Are You An Idiot With Covid-19 Too

Way to party

With money being at the bottom line of everything, politicians being corrupt, a lot of countries ignoring rules as well as politicians and so much more, when is the world going to get it that there are personal agendas behind almost every living being on this planet. Our health and especially, this latest Covid-19 virus doesn’t matter as much as we’d all like to believe?

People want to be reassured by politicians that as the saying goes, “we WILL get through this”. Will we? Most of us want to believe so but, while most are doing their best to make that a reality, there are some who are putting everyone else’s health in jeopardy.

Masks in a store are required ALL the way through the store. They are NOT chin straps

Take for instance the anti-maskers, the dance clubs, private parties, those who simply cannot forego a vacation especially at crowded venues or places and then of course, we have retailers who have plunked down those arrows or footprints, installed plexiglass panels, lists with numbers of people who are allowed inside, only to find no one enforcing any of it.

People are fed up and no one knows what to believe anymore or who to believe. We’re all tired and fed up with being stuck in our homes and frankly, Zoom and other methods of electronic communication have become not only old hat for many of us who are still trying to adhere to these regulations but, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to adhere to when we both see and hear so many others, including politicians who have access to testings that the normal population doesn’t have.

How many of us have gone through stores to get groceries or needed items only to find people walking around like they’re on another planet, ignoring arrows or decals stuck to floors, going up those designated as down aisles, reaching above other’s heads for packages, wearing masks to get into stores but, pulling them down under their chins as chin straps or beards would be worn, opening everything that they can, taking it apart and walking away? Where are the store security during these types of things? Why aren’t they there to stop people from doing the opposite of what everyone is being told to do?

Let’s go further. Where are the self-isolation officers who should be checking up on those newly arrived people to countries who should be slapped with fines and hefty ones at that, made to stay indoors to protect others from what they may have gathered from another area? What about airports where there is little to NO physical distancing, no body temperature checks done and hand sanitizer bottles broken or not filled?

How is it that people who travel to different places within even their own countries will go down to a beach or pool and tell everyone that there were a lot of people then say that they had little to no contact with others? Do they mean that they didn’t actually bump square into another person because they certainly cannot mean that they had completely socially distanced themselves from everyone else while at a crowded beach somewhere.

There have been news reports of parties, weddings, backyard gatherings, dance bars or clubs where people of are congregating. Equally, there have been reports galore of backyard or house or dorm parties whereupon by-law officers or whatever the cases entail, have shown up some day or so later and said, “they weren’t home”. Uhhhh….duhhh!!! Try that they were still in bed or not answering the door? Why is it that they didn’t try to get that person at other times especially during the time frames when the parties were being held. Heck, one party for instance had steamy windows with nearly 100 people. How is it that they can’t be caught in the act?

There are fines and huge ones at that but, rarely are they given out. Why? It’s often because they aren’t there in time or at the time. Why? It has more to do with the idea that there aren’t enough by-law officers to do their jobs on time because it’s not the deviation but, rather the norm now to toss regulations out the windows for some. What happens when people cry and scream that they cannot pay their rents or mortgages and would rather be on the streets while there aren’t enough by-law officers to make it around to everyone breaking the rules and yet, it may take a weekend or a day or two to train people to hand out tickets and arrive at these against the criteria idiots or disbelievers on time to hand fines out. They can all try to appeal to a court but, there are few if any trials being held due to Covid-19.

Fined and Fined but, still parties

One smug moron has been fined and fined and fined and is still holding parties. Why is he able to do so? Is he that wealthy? No, not really. It’s likely because he charges a “cover-charge” to get into the party which will likely cover his tickets from law enforcers in by-laws. Let’s say that he has 100 people to one of his moron parties and each of them gave him $10.00 a piece to get into one of them. What would be the charge to him? Really. Think about it for a second.

Another establishment was finally closed down in the city that I live in. Why? Because while they appeared to be following the criteria from the front, they left back doors open and literally hundreds, if not a thousand or so people were face to face, dancing the night away to loud music, screaming at one another in close proximity, sweating, heavy breathing and all. Those in charge went inside and found it to be a total breeding ground for this virus and others. With alcohol and it’s likely many other substances floating around the place, inhibitions dropped and people were crazy in their actions. Am I sorry that this happened? Sure but, I also recognize that if they broke the rules a few times to lose their liquor license and be shut down, they don’t deserve to be open at this time or perhaps, ever again.

“So stay indoors and don’t go out,” people have told others who are trying.

