Do You Want Someone As Part of Your Life If They Have Recounted Falsehoods

Would YOU wait around for this to be done so that the person could hear you during this kind of cold weather and after you’d tried to wave to them?

Have you ever been out during colder months, waved to someone who hasn’t even looked in your direction, let alone seen you wave?

How about someone who has a loud piece of equipment going and seeming intent on operating that machinery?

Now, put the 2 together. You’ve waved “hello” to someone and they haven’t been looking in your direction. It’s cold and you’re not about to stand there, waiting for them to realize that you’re there. After all, you’ve already waved and they haven’t noticed or bothered with you, right? So, you hurry inside because it’s cold and not to mention that you have arthritis which is made worse or, you’re hurrying inside with bags and looking at what the weather is doing to your freshly painted house.

Take that person who suddenly looks up when you’ve shivered your way indoors, their machinery still going loudly and sees you but, it’s now too late. You’ve decided to give up and having quickly inspected your handiwork, you quickly grab your parcels and head indoors.

This isn’t where it ends though. That person then goes in doors to someone else and tells them that you’ve ignored them. That someone else decides to make up an entire debaucle around that situation. Not only that but, this other person thinks that they are #1 and they’re the only person on the planet that has issues to deal with. They don’t think about anyone else at the facts that others have lost people that they’ve loved, including brothers, pets recently, homes, had sewers back up into their basement where they’ve lost more things after a water pipe burst in their home, their car has broken down and they have no car and the list goes on and on and on. All of that isn’t taken into account though. Only their problems count it seems and that “reported snub” is a huge thing which is added to a list of assumptions that are totally incorrect. Two and two equals 4, not 5 unless you wish it to add up to that much.

Like the game that people used to play, “Broken Telephone”, that person then goes on to store up falsely manufactured accusations against those people and tell them that they are “DEAD WRONG” in writing all the while, telling others of this laundry list of falsehoods that they have assumed and created. Imagine being told that someone is “DEAD WRONG” (written that way by the way) at a time like this pandemic where people are dying. What would you think or feel?

This scenario happened in reality and while there were attempts made to find out what was going on with these people, all attempts went out the window once a long letter arrived, so full of garbage that one cannot even begin to tell this person how bad it all was or straighten it around.

It’s been hot here lately, thank the heavens, so there has been more opportunity to get outdoors and see things happening on your street during this pandemic. Imagine your feelings when everyone who these people know, treat you with disdain, back to you and ignoring you. What would you think?

Probably, it’s only fair to say that the Queen Bee blathering on to others about these falsehoods or imagination but, it’s also comical to see this person controlling the comings and goings of others. All of those antics are amusing to say the least.

Was it mentioned that the letter came with the term “without prejudice” that is a legal term that had no merit whatsoever in this context?

From my little corner of life to yours, take heart that when someone shows you their true colours, they are showing you who they truly are. Do you truly want someone in your life who is capable of doing things like this? What is this really saying about that person(s)? Think about that much.

Best of wishes, be well,

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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