Are Covid Numbers When It Comes To Deaths Real or What

This woman is 100 years young. If she were to die now, tested positive for Covid would the cause of her death be Covid Related or age?

It’s hard to believe that someone who is over 100 years of age or even nearly 98 years of age, had died because of Covid-19. While it may be true, the reality is that people are going to die of something especially, if you’ve managed to make it to 90 or 100 years old, right?

What’s equally disturbing is the idea that many cases of so-called “Covid Deaths” may in fact be due to something else or the idea that a virus may have made a pre-existing age or health issue kick someone over the edge but, in reality, the person has died of some other pre-existing issue and tested positive or showed symptoms of Covid-19.

Don’t misunderstand this point, please:

Covid-19 is to be taken SERIOUSLY. It’s no joke and it’s real but, the numbers may not at all represent the real story.

Everyone is certainly different and that means that no two people are going to present or even take the same or similar things and deal with it in the same way. Some have beaten the odds of being in their late 80’s and even 100 years of age with Covid-19 while others have died. There are others who are much younger with relatively no health issues, are healthy people and yet have died while others have exhibited no symptoms of it or mild symptoms even as mild as a common cold. The symptoms of the virus are so varied and are so new that even a health professional cannot tell the difference easily or without a Covid-19 test result.

Where oh where though are the usual suspects during all of this? Why are we not bothering with those things as much now? What about the common cold or heart issues or so many other things? Why is the talk solely about being about Covid-19 related topics. Turn on any news channel or read any article and you’re likely to find it already there, searched out or not.

If one isn’t careful, one can assume that the answer to all health issues is to make them go away by giving the globe a pandemic virus. I say that with tongue in cheek of course.

The numbers behind the deaths though may or may not be due to Covid. We are so ready to put deaths down to it that we’ve actually forgotten that “Uncle Joe” for instance was 104 years of age, taking heart meds for a failing heart issue and even if they hadn’t have gotten tested and had Covid-19, they were due to die anyway at some point or another. How is it then that a lot of people’s deaths have been put down as a “Covid Death or Covid Related Death” when in fact it may have been co-existing with other problems which actually did cause their demise? Is it easier on doctors to put down their cause of death as “Due to Covid-19” because they had previously tested positive for it?

I can’t believe that I’m about to say this but, it’s actually refreshing to hear that people have or are having death certificates labelled as “natural causes” versus a Covid-19 death. It goes without saying that no one should die nor that I want it to happen by any means of the word. I do however believe that there are numbers that are not realistically the cause of death such as Covid. It may be that it’s simply more simple to put that down as the cause of death than it is that “Aunt Bea” was 99 years of age and going to die anyway. Never mind the fact that “Aunt Bea’s” nephew and nieces had her placed in a nursing home because she had issues that couldn’t be taken care of at home or without shifts and specialized equipment or that her mind, heart and hearing had gone long ago. What if “Aunt Bea” had made it through Covid-19 only to die a few weeks or months later? Would her cause of death forever be because she had tested positive for Covid-19? Some say that once someone has tested positive for it, it will always be considered to be a factor in their deaths. Is it true? Do we know? Does anyone truly know given that we know so little as man-kind about Covid-19 at this point in time?

Let’s take a look though at someone who had lived well into their mid-90’s and died at home, having had several small strokes that took away her quality of life while she had wanted to leave this planet in her mid to late 80’s but, couldn’t go and the little boy who lived next door, battled cancer and died at the ripe old age of 7. It didn’t seem fair, did it?

I remember my MIL, grandmother (paternal) and a whack of others who were in their 90’s passing away from or with pneumonia. There was no Covid back then. What if there had have been though?

From my little corner of life to yours, everyone’s heart stops, as does breathing and the brain’s ability to function. Should doctors then write down, “heart failure” as the cause of death? How does this work?

What I am saying is that everyone should follow directions given for your area and the numbers but, also keep in mind that not every death may be from Covid that’s been reported or as recorded.

Wear a mask.
Social Distance

Be vigilant with keeping your hands away from your face and wash your hands as instructed.

Stay home if you feel ill in any way.

Keep to “bubbles” of social groups and keep your distance…or, whatever is suggested for your area.

More than anything, seek out help if you feel that your mental health is at stake and more particularly if you know that you have or have come in contact with someone who has tested positive. Call your doctor and see what he/she recommends that you do or don’t do.

I did gather the courage to go into a dollar store that I had been avoiding today. I did it as safely as I could and found out quickly that others were in there or even working their for hours per day. I think we all need to start safely get back into Life again. This little particle virus shouldn’t have the upper hand.

In other words….

Be well, stay safe,

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

2 thoughts on “Are Covid Numbers When It Comes To Deaths Real or What

    1. Hi Laura…yeah, I heard that a public health worker was fired in FL because she wouldn’t “skew” the numbers as politicians wanted it to appear a certain way. It’s made me wonder about the death counts now too. LOL.


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