Stop Shooting Off Canada Day Fireworks

July 1st is over and so should the fireworks be over

It was Canada Day on WEDNESDAY July 1. I get it. There’s a pandemic happening and you all can’t go to your favourite haunts with 200 of your closest friends but, come on! Quit the freakin’ fireworks NOW. Even Americans have had their July 4th shoot-offs. Give it up Canadians.

Don’t you all know that there are dogs howling, trembling, barking and driving their pet parents crazy not to mention lack of sleep because of your noise and the bangs?

How about the fact that 2 a.m. is not the time some 3 days after July 1st to shoot off these things.

More money than freakin’ brains?

Seems that you’re all more interested in whatever it is that makes you happiest than it is about killing off Grandpa and Grandma, Aunt or Uncle or even parents.

Let’s not forget that your buds/pals had better be part of your “bubble” of 10 and that social distancing and masks have been tossed behind some bush.

Really? Do you really care that there are by-laws that say that you can’t light off fireworks some 3 days after the holiday? Did you look it up or are you busy hitting the local drive-thru fast food places where you’ll cluster like pack animals, not giving a crap about anyone other than yourselves and when you’re all done with that type of thing, you’ll set off bangs until the sun comes up then go home and give whatever you’ve picked up while out and sleep to hit the beaches the next afternoon?

From my little corner of life, calling this Canada Day is wrong as is July 4th. IT’S OVER! ALL of it is OVER!!!! Give it up. Let others sleep at night and think of others rather than yourselves for a change. Alternatively, think of young people who wind up with Covid because of this shite and healthcare workers who have lives too. They deserve some sleep too lest they let you die. Don’t think it can happen to you? Think again and give up those fireworks, put on your masks or socially distance responsibly.

By the way, who paid for these things anyway?

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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