Be Thankful For Estrangement of Grandchildren During Covid-19

We all knew that Covid was going to end the lives of a lot of people over the age of 60 and especially of those who were elderly or in nursing homes. What wasn’t thought of was the fact that a lot of the younger generations could not only get Covid but, who could spread it even if asymptomatically to those of more mature ages.

While people are shaking their heads to having grandchildren who are being kept from them because of Estrangement, one needs to methodically look at the situation as it is and why Grandparents may find to be thankful for not having Grandchildren as part of their lives.

As parents struggle with decisions as to how to deal with school issues, there is a lot to be taken into account for them, no doubt. Part of that is the potential spread of this virus to their teachers and other staff but, the other part is that parents aren’t exactly immune to getting it either. With that news, comes the idea that perhaps, if tested, not only will the teachers and staff members who have come in possible contact with the child will likely be placed under a quarantine order but, so will their parents and others who have come in contact with them. That can mean that entire classes of children and teachers are out of the classroom and perhaps, die or be put under quarantine but, it can also be that their parents will also have to be treated in the same manner.

What about estrangement and grandchildren though? How does it pertain to them?

Not only is it widely known by now that grandparents are of more mature ages with potential health issues or more chances of it but, even if healthy, they can become “spreaders” and entire groups of people that they’ve come in contact with, be quarantined.

If one has not lost their parents or more elderly relatives at a grandparent’s point in Life, they could end that person’s life as well.

Keeping in line with this idea, more grandparents than ever may be called upon to “babysit” these kids, pick them up or drop them off at various schools. This means risk to the grandparents and anyone that they are associated with. It only takes one person to cause an entire group of people to self-isolate themselves.

Not only that but, those who have any sort of immune system issues will certainly have to stop having their grandchildren and even estranged adult children over to see them while at home. It’s far too risky to attempt.

Summer is drawing to a close for most places in the Northern Hemisphere. Even if the Fall isn’t that bad weather wise or in states where it only goes down to the 50’s or 60’s during Winters, the issues are that a lot of children could be back in the school systems and frankly, if parents have decided that daycare is what they want or need for their children, there is little that any grandparent can do to change their minds especially, in the cases of estrangement.

While many people are using Zoom or What’s App or whatever one chooses to communicate with grandchildren, those who have been estranged from can count their lucky stars that they are not going to have to be the ones that get counted upon for babysitting purposes or online learning teaching reasons.

Some grandparents may be sitting back, reading this and saying that they don’t care. They simply want to hear from their now adult estranged children and their grandchildren. Take heart that if you weren’t estranged from, you’d likely be called upon to do some sort of babysitting at one point or another and that can put not only your health at risk but, those who surround you if you have anyone. Most people have at least one good friend or one person that they know who helps them even if they are disabled in some way or another. That cuts all of that off if there’s an outbreak within the schools or congregations of young children.

From my little corner of life to yours, remember that no one is immune to getting the virus. Those who have been tested as positive and who have also shown antibodies to it may or may not be able to get it again. The one thing to remember is that no one is invincible no matter what they think or do and therefore, there could be a second wave of it which may be worse than the first or other viruses or perhaps, it’s that there’s a self-isolation or quarantine that happens.

Consider yourselves LUCKY that you’re not amongst those who are having to take care of grandchildren at this time. Count your blessings and why.

Be well, stay well and…

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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