stop police from getting into backyard)

Police: Please move out of the way and let us do our jobs. If you’re not going to take care of this, we are and can.

You: (Fighting Officers and swearing)

Police: (Now, hearts pounding, adrenalin pumping, trying to subdue the situation but, unable to do so)

Eventually, all everything gets out of hand. The dog owner is angry at police and police are now in a scuffle with this dog owner, adrenalin pumping when the dog owner grabs an officer’s holstered gun and aims it at one of them, threatening to shoot him.

Without an ending, who do you believe was wrong and who do you believe was right? Is there a rational answer to this situation and how did it turn from a barking dog call into a violent issue? Think about your answers please because I knew a police officer that these “simple calls” happened to.

Police aren’t being defended here, in spite of what is thought. Think whatever you wish, twist and turn these words but, ask anyone in charge of hiring someone and see a slew of applicants coming through those doors during interview times.

Let’s take the examples that have been talked about before.

  • 3 Asians
  • 2 Hispanics
  • 2 Whites
  • 3 Blacks
  • 1 Brown
  • 4 Orientals

Only 2 of them have both experience as well as training and there is no time to train anyone fully.

2 of those a slumping in a chair, twisting their hair, looking at you and the job on offer with total disregard.

1 looks as though they had rolled out of bed and couldn’t be bothered to even comb their hair to go to the interview.

Another, according to the stains down their shirts, as though they’ve eaten some pretty messy stuff, dropped it downwards and haven’t bothered to even change to a less stained shirt.

Yet someone else or a few others have crumpled pieces of napkin, smudged where they’ve had something to eat, wiped their mouths (somewhat it seems) and fingers then, quickly had written down what appeared to be a resume but, one can’t tell because the grease from whatever was eaten has smeared the ink so badly that one can’t read it.

Meanwhile several others sit up straight, show a keen interest in the job, have training or experience or both. Have resumes ready, particularly with contacts even if it was only personal contacts for some.

Now, who do you think would be hired? Who would YOU hire, why and what skin colour do you think should make the job hiring process or at the least, deserve a 2nd interview?

From my little corner of life to yours, there are sorts of situations that come up in this world. Cell phone videos usually only start where the action of the police officer takes place. Other video doesn’t necessarily capture the entire situation or the audio portions. It only captures actions not words. Before anyone goes leaping into an emotionally charged situation, make sure that you’re not taking the video, words or rally cries from either side seriously. Do your own investigation first and remember that while a Pandemic is happening with nowhere much to go or do, there’s a lot of angst and even depression. Were Life to be going on as normal, so would a lot of other things. What the news and other media don’t show are other sides. It’s what sells air time most and violence sells it. Take into consideration that there are really 3 sides to every story. There’s one side, the other and then, there’s reality/the truth. Don’t be the one who doesn’t do the research but, who sees one side or the other first. You may find that the “truth” isn’t one that you’ll like as emotions as well as trends do have a way of getting in the way especially while emotions are running high but, take into consideration that there are other ways of looking at things.

(And, by the way, if America does have a Police Brutality issue….America isn’t all that “great” is it?)

Be well, stay well,

Love and Light!

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