Stores Don’t Enforce Their Policies For Covid-19 & Race, Protests Etc. Are Also At Fault For Rising Numbers

Protests, protests, protests.

How many of us have gone into stores of late for things that we need (ie: food, medications etc.) only to find there to be worn off markings on the floors and not replaced, there being NO ONE to tell people that they’re going up “down aisles”, people reaching over others to get something, packages being opened as normally would, grubby hands/gloves (rarely ever seen in a lot of countries) and so much more that our heads would spin on their axises. In other words, people aren’t as vigilant about the “rules”. Even to the point of wearing a face covering to GET INTO the store but, wearing the masks beneath their chins or on their freaking heads like clown hats, means that no one, not even them, are being kept from this virus in any way. One cough even to clear one’s throat or sneeze will have particles spreading rapidly.

We do have protests going on, thanks to BLM (Black Lives Matter) with all races involved, perhaps masks but, little to no social distancing. #BlackLivesMatterButEVERYLifeMatters

It’s not that I side with institutions as much as it is that “rules” have all been broken and mainly (though not entirely) we see younger people doing this. We won’t get into the breakdown of races involved in them as I truly don’t know. What is known though is that there are cries out of “I’m Black so, I’m going to get it more often”. No Sh*t Sherlock! If you’re out there screaming, ranting and raving with little to no physical distancing happening, what do you expect? That’s the question that many have asked. You do the deductions on that one. Even hygiene, toilets, travel, accommodations and the entire lot of things that go with it, are questionable at best.

Recently, cars and trucks etc. have been broken into around the area in which I currently live. Top that off with a loud stereo system that had been going on and the volume being turned up even at midnight or later and police were called. Their reactions were less than stellar to say the least.

It was said that there had been a rash of break-ins during the past few weeks as well as a loud party where one shouldn’t be taking place at all, let alone during Covid times and the music at midnight and beyond needed to be at the least turned down. Could they come and see what’s going on since even ours and a neighbour’s car alarms went off so, there could be two different things happening at the same time.

Police simply said that there had been a shooting and he couldn’t free up officers to come to hear the complaints. When asked why the entire division had gone to a shooting call, there was only the answer, said sarcastically of course, “I could pull some guys from the shooting to deal with this if you want”. Without hesitancy, it was said “no…not at all. Keep the entire division/precinct at that shooting and I will take care of it myself.”

Was there any call back? No. How did this desk officer know what kind of weapon may have been available and used if any? Were they going to call in extra officers on duty to deal with potentially 2 shootings? What if there had have been guns involved? What then? Did they know? Did they appear to care? No!

This leads me to another question then. What does it mean when races are out to kill other races with illegal guns usually but, have a cop shoot a race, particularly of the Black Race and there’s protests, riots, screaming, yelling, marching, fires, looting and garbage everywhere along with so much more as well as media coverage. How does that work?

I have Black step brothers who both claimed that they had been stopped by police without provocation. Reality was, neither of them had ever been stopped other than for what others races would have been stopped for like running a red light or stop sign. “I’ve been stopped by police,” seems to be a mantra for a lot of the Black Race. Guess what, people? It happens to all races, not just yours.

Has one ever listened to the absurd screams of “he was such a good person” only to find out later that the person had a criminal record as long as their arms, had drug addictions, knives, guns and so much more at their disposal and that’s not to mention many had resisted arrest or fought back even if only verbally with a “f**k you” type of attitude and even words?

While being part owner of a business in a predominantly racial community, we came to know those who would incite issues to say the least. Clad in what one could only describe as cultural/racial clothing that better suited Winter attire in 104 degree weather or +30 Celsius, “Swag” or defiance in their eyes and on faces, we came to quickly spot “trouble” in those who did that. Sure enough, we had windows broken if we caught them shop lifting in time, we were held up by knife and gunpoint and honestly, they’d try to get away with as much as they could whenever and however possible. Sadly, we had been right to have been skeptical of them at the least as they were usually, the trouble makers.

Police had long since given up on catching even the Whites during drug deals and in spite of the fact that almost every store along that strip sold drugs. The reason being that as fast as they could catch them, they were lawyered up and back out and onto the streets, selling again within 48 hours or less. However, they all (no matter what race they were from) had halos over their heads. They were all wonderful according to those who were closest to them. Uhhhh…yeah.

I lost a friend to a shooting while putting her 2 boys into the back of her car to take them for lessons. She had nothing to do with the fight that ensued but, she was shot as a totally innocent by-stander to a running gun fight. Her 2 sons watched helplessly as their mother died in front of their eyes. They will forever be scarred and have moved away from the area with their father. Guess what race the murderers belonged to? Can you also make a guess as to whether or not the guns used to kill her were legal or illegal and where they came from? Try.

From my little corner of life to yours, the world has gone insane and everyone in it with it. “Rules” aren’t being enforced and like a prominent politician has said, we could stand out and shoot guns and not much happen. Let a cop do it though and it’s bedlum because people have the time to protest.

Keep it up younger folk. Get Covid-19 because you’re gathering “Herd Immunity” for the rest of Society. Don’t think though that doctors, nurses, police or anyone else for that matter should or can protect you if you run into trouble or want help. You can find yourselves sans help.

Be well, stay well and for pete’s sakes…follow protocols!

Not even putting in my usual ending here for obvious reasons.

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