Why I No Longer Feel Sorry For Melania Trump

***Please note that this is NOT a political statement or piece in any way. If you are going to vote for Trump, it’s your business. This is a piece about Melania Trump as a person and why I feel as I do ONLY****

It was this clip at Trump’s inauguration that had me feeling sorry for her but, no longer

It’s hard to feel sorry as I once did for Melania Trump. I felt sorry for her because she appeared to be a “beaten woman” who was bullied by Trump and his cronies. With Barron (her son) I felt as though Trump may have been blackmailing her into staying on as First Lady and why it may have been that she showed what was thought to be a grimace during Trump’s inaugural indoctrination. I was wrong.

Melania, as one already knows (I won’t get into her history here as everyone has found out) is in my estimation only, nothing but a Gold Digger who found the fountain of billions of dollars within the Trump world.

Her seeming slights, and facial expressions are nothing except someone who truly knows which side of the bread her husband *cough, cough* has buttered it and she’s aiming to keep it that way. She is not beaten nor is she downtrodden. She knows exactly what she is doing and why and she’s showing it full force by her dedication to Donny’s re-election perhaps, later this year.

Sleeping in different quarters and rooms, beds and even floors or wings of the White House is showing that Melania has lofty ambitions with money at her disposal. She’s not naive. She knows full well of her husband’s many infidelities and chooses to be the world’s laughing stock because there’s money involved for her and her son Barron.

Why is it that I’m saying “her son”? That’s because she dotes on that man-child and her husband, Don, never wanted him in the first place. She did and she had him.

She has her own floor in Trump Towers, as does her son and her husband. They all have their own floors and bedrooms. She comes like a faithful dog when called upon so that she keeps that money that she’s become accustomed to, flowing.

Is she stupid or foolish? Perhaps, as I wouldn’t want to be married to such a man but, her defence of him shows that she’s in it for his wealth and whatever it is that she wants or needs out of him. He knows it too. It’s not a secret to them or anyone else for that matter. As there was “Hush Money” spent on many women this man has had an affair with, there’s money for her to keep her silence and back him. While I used to feel sorry for her, I no longer do.

Calling Camp David and the White House “dumps” Is about both of their speeds. Her unwillingness and dread of moving into the WH means that Melania (no matter what she’s said as an excuse) didn’t want to be part of the WH and loved it better at TT’s. I have no empathy or sympathy for such a person or her wealth.

What can the world expect from this couple going forward, elected or not? It’s extremely hard to say but, my bet is that once Donny’s use for Melania is done and if there wasn’t a prenup signed, Melania will find herself someone new (if she hasn’t already done so) and be gone. For certain, once her son is of age to be on his own and completely away from her, she will leave for someone else. Likely, it will be for someone who has money. After all, that’s how she rolls and her lifestyle needs no changes or few. Getting rid of Trump will be change enough. It will happen at some point. Keep that in the back of your mind.

From my little corner of life, while I will not say what I think of Trump outright as this was not meant as a political piece in any way, I am willing to say that Melania has goals and trust me, she’s going to use them. While some may still have a soft spot for her, I don’t. As a matter of fact, I think that she needs to take her husband’s ramblings and perhaps, see him through this second term if he’s re-elected then, inject herself with some disinfectant. I say that with a tongue in cheek sarcastic laugh but, it’s not at all meant with realism. She’s a piece of work who needs no sympathy or empathy whatsoever. If you make a bed, you have to lay in it. She’s made hers.

Be well, stay well,

Love and Light!

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I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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