Disband And Defund Police

E.R. Call…..”sorry but, we have no police forces left…I can send you fire fighters or paramedics though”

If I read it correctly or understood the words coming out of some mouths today, I heard the words, “disband” and “defund” policing. That has me scratching my head in wonderment as well as shaking it in total disbelief.

Are there racists in this world and the police force, of course. One can find them anywhere one wishes to look. The issue it seems is that cops are in positions of authority and most have guns. Don’t look now but, 3/4’s of the U.S. population or better, own at least one if not many more guns. Are they all sane? To those who want to banter this point, let’s just say that a good percentage of them are not exactly sane and yet another percentage of that percentage are racist or prejudice or whatever one can come up with. There’s no doubt about those facts. None whatsoever so, don’t bother to try arguing this out. I don’t wish to but, I can pull out stats from non-media sources if one were to try.

On the one hand, I hear something like, “we want the police force re-trained. On the other, I have heard that the force should be defunded or disbanded. How on earth does anyone try to “re-train” while there’s no cops or no money coming in to do so?

Furthermore, who do those who dial 911 or some other ER number does one wish to come to their aid when in trouble, mugged, broken into or property stolen etc.? A civilian with no training, no authority and no gun? If we were to disband or not fund police, getting a civilian to help is not even a thought is it?

Let’s take a scenario (made up or real) where someone of a different race calls for help because someone has broken into their homes. The 911 operator says something like they can only send the fire department or paramedics but, not police as there are none now.

What does one do? Who does one call then? Does one pull out their quickly and easily obtained guns if in the U.S. and play like they’re in the Wild West and are vigilantes? What if the person who breaks into their homes was a person of another race especially, Black? Shooting them and likely killing them will make what certain cops have done as though they’re choir people. A body full of holes from gun shots to the chest, not to mention the walls where one missed entirely?

Does racism exist in this world? Oh yes it does. Is it Whites against Blacks/Browns only? Nope. If you’ve ever been around anyone White, one can see that in this day and age, Whites are more angry than Blacks/Browns about things or “offended” and making apologies for being White. My only question would be then, if these Whites are so upset over Whites, why not stop being White and become another race, especially Black? For those who don’t believe that there’s any racism towards other races especially Whites, try it out for a bit and hear it for yourselves. Prejudices and racism exist in every single faction of life whether it be your weight, your hair colour, your financial status, religion or anything else that one wants to add in here. I’ve said this all before though. It’s not new from me or anyone else for that matter. Heck, ask Hitler? He was White and The Jews he murdered were White. Why did he kill thousands upon thousands of other Whites when he was White himself? It was because of religion and a few other things. If you don’t believe it, look up “The Holocaust”. Talk about “slavery”?

Did you know that there were White Slaves too and, likely still are? Yes, look that up while you’re at it. How about the fact that it was Black Africans that started off the slave trade? If you wish to look at the entire debacle as a financial one where Blacks, Browns or Indigenous peoples needed goods and money, then the world should be against anyone rich, like politicians who shall remain nameless lest anyone thinks that I’m talking politics here. I’m not. That’s not the debate that I was speaking of in any way. It’s the wealthy in all curves and crannies of Life that I’m referring to here. Why not go after them too?

This is a bandwagon that people have leapt upon. Yes, it needs fixing but, just as not all hairdressers are bad or doctors or whatever floor or bathroom cleaner one can come up with, not all cops are bad either.

From my little corner of life to yours, don’t follow trends or fads because there’s nothing to do due to a Pandemic. Whether you believe that it exists or not, is government funded or whatever you’ve swallowed, while it’s healthy to question things, what has proven not healthy are things like not social distancing or wearing masks, protests or Whites who will apologize for other White peoples. I’m NOT saying that policing doesn’t need a face lift nor, am I saying that it doesn’t contain racism but, lest anyone think that there’s little that exist in this world other than Blacks against Whites and you’re still saying that you’re sorry to 20 something year olds who have long since by-passed slavery by some 400 years or so, think with your heads, please. That is, if you have them. Question first, react secondly.

By the way, in case you’re tempted to call me stupid or racist or whatever it is that you can dream up, think again.

Be well, stay well,

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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