Don’t Assume Anything You’d Likely Be Wrong

Assumptions makes people emotionally immature and possibly wrong

You know that things are coming to a head when crud happens and there’s so much of it that’s not true at all that you simply cannot be bothered to straighten out the many, many untruths in someone else’s minds. It’s not that they aren’t worth another moment’s thoughts but, it’s that one cannot shake the assumptions out of someone else.

If that person runs to several others as you know that they are prone to do and shares these half-baked assumptions about you, with them all behaving like they’ve got their heads stuck in someone else’s rears, then you know that there are simply too many things to deal with and it’s out of your hands. Let it go. Let them all go. It’s not worth it when you’ve got your own things to deal with and they’re so far out of the playing field with all of their bull that you take your ball and walk away.

Assumptions are never or rarely even remotely true. In fact, it’s much like mind reading attempts in order to justify themselves. They’re imagined or dreamt up by others and why bother trying to change their minds on so much that’s wrongly gotten by them? Do they even care what’s going on in your world or life? Do they know or only think that they know? What’s the difference?

When one is so wrapped up with themselves that they assume to know what you’re doing because they’ve got their own slant on life and their own things or themselves, that’s telling you something right there. This isn’t about you or anything that you’ve allegedly done via their imaginations. They don’t care about you. Their ramblings are truly about themselves. If they think that they’re making you feel badly, in a lot of cases, they’re only making you angry. They haven’t solved anything. They’ve only poked a bear or lion and are bound to feel it one day or in some way. If not, they are so self-indulgent to justify their stance on you and with everyone that they can think of that they have painted themselves into a corner. Let them stand there and watch paint dry or walk over the paint, leaving footprints.

Secondly, when one assumes something then spreads that incorrect thinking to others, they’re showing how valuable they consider themselves not you. One plus one doesn’t equal 3 and yet, that’s what they’re trying to sell themselves and others to justify their own self-centered actions, thoughts and moves.

If someone assumes something about you, let them go and assume whatever they want to assume. You know the truth and you know who you are. While no one likes someone upset with them, the reality is that you haven’t lost anyone. Actually, you’ve gained something important and that’s the knowledge that people like this are only into themselves, not you or your life or what may have happened to you or anyone or anything else in your life. Why correct someone or several others in that case? Hope that their imaginations can picture you not wanting to try any longer. You’ve seen through them as they are. Who wants someone who seemingly believes that they have it worse than anyone else when in fact, they don’t. You’ve been through most of what they’ve been through already. That includes deaths, illnesses, yourself having issues and so on. There are far too many things to list but, suffice it to say that people who do this type of thing are not emotionally mature. They are immature and not worthy of another moment of your life or thoughts. Too bad for them because they are the ones who mouthed off and have risked showing others what they’re about.

From my little corner of life to yours, assumptions are like the saying goes…”assuming is making an ass out of you and me”. It’s so true. Never assume that what you see is what there is beneath the surface view and never assume that you know what they are thinking or have been through. They may be surprised but, then again, they really don’t care or they wouldn’t be assuming. They’d be asking.

Best of wishes!

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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