Covid-19 And Your Rights?

No maks, no physical distancing, crowds and they wonder why their age groups are getting higher numbers? It’s no conspiracy theory. It’s them and their choices to not care about others or the numbers. They’re working their way to another lock-down.

Almost everyone gets it. We’ve all got “Covid-19 fatigue”. Not many are feeling chipper and upbeat. Most people are tired out of this crud and being kept in or away from their usual lives by Covid. It’s tiresome for certain. Those who wouldn’t normally go out, can’t do so and it’s the not being able to do as they want, when they want that has them feeling down. I’m one of the ones who feels down to say the least. Stressed is another good word to add it as it’s affecting more people than anything else especially, with work, schools and more.

How many programs can we stream or watch on Netflix before we want to crawl out of our skins? How many drive-thru windows can we see and when even that looks like it’s a treat, we soon find out that it’s not. Even “friends” are starting to give up on the Zoom or What’s App shite now because it’s boring and we’ve all been there and done it hundreds of times already.

With all of this under our belts, anger and rage is and has been setting in. Most people’s tempers are on hairpin triggers nowadays and is there any wonder why? No!

What none of us can afford to do with this, no matter what our ages, is to be complacent about it. More countries in the world are seeing upticks in new numbers of cases because as numbers lowered and things were slowly allowed to be opened (some countries more than others), people went out whole hog and did whatever they wanted more or less.

There have been:

  • More cases of Covid because of it all
  • Less tolerance
  • More killings, stabbings, shootings etc.
  • Protest after protest after protest with looting, burnings, fires, shouting, illegal activities and few, if any, physical distancing
  • Masks worn under noses and chins or to get into stores then pulled down again
  • People going up aisles marked as “down” and there’s no reading or language barriers in symbols such as arrows or footprint logos
  • Going to parties where there’s no social or physical distancing or masks worn properly at the least
  • Raves, dirty and crowded beaches, defecation all over lawns and sand or wherever they can find spots
  • Alcohol bottles found all over the place where parties have taken place illegally
  • So much more that it’s too lengthy to record here

While it was once noted that people under the ages of 18 or 20 couldn’t get the virus, there was little concern for who they’d take it home to. Now, the biggest group of people who are catching this rogue virus that is curtailing everything for everyone, comes with those between the ages of 20 and 39. Why? Because they refuse to follow protocols put in place no matter what conspiracy theories they have or whether or not they believe the numbers. Like a world leader has said, “it’ll all just blow away”. No, it won’t!

Myself, I’ve seen a lot of people who have ignored the rules and it’s common to see people gathering without restrictions to “protest” anything and everything that they can do right now. It’s not that there haven’t been other times with eerily similar incidents where they could have protested but, it’s because they’re bored and have nothing to do so, out they go to yell, scream and pump signs, burn, loot and whatever else they wish to do.

Parties are another thing. There are those who will have parties unregulated because they want to. Covid-19 be damned. They aren’t going to get it especially once they have a few alcoholic drinks or weed under their belts. They’re “invincible”!

No they are not and the stats are showing that much.

Hey, young people, while you may think or feel that your life is going by and you should have the right to do whatever it is that you want, think about people who are terminally ill and their days are numbered. How about the elderly who are in either their own home or nursing homes. Does it make any sense to you that those who have a limited amount of time on this planet should have to do so with restrictions? Their time on this planet is limited. Do. you truly want to take that away from them as well because you wanted to protest or go to a party? Really?! If you wouldn’t pick up a gun under normal circumstances and shoot someone in the head on purpose, what makes you think that you’re not playing Russian Roulette with this virus and potentially killing off others? It’s akin to picking up a gun and shooting at people randomly. Things aren’t as normal. If you say that you’re smart, act it!

To those of all ages who are risking your lives saying, “yeah, they were destined to die anyway,” let me ask you one thing. If you give yourselves rights, do you not believe that you’re taking away the rights of others? Does it matter to you that you may be killing off people because of your insensitive moves right now or during Covid-19 times? Are your parties or protests that important to you? If so, then you all need to be put onto deserted islands where you can party by night and protest by day, only infecting one another.

From my little corner of life to yours, working is bad enough if done outside of your home but, to think that you are not affecting others and the numbers, you’d be wrong. You are and you are the reason why numbers are going up no matter what your thinking is on this topic or on conspiracy theories.

To the rest, following the rules, while Covid Fatigue is and has been setting in, hang in there, keep the rules, think twice about who else you’re putting in danger, instead of yourselves. We are ALL tired of this crap now but, we know that the alternatives are bad. Stay the course and we’ll all be out of it faster than we know.

By the way, if you’re one of the ones who want to do it for “Herd Health”…think again! However, be my guest. Go ahead and bring up those numbers higher. You’ll be in lock-down again with the rest of those who are afraid, bored and living what’s left of Life. It’s ok. Honestly, I can’t wait for Winter to set in. It’s less “fun” to be out in the streets, protesting during bitter temps.

Be well, stay well and keep the course!

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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