That’s all well and good to say but, it’s a totally different thing to tell someone who has bare cupboards and needs to go out grocery shopping, mask in hand and on while entering, in and exiting a store, following the arrows and footprints on the floor. Not only are retailers looking the other way when infractions like chin-straps are being worn, customers are going up or down those aisles marked in the other direction but, it’s impossible to get our heads wrapped around how it is that this world has been so stupid and ignorant to such protection. How is it that any of us know what someone else has done the night before or even week before?

I‘m protecting you, you protect me too now!

If I or anyone else for that matter, bothers to wear a mask the entire time that they’re out or in a store, shouldn’t you do the same thing? It’s not as though anyone loves wearing a mask. It’s hot, it’s uncomfortable and adding a pair of glasses doesn’t protect me as much as it protects you. Shouldn’t you do the same thing for me too?

Politicians are breaking rules too though and admit it when caught

While politicians are people, not gods or in possession of crystal balls clear enough to see that the future, they also didn’t get to the position that they’re in because they were stupid. Yes, they have private lives too as well as families so, is it too much to expect that they would follow the same ideas that they’re putting out there or shouldn’t be doing what they tell others not to do?

It’s hard to remember that they have access to testings on a regular basis and usually at their places of residence that the general public doesn’t have. The higher one goes in the ranks of politics, the more true that this statement is. Taking a government jet somewhere within the same country or others, is likely safer than a commercial flight but, come on. Most regular folk not only don’t know where their next meal is coming from, have lost companies or work but, they don’t have private air crafts. Why shouldn’t these politicians be held to the same standards as everyone else is or that they’re preaching should be done? Why are they special? It’s because they’ve been voted into office by people who are down on funds, some with no jobs or risky ones at that and have elected them into higher positions because these people can talk a great story and make them believe. No one saw a pandemic coming or did they?

It’s hard to believe Conspiracy Theorists but, Covid-19 may be a virus that anyone could concoct one upon given the actions of a few to politicians and the sheer volume of tickets handed out thus far

I take Covid-19 seriously but, I also am beginning to believe that someone said, “oooops” in a lab somewhere and leaked out a deadly virus.

What was it that a virology lab in China was doing with a virus such as this? Did they engineer it to off/kill an aging population so that the governments didn’t have to pay out with pensions, nursing care, PSWs or other people? Did they think that perhaps, it wasn’t going to affect the younger generations who pay taxes, spend money all the while, downsizing the more elderly and infirm populations as it has? Surprise! It affected everyone in one way or another, didn’t it? Someone goofed up big time, didn’t they? Was there any coincidence that a politician has called it “Kung Flu” or “The Chinese Virus”? Is he that stupid? What’s he doing in office then?

Was it to get rid of an aging population or downsize it greatly then have the targeted age groups of 18 to 49 years of age, pay down the debt that every government in the world has? Was the ploy to get the Chinese to unleash it along with Russia and some other countries around the world? Did most of them know it was coming or here and going to do the damage that it’s done? Was anyone else aware that in spite of the trillions of dollars spent on a pandemic, it would rid the world of the “Mom & Pop” establishments and businesses, having larger ones reconfigure themselves so that their profit margins would be larger? Do these larger corporations (yes, most of them are corporations) care as long as their bottom lines come back into line? What’s their bottom lines? Profits.

Is it totally inconceivable as a Conspiracy Theorist has said that governments eventually rise to the top financially again within a pandemic and afterwards?

Look at the thousands of healthcare workers who have lost their lives in trying to save lives. Are they simply collateral damage or did no one predict that things would become so dire? Who knows really what was planned or if it was planned. Was it some “bat” at a wet market who bit a civet or whatever the story states in a communist led government? We all know that communist countries rarely tell the truth, right?

What about N. Korea? Did it have something to do with all of this? What about Trump and Trudeau, Putin and so many others we can name? Was “Little Rocket Man” in on it? Will we ever know? Hey, he killed his own brother and Putin’s regime allegedly poisoned someone so, it’s not impossible, is it?

The truth is, from my little corner of life to yours, no one knows right now except those who may or may not be involved. Am I taking sides? No, not at all but, I am saying that whether we like it or not, Covid is real. It’s a threat and no matter what anyone believes is the cause of it or not, the reality is that the ONLY control that we have over it all is to stay away from crowds, make a list, wear a mask, forego or order online what we want or need and stay the hell away from morons.

Be well, stay well and….

Love and Light!

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