Without Prejudice

How childish and immature can one gat?

There’s no talk of estrangement here but, if you can correlate it to it, please do so and let us know how to do it.

It seems quite infantile for grown people to be acting like children with one ring-leader doesn’t it? Of course, that isn’t to say that the “adults” (excuse me while I cough at that word) haven’t got a mind of their own but, rather that someone has a bigger mouth than their own minds.

Take neighbours Marla and Peter for instance.

Marla walks around with the phone to her ear or texting almost on an hourly basis. Meanwhile, Peter’s mind has gone wild with both incorrect information which he’s fed to Marla and let’s say that Marla has her own agenda because she’s angry over something or other. What Peter had to tell Marla from his own mind, being so far from the truth that it’s unbelievable, fed Marla’s fire. Onto the phone where everyone and everyone could hear her “story” of woes and tall tales.

Marla is strong with how she explains things and being extremely convincing, Marla spread words that were false like they were weeds.

What Peter didn’t take into account in Marla’s zest to get more and more stories to add to her arsenal was that other neighbours, did indeed say hello to him from their car but, he didn’t see them nor hear them when they said hello in the dark. Winter being cold and icy, neighbours weren’t going to wait around for Peter to look up to see them or stop the machine he had going and was focused on. In other words, it’s not like other neighbours were going to hang around outside like a summer’s night, waiting to simply say hello to someone who was completely wrapped up in his mission. These neighbours had given up and were going indoors where it was warmer by far. Peter and Marla could barely raise their heads during the summer to look at the neighbours as they bounced from the vehicle that they drove in to the door. Why should the neighbours therefore, expend anymore time or energy on Peter seeing them wave to him during cold, frigid temps?

Marla, however, already fired up because neighbours had kept their words on “not bothering” her during a time in her life that they had had many times over already but, telling her that she could call when she felt up to it, couldn’t wait to spread rumours that were incorrect to everyone she knew and added Peter’s bits and pieces that he’d concocted in his own mind. Marla grabbed it all and ran with it. It was of delight to her “without prejudice” of course to do so.

Far be it from anyone to deduce what someone else is thinking or why. It’s not as though it’s even cared about but, the point is that Marla wouldn’t let it go. When neighbours noticed both Marla and Peter seemingly scraping their bodies against outdoor walls to avoid neighbours but, they didn’t know why it was happening and they called to ask what was the problem, Marla proceeded to send a rather lengthy letter filled with both incorrect deductions as well as having told everyone that she knew to the point where they too were acting like a pile of children. That included people she said that she hadn’t even told. Proof was that Marla couldn’t stand holding anything even if it was her own and Peter’s wrong deductions to herself. She indeed couldn’t wait to tell them as the neighbours knew that she would and as a piece of drama that she loves to create for herself.

When asked if Peter and Marla spoke to them, pre-dating this novel of a letter that was obviously both written and signed by Marla but had Peter’s name on it, Marla and Peter’s neighbours reply was simple, fast and adamantly said. “They sometimes speak and sometimes don’t bother. Just take care of yourselves and forget about them”. How wise those words were. They never did know the true reasons.

Fast forward to today’s time frame.

Marla and Peter continue their garbage and guess what? So do others that both Marla and Peter see. It’s not that anyone cares what this family does or doesn’t do. No one is interested in all reality. They are simply neighbours and anyone who has a brain of their own other than Marla doing the thinking for them all, would say to themselves, “that’s YOUR issue, not mine”. Not this group of people and it’s showing that they’ve allowed Marla and even Peter to do their thinking for them all. Marla feels herself to be powerful but, she’s really simply someone who is able to sway a bunch of people into what she wants them to believe. The truth is that she’s only swaying those people in her life and no one else gives a flying hoot what she does or what they believe or don’t. They are getting things out of her and honestly, she knows it too. The sad thing for Marla is that once she’s of little use to them all, she won’t be considered at all.

The last things that are to be said here are that Marla as smart as she believes that she is, missed the boat when she wrote to the neighbours that her sibling had “nearly died”. That had the neighbours wondering if she had even thought about the fact that the neighbours had lost a sibling to death? No, not Covid related. Had Marla even taken into account that her neighbours had not only lost a parent at the same age as her parent but, at much younger ages such as 54, 66, 72 and 53 years of age? Was there no thought whatsoever beyond herself? It appears not to be the case. Again, it should be added again, said “without prejudice” because the terms is a legal term which holds no water in her own words and personally. It wasn’t a document meant to be put into a court of law. To boot, during a time of a pandemic where no one hopes to get the virus going around, to tell a neighbour that they’re “dead wrong” is of course, laughable to say the least but, disgusting and says a lot about Marla’s and Peter’s characters.

So that said, it’s comical at the least for these neighbours to see and watch simply how far Marla’s and Peter’s incorrect assumptions had gone and Marla’s actions as well as those connected to her.

Mind you, from my little corner of life to anyone facing this type of behaviour, ignore it. It isn’t worthy of a second thought. It’s been proven over and over again by everyone who wants to use Marla’s and Peter’s brains to make 2 & 2 equal 5. Best of luck to them with their lives.

Be well, stay well and….

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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