Protesting Brings Issues of It’s Own That Go Against The Cause

They’re losing the cause and getting sicker!

It doesn’t seem to matter what anyone says, even health authorities. There are still protests happening all over the world for differing reasons/causes. The shame is that they are done in such a way that allows transmission of a rather deadly virus with heavy consequences and they don’t seem to worry about it or care. Why?

Let’s take a look at Black Lives Matter and their movement. On the one hand, they are saying that those of the “Black Race” are picked on by a virus that has no brain and truly doesn’t care who it lands on or of the colour of their skin or age. In other words, they are saying that it’s racist and that Black People are getting the virus and dying more. Yet, who are the ones out there, protesting, yelling, screaming and not physically distancing? It’s only when tickets of by-laws are talked about being handed out that they will put on a mask and socially distance somewhat. Once that threat is gone, they are back out without care or concern, screaming, yelling and protesting. White people are right along with them as well.

What’s striking to most is that the majority of those who are involved in these riots are those who are under the ages of 50. They are usually those who are of the 20-something year old crowds or even 30’s and 40’s. Going “home” is not of their concern either. If they’ve contracted Covid-19, they don’t seem to be at all concerned who else they infect, including those who are of more tender and vincible ages or situations. Is there any wonder why then that Black Peoples tend to contract this stupid virus more than any other race especially, since there is a lower per capita in most countries of them?

It can be found to be most unfortunate but, also disgraceful to say the least and, it’s truly only themselves that are to blame for a lot of it because they don’t follow protocols well. What is that saying? It’s possibly saying that an issue that has been decades in the making and has been around for more and more time, is being protested against because they have the time, energy and where with all to do so. The “care” about anyone else was and is and has been never there anyway.

Let’s look at those who have protested against having to wear a mask, or how to go back to school for their kids, not caring who they put in danger with their protests but, also the fact that they don’t tend to care about their children’s teachers or other people. They simply don’t want to wear masks, want the daycare for their children so that they can go to work as well as the “right” not to have to wear masks.

I don't want to wear a mask.  Trump doesn't so I should have the right to not wear one either.  Other people be damned.  It's my rights that count not yours!
Do as you please but, do it far away. and stay there. AT least Trump gets tested daily. You don’t! What’s worse is that it’s not just your body. It’s everyone’s that’s at stake here. If you don’t protect me, I’m not going to protect you either.

As an Indigenous Person, as well as Irish in background from both sides of the family, I don’t live on a Reserve, I am married to a retired teacher and frankly, I find this type of action not helping at all. It’s doing more damage than good especially when people are protesting having to wear masks to protect others. How is that a violation of their rights? When someone else is protecting them by wearing a mask, shouldn’t the gesture be returned? Do they not listen to the daily news numbers? If they don’t like having to wear a mask, stay put at home or in isolated areas. Enough said.

THEY “can’t teach from the grave”? Neither can teachers! Teachers didn’t have their kids, they did!

We should get one thing perfectly clear here. SCHOOLS ARE NOT TO BE CONSIDERED DAYCARE CENTRES EVEN IF ONE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES catching the virus. Other people care.

Having had a child who attended school (yes, she was brought home for hot lunches every day and taken back to school or even work), a husband who was a teacher etc., not only did they get everything going around as we all know that schools are filled with viruses and germs that get passed around easily and freely, but they brought it all home with them, being sick then passing it onto me. They were both sharing alright and so are these stupid people.

A child is a full responsibility for their non-working years and beyond. Not only that but, they are the responsibility of those who have had them when they get sick with something or other. Any parent should have a back-up plan for taking care of their children versus making schools appear as though they are daycare centres. If one cannot afford a child or 10 of them, one shouldn’t have them at all. Teachers are not to be considered childcare people. What happens when a child is truly sick and cannot go to school? Is it the school’s fault that your child or children aren’t feeling well enough to attend it? What happens then? Why is it that parents are miffed when schools cannot open or remain so or their child’s teachers are off, sick themselves and supply teachers have to be brought in until they also get sick? Could that be because parents are sending infectious children back to school far too soon and they are in turn, causing others to get sick as well both fellow classmates as well as teachers? It’s like a vicious cycle that cannot be stopped. One child infects 3 or 5 others and likewise until the school is filled with whatever it is that’s going around. That also includes their teachers and their families. When something is circulating it goes round and round to everyone and back again if it is of that nature to do so.

What about the Chinese peoples who not only risked their lives to go into shafts drilled into the sides of mountains and rocks for railways to be put through but, also a lot of them lost limbs and their lives doing so? Do they matter or only masks having to be worn or Blacks who shoot one another or whatever their causes may be? Is this truly the time to do this type of thing in such a way that burning down stores, cars, trucks, local businesses etc. because there’s time to do so, right? Does it make any point other than a, “look at me screaming over a megaphone, unmasked, not socially distanced and I don’t care a hoot about what I may contract and give to someone else that I live with” type of thing?

What about Chinese peoples who laid their lives on the line to build America’s and other countries’ railways?

It appears to be the case in a lot of cases. If there’s something to protest against, it will happen and be done. If there’s nothing obvious, they will create something to protest over.

I agree that there are some changes that have needed to be made to certain social or racial group things like policing but, when there’s cooperation, shootings aren’t the norm and so on, there will be less of that type of action by police and protesters as well. Does it solve it all? No, it doesn’t however, going against the laws of any land or country and especially a pandemic, doesn’t help either. Ask any Indigenous person what stopping goods from getting across a country for months has done for them? How about the alcohol or drugs or glue sniffers or whatever what being on a reserve has done for them? They don’t even live like they used to live with hunting, fishing and gardening. They head to the local grocery stores and there’s often a lot of in-fighting as well. Talk to a chief’s wife and see how well that is going and why as their children want out of a reserve.

From my little corner of life to yours, everyone has an agenda and that includes politicians and institutions but, it doesn’t give license to others to be protesting unlawfully or doing so with violence or destruction in their wakes nor in spreading a deadly new virus to others. If one wants to protest in this manner, seek out an isolated area and be prepared to not return home to give whatever it is that you may have picked up to others. No one wants it and frankly, let issues sit until better times. That’s 2 cent’s worth that’s worth more like $2.

Be well,

Love and Light!

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