Lawlessness And Racism, Protests, Screaming Insults?

Is this Racism or Lawlessness?

They throw paint at statues, demand defunding or dismantling police, they shoot one another endlessly as we can hear the gunshots through the night, they scream “racism” and yet, they are outraged because members of their “group” are arrested? How legal is vandalism?

Because of the colour of their skin, they’re asking for police to not only overlook the actions but, to get rid of police altogether? Really? How will they deal with their homes being broken into and why aren’t they out protesting the actions of those who would kill one another?

What about street name changes, petitions, vandalism as mentioned, looting and so many other things that they’re demanding?

How is it that they can deal with and put up with being shot or stabbed, not co-operating and yet, when police arrest them for video taped incidents where they are getting off easily, they will cry the walls down? How does this happen?

No one is saying that police are perfect or don’t need re-training but, if one were to defund and especially, disband police, how is that to be accomplished?

What about those who are out doing these protests, no social/physical distancing and few with masks? Do they even care about those that they are around or will come in contact with such as grandparents, parents, aunts or uncles or children? No. It seems not. About the only things that tend to matter are whatever they can dig up to start petitions or protests or whatever they wish to do. In other words, whatever they want, goes, right?

A business partner and I had a store on a racial group’s doorstep. Stupid move on our parts, I know. However, these jerks stole, held us up at knife point, gun barrels, broke in windows at $700 a pop, spit into our store, cursed it and us and so much more that it would make one’s head spin on its axis. Do we still want to talk about racism?

It’s certain that there is racism from any group of people and I’m good and fed up with the antics of people who are only thinking of selves but aren’t innocent at all. The racism that came out of them was enough to knock a grown man down. It did and we’re not even talking about the fact that there were killings, shootings and vandalism going, not to mention drug deals going on daily and regularly. I wanted to live and so I got out. Do you know what sits there 3 times over now? A hairdresser who is of that race. Will it stay? Nothing survives. In other words, if you’re not of that race, don’t think that you’re going to fit in or that they will embrace you because you’re alongside them. They won’t. If you’re not of their “group” or “race” they will show and tell you flat out even if you try to be like them and risk everyone’s lives because you’re beside them or out on a protest with them. Go ahead and see for yourselves. Try it. Whites are considered “tokens”.

We won’t go to the fact that Africans (racially wrought) were the first ones to sell slaves. Also, not going into the fact that Whites were slaves too elsewhere in the world. They don’t care. They don’t want to hear it and many of them are so far removed from slavery that they wouldn’t even have known what it was, let alone anyone who had been through it. Can we let it go now? No one is enslaving them now.

As for having police acting “wrongly” with them, try having them fling themselves across a chair haphazardly or telling you that you’re a “racist” if you don’t hand them what they want. How about seeing them in dark coloured hoodies, hoods up with puffy vests in 100 or 40 degree C. weather, pants down below boxer shorts, earrings the size of their heads, and grillz, tattoos, dripping in gold coloured jewelry or mugging others to get it and sell it for what they can get. How is that racist when that happens? The muggings are lawlessness. They’d be the first to pop a cap into someone else’s heads where they to see that but, police are the targeted ones. Don’t ruffle a hair on their heads. Shoot or stab instead then, protest when they don’t like what’s being done to them or anyone within their race.

It’s obvious that some deaths are wrong and cops can be dirty as well. However, to protest and call it racism, wanting street names changed, throwing paint or drawing graffiti on statues because they can look it up on the net is not right either. That’s called lawless acts of vandalism. Killing each other and innocent by-standers (yes, I’ve had that happen to a friend as well who had nothing to do with anything but, was hit and died in front of 2 young children anyway) is considered “racism” and the cops should be defunded or dismantled? Uhhh….what’s wrong with this picture?

More key here is why aren’t other races standing up for their own issues? Where are the protests and petitions. It’s not as though this race is the only one who has seen hard times. It may not be by the cops but, I have a friend who left behind a husband, 2 PTSD children and lays in a casket all because of this race and a running gun fight that had nothing to do with her. She never said a word to them.

Tell me about the rabbits.


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