Calling Police Is Useless: Be A Vigilante!

Don’t rely on police for help. Become a Vigilante!

I’ve had several incidents within the past weeks which have entailed me having to call police. They were mostly the same idea like fireworks that were being set off endlessly for weeks after firework days had officially ended but, doing so at 2 a.m. night after night. Not only that but, vehicles around my area were being broken into and things taken or damaged.

This often meant a barking dog or set of them, howling, whimpering, fear by them and so much more that no one got any sleep especially since dogs are so popular right now.

Last night, I had a few incidents happening at the same time and had to place yet another call where nothing was done about anything.

  1. A loud party was taking place where not only was there no physical distancing involved but, the music had been going all day and all night with it now being well after midnight. Nothing was done or proposed to be done by police.
  2. Car alarms were set off. Did anyone know whether or not it was the break-ins? No but, nothing was done by police nor, promised to be done.

Don’t get me wrong. I see that police have a plethora of crimes happening at any time of the day or night and mine was, well…less than what they were likely dealing with. However, to sarcastically tell a caller that they could “pull officers off of a shooting to attend to my concerns if I wanted” was less than called for to say the least. Not only that but, in the times that I’ve had to call in which I hate having to do in the first place, nothing was done or said could be done.

My response to the totally sarcastic remark by the officer was that he needn’t “pull” anyone from anything and that “I would deal with it on my own”.

What had me wondering what was thought about was the fact that I had said that I would deal with it on my own. How did this officer know that I wasn’t about to pull out a gun or something and take things into my own hands while playing the game of “The Wild West” where vigilante style, I wasn’t going to go and shoot up the place or person(s) breaking into vehicles? Answer: He didn’t and frankly, he didn’t care. There were NO calls back and no police to be had to help. I was met all of these times with only sarcasm and he did not know what race I was so, it’s not a Black or any other race issue or set of them.

By the time that I had arrived at the scene and car alarms were turned off, they had thankfully shut down the music and party goers were leaving the scene, no masks, no social distancing and well above the numbers permitted in “Social Bubbles”. This all led me to believe that anyone can do anything that they want and police won’t respond. I may as well have been a vigilante and done things according to my own wishes. What would they have done?

Is it any wonder then why things go un-punished and people are doing exactly as they please?

From now on, I will NOT be counting on police to take care of anything. I MAY be reaching for a weapon of some kind or another and doing the only thing that can be done besides complaining or wasting precious time on the phone. I will take matters into my own hands and heaven help those who are in the wrong or doing things wrongly. They’re not getting off freely again because police won’t respond to these types of calls. Oh, yeah, they may have other things to deal with but, it won’t be these people! Trust me.

So, Police while I have fought for you, I won’t be anymore. Defund the police if that’s what’s called for. I have NO clue why our taxes are paying their salaries anyway other than stabbings and shootings where they direct traffic more of the time than anything else.

Be well, don’t do wrong and beware of vigilantes. That’s what this world is coming to now, Covid-19 or not.

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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