Tati, James, Jeffree & Shane Dawson Are Full of Bull On Your Dimes

Jefree Star’s multi-million dollar mansion on your dime
Poor Black Girl? Jada P Smith’s compound.. Disney move over…the Smiths are in town!
James Charles LEASED home during the Tati-Charles debacle. Still worried about him?
Needs no explanation now, does it?
Tati’s home….hmmmm…..wonder where the maids are?

If it’s not clear by the title, I’m having a hard time believing in any of these YouTubers. They’re all so full of Bull that it’s coming out of their ears. Enter Jada P. Smith and her ramblings (she needs to realize that she’s not the centre of the universe) and you’ve got a bomb that’s gone off. A missile so full of crap that it’s ridiculous even to school girls who are out on a playground.

All of them, including J. Smith have money. None of them are “poor”. Kudos to them for having money but, guess whose wallets that money is coming from? Did you realize that you’ve bought them all mansions, cars, swimming pools, vacations, private jets and whatever else they all have? Did you realize that much? Yes, you’ve heard that correctly. You paid them to have it all. What are you living in or driving while Jeffree rides around in a Tesla and Shane takes a golf cart to his workout shed while ALL of them live in mansions? What’s your home like?

They are all “Hollywood style” in their apologies all except Jada Smith (forget the middle name) who is still busy flapping her gums about being Black and boycotting Oscars with Spike Lee. I have already broken my DVD of Jada’s husband, Will Smith in “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Enough is enough of this “I’m Black” shite. “Gurl” you have more than most of us will ever dream of having for a “Black Woman” and it shows so she can stop the griping, complaining etc.. Her ever changing wardrobe is fed up with her as are store clerks, serving this self-serving Black crying Beyotch. She has more privilege than the waitress or waiter who serves her food on fancy dishes!

As for the rest of them, they’re smaller potatoes but, still worthy of being ignored. None of them are genuine and honestly, you and everyone who buys into the drama are being manipulated by them all.

Have you seen Jeffree’s mansion? How about Shane and Ryland’s? What about Tatie’s or James C’s? They’re all full of it and nothing adds up about Tati’s “apology” to James and put down on Shane and Jeffree while professing undying love for James C. while blaming the other 2 for being coerced into it all.

All of them are so disingenuous and laughing all the way to the bank while someone else goes out to buy them their saline drops for their faked cry and rant sessions that the rest of us who don’t know where our next meal or rent or utility payments are coming from that it’s extremely hard to work up any feelings other than dislike for them all.

They are all out to take from your wallet and have you pay for their luxuries. They all need both mental health help as well as regular jobs. None of them could get work out of the filming industry because there is no way that they could handle being without what they have or have aspired to have. Like has been said earlier in this piece, you are the one paying them to be this way.

From my little corner of life to yours, get over them all. Stop watching them and putting money into their pockets for the bull that they have spread.

Where’s my bottle of saline? I could put on an Academy Award Winning Cry Session too. Oh heck…forget the saline. They would be real tears of anger.

Be well, stay well,

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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