A Letter To A Stoned Moron

Honesty and Being A Dunce Go Hand-In-Hand

Dear “Honest” Stoner:

Let us be perfectly clear in what we’re about to say here.

First of all, demanding that others stop doing something while you are higher than a kite daily from the moment you open your eyes until you close them again at night and at all hours in between, while you raid the cupboards, fridge and whatever, looking for something to eat or drink or both, doesn’t make you qualified to make judgements about how everyone else should live or should be. If you wish to make a point, stop the crap/garbage.

Secondly, there are things called “filters” between your ears and mouth. Use them. If not, don’t expect that anyone is going to like you or want to be around you or even employ you. If you still have your job that is. Frankly, no one gives a f**k anyway.

Thirdly, if you’re trying to control several other people or many, you’re wrong in attempting that. All that is happening is that you’re having others get to know the stoner, not the person. Of course, you know full well that without that control factor, you’d be out on your rear. Have another “truth” puff while you’re at it. You’re delusional to say the least and stoned out of your head 99% of the time anyway. Why attempt to change someone else’s poor habits? You don’t have your own head screwed on correctly.

While we’re on the topic, you wouldn’t know “truth” if it hit you in the literal face. That’s a fact, not an assumption. All of the downloaded crap that you watch and articles that you read are simply someone else’s concepts. Not yours. You spew them out like they’re yours but, in reality, they’re someone else’s thinking. There’s not an original thought in that grey matter you hold between your ears. Never has been. Forget about the idea that you’ve been thinking about something your entire life. It’s obvious that you haven’t done more than hit your “meds”, cant’t take either blame nor responsibility for your thinking patterns. You’ve lied your way through so much that you don’t know where truth is and haven’t known for most of your lazy-a$$ed life. You’ve been handed everything on a silver platter while being spoon fed with a silver spoon!

For those who have believed you and this nonsense, it’s obvious that you don’t care about them and are only doing what nets you something. Were something or someone (gawd knows who would be foolish enough to settle for it all again as they’d have to be crazy to believe it and follow it all anyway), to come along and give you what you wanted or needed, you’d be gone. Those people haven’t recognized that much yet and, maybe, they won’t either or maybe, they will. You wouldn’t know it. Your “meds” lie.

If you want to know “truth”, it’s telling you that you aren’t wanted around anyone else except those with the same habits and delusions or those who you’ve attempted to make feel guilty so that you could be lazy as f**k and still afford your “meds”. Truth is also telling you that you don’t want anyone around you who isn’t of the same mind/thinking or who doesn’t benefit you. You’re still aching to be someone you never were or could be. Instead, it’s easier while on “meds” to control everyone else and everything else that would follow you and your instructions of stupidity with no filters.

Thinking that you’ll simply say that you trust honesty more than anything else means that you’re as controlling and manipulative as they come. Frankly, you’re going to lose out on more than you think eventually because of it all. There’s no balance and honestly speaking, there aren’t many who would want you as part of their lives anyway. It’s certain and honesty shows many people that fact. You’re as mentally unstable as they come and if anyone is a “narcissist”, “toxic”, “gas lighting” or enmeshed…it’s you.

Life isn’t about what you can spew out with regurgitation or imagination to suit you and your purposes. Neither is honesty. It’s about “learning to play the game” and, you haven’t learned to play the game that others have learned. That’s how to get ahead. You’re not honest. You simply have no filters!


Other People

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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