Professional Sports Teams Need To Wake Up Or Quit Being Paid

They get paid the big bucks to do this type of childish antic or even “boycott” games altogether?

Many of us know about professional sports players making craploads of money, having agents, getting the highest dollars possible and so much more. A lot of us also know that their boatloads of money being made are coming out of fan’s pockets and that owners make a killing for most teams during a non-pandemic year. Twenty-twenty doesn’t happen to be one of those but, it’s highly likely that what they’ve made the rest of the years, more than makes up for what they’ve lost this year.

Now, compare this to first responders and even cashiers who are paid crud yet, risk their lives on a daily basis. How do I know? I have a family member who is a healthcare provider and puts her life on the line every single day to save people. I have another one who works in a store where people of all types come in on a regular basis and they never know if someone has this pandemic virus or not. In other words, they are both, putting not only their lives on the line daily for our sakes but, they are paid sh*t by comparison to professional sports team members. Even the lowest of paid professional sports members make double to triple what these people make. Why? Could it be that we’ll all pay these guys to play the games as entertainment? The answer to that is a resounding “yes”.

People have gripes about everything from soup to nuts but, generally, their protests etc., don’t get in the way of their jobs. They all need money and they do their protesting on their times off. This is especially true of those who are paid the big bucks to play a game. Yes, you heard me correctly. They are playing a game. They’re not brain surgeons or astrophysicists.

Honestly, I get physically sick to my stomach in seeing overpaid sports team members “boycotting” games as a statement for their cause. Play the damned game, will ya? Either that or get off of the courts/fields, off of your knees during starts to the games or national anthems and protest or do whatever you want on your off season during a pandemic. Hell, you’ve been paid enough to do it and frankly, it’s now old to know that you’re paid so much to boycott a game or get down on one knee. Play or get out of the way! There are people out there who would willingly change spots with you and do it for half of the cost or less. You’re not unique but, you’re getting far more than those who do other things so that your lives can come to this sort of childish behaviour.

While I am somewhat of a sport’s fan for certain sports, the reality is that I am not about to pay professional sports players the big bucks to boycott games nor kneel down on one knee. Either sh*t or get off of the pot so to speak. Play the game properly or go protest until your heart’s content without pay. There are plenty of times when you can protest in off seasons.

From my little corner of life to yours, I see so many people, including cashiers, nurses and doctors, paid so little by comparison to those who play professional sports, risking their lives on a regular schedule and here these sport’s players are, taking the money and doing this crap?

My thoughts…either play or quit the game circuit altogether and protest right now until you can’t take anymore of it. Go ahead but, it’s said by many now that enough is enough. Either play the games that you’re paid to play or quit and protest without the money behind it all. Your status is not that important to most. You’re simply another jock with a stick, puck or ball in your hands or chasing after one. You’re not all that important to a lot of people or at the least, not as important as you think that you may be. Protest on your own time. No one cares if they’re not paying you. Bring up the numbers. Covid-19 numbers but, do so without pay.

Be well to everyone else,

Love and Light!

Published by ponderinglifetoo

I'm a wife, mother, artist, photographer and bookkeeper. I love writing out my thoughts in journals but, am finding my way to sharing these with others now.

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